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Baked Potato in the Microwave

Updated on July 5, 2014

How to do Baked Potatoes using the Microwave

Trying to get a good Baked Potato using the microwave is difficult. They come out shriveled and some of the potato is over cooked. I usually end up wasting part of the potato because it is inedible. But. you CAN get a good Baked Potato from your microwave with these tips!

Microwave Baked Potato

You can use your microwave to bake a potato and have it come out without being a shriveled mess,. Just follow my directions for a delicious potato!

Shriveled Potato
Shriveled Potato

Microwaved Potatoes come out shriveled and with parts overcooked!

You can microwave a good Baked Potato!

There are times that I crave a baked potato but do not want to wait an hour or more to bake one in the oven. This used to be the only way I could get a really good baked potato. Then, I figured out a way to make a Baked Potato in my microwave and have it come out delicious!

Anyone who has ever used their microwave to do a potato knows that they tend to come out shriveled and have hardened areas that are completely inedible. I used to do this! I would cook my potato in the microwave and then end up throwing part of it away. Sometimes I would cook 2 because I knew that I would only be eating part of the potato.

You don't have to pay a fortune to get a good microwave.

When you microwave a potato you either end up with it under-cooked in the middle or if it is done in the middle the outer parts of the potato are overcooked! Those overcooked parts are completely inedible. They become hard and chewy so they end up in the trash at my house.

I love Baked Potatoes! Waiting for them to cook is not something I want when I am in the mood for one! I want it done quickly. I have used all of the tricks to try to make a Baked Potato in my microwave. I have covered them in wet paper towels, in plastic wrap, in a "potato bag" and just put them in and turning them over halfway through. None of these worked to get the kind of Baked Potato I wanted! I have done the 1/2 and 1/2 method- you cook the potato in the microwave for a few minutes and then put it in your oven for about 20 minutes (until it is done in the middle.) This last method does, absolutely, work the best but my problem was I still had to heat my oven (which in turn heats up the entire kitchen for just 1 little potato.).

I have combined some methods to come up with a really good Microwaved Baked Potato.

Yum! Yum!
Yum! Yum!

How to fix a Baked Potato in your Microwave - Use your microwave to cook a baked potato that will come out perfectly cooked.

I am on a very restricted diet. Potatoes are one of the foods that I can eat and, thankfully, I LOVE potatoes. I needed to be able to prepare potatoes without all the time it takes in the oven. After some experimenting and trial and error I came up with this method.

I am normally only doing 1 potato at a time. If you want to cook several potatoes then follow the same steps but adjust the cooking time and wrap each potato individually with tin foil.

Time required: 20 minutes

Difficulty: easy


1. Clean your potato

2. Poke 3 to 4 holes in the potato to release steam as it cooks.

(If you don't poke the holes then you may end up with an exploded potato and a big mess!)

3. Cook the potato until it is not quite done. In my microwave a medium sized potato is partially done after about 3 minutes. Of course, if your potato is large it will take more time and if it is smaller then it will take less time. The main thing is to stop the microwave cooking when the potato is not quite done. (When you poke it with a fork it will give you some resistance.

4. Immediately wrap the potato in tin foil and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. The residual heat will continue the cooking process.

Unwrap your potato and Enjoy!

The Wave Non-stick Microwave Cooker

Aluminum Foil is great for lots of jobs in the kitchen! - Don't waste your aluminum foil. If it's not dirty then save it and use it again.

After using tin foil to wrap your potatoes save the piece and use it the next time you fix them! The tin foil is not getting dirty so you will always have the right size piece ready to go.

Quick and Easy Baked Potatoes from a Microwave - Microwave cooking can be good!

You don't have to reserve using your microwave for heating things up. You can use it to cook delicious food! This helps in the summer when it's already hot and turning on your oven only increases the heat in your kitchen. Cook your potatoes in the microwave and you don't have to heat up your stove. You and your kitchen will be cooler!

Nostalgia RMO770RED Retro 0.7 Cubic Foot Microwave Oven
Nostalgia RMO770RED Retro 0.7 Cubic Foot Microwave Oven

This is a great looking and cooking microwave. Your appliances should look good if they are going to be sitting on the counter!


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