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Peppermint tea. The health benefits of enjoying this simple pleasure.

Updated on August 17, 2017

Hot tea calms the soul

For centuries the human race has cultivated and formed a simple herb into a wonderful drink that has been passed down from generation to generation. We envision fancy ladies at tea parties or little girls in their pretty dresses. Scones. Cakes and cookies.

I actually like peppermint tea (even though I am a devoted coffee drinker!). And it never fails in the winter months I get a sinus infection or some sort of cold. Peppermint tea is one of those comforts that believe it or not, does help soothe the symptoms when I am feeling under the weather.

Not only does it smell wonderful, but it is actually a beautiful leafy specimen. It derives from an Eastern Asian shrub with fragrant, cup shaped white flowers and glossy leaves. Very pretty.

Tea is extensively cultivated in China, Japan and India. It is naturally caffeine free. I know it is hard to believe, but herbel teas are caffeine free. May not work for you if you are a serious caffeine pusher looking for a pick me upper in the middle of the day.

But it actually will work if you just desire an easy, relaxing moment. Peppermint is aromatic, slightly bitter and does have health benefits. It has been studied to help relieve irritable bowel syndrome, relieve indigestion and bad breath.

My grandmother would pull a stalk of fresh peppermint from her herb garden and boil it. Once it came to a rolling boil she would strain it. But during that process while waiting, the aromatic scent filled the room. I would breathe it in deeply, my mouth watering. Of course I love peppermint anyway, but fresh peppermint is really special.

And if that isn't your hot cup of tea and you do love caffeine, I recommend ice tea. Just plain jane ice tea. I may be an avid coffee drinker and love caffeine, but I also drink sweet ice tea. Not too sweet. A slice of lemon floating on top too.

It is a refreshing, cool drink that does satisfy your thirst. Tea is also known for its antioxidant assets as well. Actually I would guess most herbs are great for having antioxidants, something our bodies naturally need anyway.

So go on and fix that pretty cup of steaming hot peppermint tea, or that tall glass of sweet ice tea. Savor the flavor. Don't forget the slice of lemon or lime! Tea is just naturally good, and one of those things in life that we can use to relax, take a quiet moment and just take a deep breath!


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    • april holland profile imageAUTHOR

      April Savage 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks to you and glad you enjoyed reading it!

    • SoonerOrLater profile image


      7 years ago

      Very comforting Hub. I, too, am such a coffee person; however, enjoy peppermint tea. I also enjoyed reading your personal introduction. Best Wishes.


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