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Baked Potato Skins Recipe

Updated on May 4, 2013

Easy Baked Potato Skins Recipe

If you like potatoes then you will like this Easy Baked Potato Skins Recipe, they are easy to make and the whole family will enjoy them.

Even the children can help make these little gems as a project to share with everyone. Easy Baked Potato Skins are a delight to have when you are having a party or just a family gather, they are a good finger food to have around and ready for any occasion

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Cook Time

Prep Time: 15-20 min

Total Time: 15-20 min

Serves: 8


  • (4) large baked baking potatoes
  • (3) tablespoons oil -vegetable
  • (1) tablespoon Parmesan cheese - grated
  • (1/2) teaspoon salt
  • (1/4) teaspoon powdered garlic
  • (1/4) teaspoon paprika
  • (1/8) teaspoon pepper
  • (8) cooked and crumbled bacon strips
  • (1 1/2) cups shredded cheese - Cheddar is preferred
  • (1/2) cup sour cream
  • (4) sliced green onions


  1. 1. Cut potatoes in half (long) and scoop out the potato from inside the skin leaving a 1/4-inch. shell (save potato for a later time).
  2. 2. Put potato skins on a baking sheet that has been greased.
  3. 3. Mix the oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, salt, paprika and pepper together then coat both sides of the potato skins.
  4. 4. Bake in a preheated oven at 475F for 6-7 minutes then turn over and bake the other side. Ensure that the skins are crisp before removal from the oven.
  5. 5. Coat inside the skins with the cheese and the bacon.
  6. 6. Put back in oven for 2 more minutes until cheese is melted.
  7. 7. Prepare sour cream and onions in bowls and then put on top of the skins.
  8. Serve immediately.
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    • tvyps profile image

      Teri Villars 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      @TheRopesToKnow2: Thank you! Just in time for the Super Bowl!

    • TheRopesToKnow2 profile image

      TheRopesToKnow2 4 years ago

      Great Potato Skin Recipes! Love these!! This is my favorite Super Bowl Appetizer/Meal! Glad to see someone make a lens just for Potato Skins!!

    • tvyps profile image

      Teri Villars 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      @kevkev227 lm: Thanks for the compliment and the visit! I appreciate it.

    • kevkev227 lm profile image

      kevkev227 lm 5 years ago

      This recipe looks delicious...I love potato skins. Thanks for sharing :)

    • CanInsure profile image

      CanInsure 6 years ago

      Love this recipe, I think I'll try it.

    • profile image

      miaponzo 6 years ago

      I LOVE potato skins but the fried ones are so greasy! These sound amazing! Blessed!

    • joanv334 profile image

      joanv334 7 years ago

      Hello, thanks for thr recipes!

    • Shibamom LM profile image

      Shibamom LM 7 years ago

      These look so tasty. I will definitely try these.