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baked bean gazpacho.

Updated on June 5, 2010

tomato and bean soup

You don't have to be Heston Blumenthal to make this simple starter, it only takes about twenty minutes actual work, but takes at least four hours to chill!

Oh and you need a blender...

Take one 397g can of tomatoes, a 450g can of baked beans, half a seeded and chopped cucumber, a seeded and chopped red pepper, garlic clove if liked, and 275ml of chicken stock, whack it all in the blender until smooth, remember the lid or you'll be cleaning up forever.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Also add 4 tbsps olive oil in a slow steady stream, this is to stop it curdling the soup.

Chill for four hours, and serve in small bowls, float an ice cube in each and decorate with small onion and pepper rings chopped cucumber and croutons.

Tell your guests it took hours to cook those veg'!



Imagine the time saved on not skinning and cooking these little babies!

blender accident

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