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Bacon Lovers Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated on December 5, 2016

Bacon Gag Gift Ideas

Bring Home The Bacon This Christmas With These Funny Gag Bacon Gift Ideas!

Do you know someone who loves bacon? If so, this Everybody Loves Bacon ornament is just one of the very cool gift ideas you will find on my bacon page for them. If you need a gift idea for a fan of this tasty and funny breakfast meat, this is a great place to begin (and end) your search. Bacon gifts and gags have been very popular for the past couple years and they are great stocking stuffers and they make a funny gift idea. Plus you can find everything from band aids to mints to watches, wallets and more. They are funny, they are weird and they are popular! Folks who like these gift ideas will often be heard squealing with delight. (yes, squealing is another bacon pun)

Bacon Mania

What Is It With Bacon Mania

I love bacon as much as the next guy (or gal) but bacon mints? I don't know about them, but I will give them a try and let you know how it goes. The merchandise you can find with bacon as it's theme is simply amazing. Somehow I just never imagined this tasty meat would become a gag gift with a huge following. How about a bendable bacon guy or an alarm clock with this sizzling meat look? There's playing cards, duct tape, air freshener, popcorn, wrapping paper, a stuffed plush strip and Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure Board Game.

Bacon Cards

There's a huge buffet of bacon merchandise available today. Here is a short list of some of the bacon gift ideas you can find for that fan of the strip (bacon strip that is).

Aquarius Bacon Playing Cards
Aquarius Bacon Playing Cards

Feel like a game of "Go Bacon or Bacon Rummy"? This is the perfect deck of cards for you.


Everything Is Better With Bacon

Yep, if you love bacon you will most likely agree that everything is better with bacon. Even chocolate is better with bacon and that's why there's truffles and a caramel treat both flavored with ... you know what! Sweet and delicious, you've got to try some Bacon Candy


Bacon Humor

Here's one bacon joke I bet you haven't heard ...

Bacon and an egg go into a bar and the bartender says " sorry, we don't serve breakfast here".


Funny Bacon Memes

Bacon Bits Of Trivia

Here's a little bit of information about bacon, yes, there is bacon trivia ... Did you know ...

  • September 3rd is International Bacon Day
  • Some Bacon Bits are actually vegetarian
  • Kevin Bacon is not made of bacon
  • Over 2 billion pounds of bacon are processed in the U.S. each year
  • Bacon and eggs are eaten together about 75% of the time

Bringing Home The Bacon is a term that comes from early days when peasants would try to catch a greased pig at a fair. If you caught the pig, you won it ... and literally brought home the bacon.

Want To Play A Bacon Game?

There's a Monopoly game for just about everyone - including your bacon lover
There's a Monopoly game for just about everyone - including your bacon lover | Source

The Bacon Calendar For 2017

Jim Gaffigan - Bacon - KING BABY

Egg And Bacon Ice Cream

Gifts Under $10.00 Bacon Hot Sauce

Bacon At Middle Earth Gifts

Dachshund Opening Bacon Christmas Gifts

Effective Stalking = Unbelievably Appropriate Gifts! Zombies! Bacon! Dexter!

The Bacon Man Crate Is Real! Man Crates Unveils The Greatest Man Crate to Date

Terrible Gifts For Christmas

Can You Bacon It?


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