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The Automatic Pot Stirrer

Updated on May 25, 2013

Let Your Pots Stir Themselves

The best invention since the spoon, the automatic pot stirrer. You no longer have to stand over your sauces, pasta, soups and stews saving you hours in the kitchen and preventing scorching. I am be free to be able to prepare other foods or tend to my children and dogs while my foods are being mixed and not by me.

These automatic Robo Stirrers are equipped with rotating blades that continually spin and mix your creations. They also use batteries so there is no need to have an electrical outlet nearby to use.

There are different types of these new kitchen gadgets, some sit on the top of your pot and others can sit in a frying pan, spinning up your scrambled eggs while you take care of the kids for breakfast and there are even Multifunction Cookers that have removable blades that sit right inside the pot.

They are the newest addition to our cooking arsenal and are the next generation of cooking equipment.

Mixers on Auto Pilot

StirChef SAUCEPAN STIRRER HandsFree StoveTop cooking
StirChef SAUCEPAN STIRRER HandsFree StoveTop cooking

This machine will bridge the gap that busy people come to when they want to make great, from-scratch grandmotherly-type foods that require constant attention and a strong set of hands.

Telebrands, Robo Stir Automatic Pot Stirer, As Seen On Tv Clamshell
Telebrands, Robo Stir Automatic Pot Stirer, As Seen On Tv Clamshell

Mixes as you cook. Designed to mix every inch. The silicone feet and orbital turning action ensures no spot is unstirred.

As Seen On TV Stir Crazy Automatic Hands Free Sauce Stirrer
As Seen On TV Stir Crazy Automatic Hands Free Sauce Stirrer

Sometimes, two hands just aren't enough. When you have to continuously stir grandma's 'finicky' gravy and take your delicious homemade cake out of the oven at the same time, that's when you need 3 hands. Yes, we've all been there. Now you have that needed extra hand.


Ardente Gourmet

Do You Stir?

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    • profile image

      david 3 years ago

      last i heard on a waitting list from the manufacturer ..don't think there being made and haven't heard nothing from them ..also they wanted like 300 usd ..a real stirrer with a real motor ..and there out of production ..i guess

    • newsmonster817 profile image

      newsmonster817 4 years ago

      I definitely need one of these, I love to cook but too much multi-tasking!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Now this is the wonder we've all been waiting for when we just don't have enough hands in the kitchen, say the title and just had to peek in and be amazed! :)