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Does the Delicious Taste of Fast Food Outweigh the bad effects that come with it?

Updated on April 20, 2016

On any given day, one fourth of Americans over indulge themselves with unhealthy foods such as burgers, fries, and soda, all of which are a staple meal in the United States for a cheap price. Stated by pediatrician, Dr.Brown, “Most children are gaining weight because the amount of fast food they eat,” “it is not their fault,” she states “it's the parents who are buying the food for them.” Americans spend more money on food than anything else; my cousin is always telling me that she needs to stop spending money on food because that's what she buys food almost every day.

There are many benefits of not eating fast foods. An important one is you can feel better about yourself. Why not be confident about the way you look? The people who do not eat fast food are three times healthier than the people who do eat fast foods. According to the article “What are the health benefits about not eating fast foods,” by Jessica Bruso, she states that the people who eat fast food twice a week or more gain ten pounds or more a week.

In the show Pretty Little Liars, one of the main characters, Hanna Marin had to go through a very hard time when her mom and dad divorced. She thought she could deal with her depression through eating. She gained a great deal of weight and that's when her so-called friend, Alison Dilaurentis was able to take advantage of her, she thought that by telling her to eat all the fast food she wanted and later she would throw it up, it would help her, but in reality it just made her have a mental disorder known as Bulimia.

As a child, my parents used to always take me to Mcdonalds or Jack-in-the box every week about 2-3 times a week and because of this, I started having shortness of breath and gaining tons of weight.Something I was always told was that I had high blood pressure, I did not really know what it was at the time, all I know was that my doctor kept telling me that I had it. It was not until eighth grade that I wanted to make a change of the way I was eating so I decided to start running at first it was really challenging for me to run, but I continued to. By the beginning of ninth grade I was able to run 6 miles no problem, so I decided to join a club known as SRLA, a club in which students train to run the LA marathon. I was able to complete the race and to this day I still continue to run to make up for the lost time of not being able to play tag with my friends on the playground.


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    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 24 months ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Americans do NOT spend more money on food than anything else. Most of the money any given person makes goes towards either their housing and bills associated with, or their automobile.