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Home Baked Bread the Automatic Way - What Is The Best Bread Maker?

Updated on September 24, 2014

How To Make Bread At Home The Easy Way: Make Bread In A Bread Machine!

Whenever I walk into a bakery, my nose and mouth inevitably dictate what I buy, irrespective of my shopping list!!!

We have been baking bread at home for many years and still enjoy every loaf.

When the kids were still at school, we used to make a large loaf every day for fresh sandwiches to take to school, which were very popular.

Now, with just the 2 of us at home, we still enjoy fresh bread regularly. The smell drifting through the house still leads me by the nose to the kitchen!

My husband is the bread maker and he has adjusted the recipes to suit our tastes, which is great. I love the seed bread. He prefers the rich white bread.

The biggest benefit of having a bread machine is that you can just set it and leave it - no worrying about how long the bread has been in the oven or having to check on it all the time.

Our Panasonic bread maker is an older version and almost 10 years old and still produces delicious fresh bread every time!

How To Make Bread At Home
How To Make Bread At Home

Make Bread In A Bread Machine

Easy Home Made Bread

Not a good cook? Never made your own bread before?

With the Panasonic Bread Maker SD YD250 it is as easy as:

1. Add the ingredients as per instructions.

2. Press a few buttons.

3. Delicious bread in 4 hours!

To determine your desired bread output, the Panasonic SD YD250 uses 6 buttons :


MENU – Select what type of bread you want baked.

SELECT – Your baking options.

SIZE – Select how big you want your bread

CRUST – Gives you 3 crust color options: Dark, Medium, or Light.

TIMER – Sets the timer and to set the baking time for the bake only option.

START/STOP – Starts the bread making process.

Easy to use and easy to clean (non-stick baking pan).

Or if you prefer to wake up to a fresh, warm loaf of bread in the morning, the timer can be set up to 13 hours in advance.

panasonic sd yd250 breadmaker
panasonic sd yd250 breadmaker

What Is The Best Bread Maker?

Value for Money

That is an individual choice and depends on what you are looking for in a bread maker, but according to bread makers reviews, the Panasonic SD YD250 is one of the best rated bread machines (9/10).

From experience, I can certainly recommend the Panasonic bread maker as we have used one for many years and would buy another if we had to replace this one. Value for money? Definitely.

Buying a loaf of sliced bread is convenient, but how often do you throw away left over stale bread?

How often do you run out of bread and have to run off to buy some?

Would you not prefer the convenient option of making your own FRESH bread, deciding what TYPE of bread you feel like having and what SIZE of loaf you need?

Baking great bread using simple instructions could not be easier or more rewarding with the Panasonic sd yd250 Breadmaker.


Make your own pizza dough
Make your own pizza dough

Experiment With All The Panasonic Bread Machine Recipes

Healthy Bread Machine Recipes

Be creative and add variety to your bread with the choice of 40 bread and dough recipes to choose from.

Other choices include:

The basic BREAD OPTIONS: The Bread Maker settings include Basic, Whole Wheat, Multi-Grain, French, Pizza, and Cake.

How do you like your CRUST? Just set it on your choice of Light, Medium or Dark.

How BIG a loaf do you need? Choose from Medium, Large or Extra Large.

Feel like having some fresh rolls, focaccia or croissants? Just make the dough in the breadmaker and you will have delicious hot rolls or croissants.

You can also make pizza dough in the bread machine, just follow the bread machine pizza dough recipe for delicious fresh pizzas.

Alternatively, you will find some gorgeous tasty breads in this book with 300 healthy bread machine recipes.

There are PLENTY of delicious bread recipes to keep all bread lovers happy.

Panasonic sd yd250 Automatic Breadmaker - Make Bread In A Bread Machine

Do I Need To Buy Any Extras For The Panasonic Yeastpro Automatic Breadmaker ?

All you need to operate your Panasonic home made bread machine is included:

An easy to understand Instruction Manual with some fantastic recipes,

A measuring spoon,

A measuring cup,

And a kneading blade (that fits onto the base of the inner pan).

Other NIFTY features include an automatic yeast dispenser, locking top lid, an indicator light to alert you that your loaf is done and should you have a power interruption for 10 minutes or less while your machine is still on, the power-interruption protection will allow it to continue its cycle.

The Panasonic SD-YD250 Bread Maker comes with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and a one-year limited warranty.

Your Opinion on Bread

panasonic yeastpro automatic breadmaker
panasonic yeastpro automatic breadmaker

To what extent do you agree or disagree with James Beard's view that - Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts?

See results

Tips For Buying A Breadmaker

Choose a bread machine that makes the most appropriate-size loaf for your needs, and that has just the right set of features.

In deciding which breadmaker to purchase, key features to consider should be

  • the price, size and weight of the machine,
  • the size of loaf it makes,
  • what type of crust you prefer - light,dark, thin, thick?
  • ease of cleaning and
  • the number and type of programmes offered, such as a delay timer, preset options, rapid bake, automatic dispenser, etc. Do you need them?

Do you want one that makes pizza dough and cakes as well as bread, or just a small one to fit in the back of a cupboard and make the occasional loaf?

it must have a decent Viewing Window.

It should have a minimum one year warranty.

Which brand to buy? Look at reviews -

  • What is the customer service like?
  • Are the parts easily available if something breaks?

Any other home made bread lovers out there?

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