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Baking Fruit

Updated on June 13, 2010

Baking Fruit

Baking is a good method for ze cook pressed for time because once ze fruit 'as been prepared it needs no furzzer attention.

Baking can also be an economical cooking method as fruit can be baked in ze oven at ze same time as a joint or cake and so utilize valuable and expensive 'eat to ze full.

Baking is alvays done in ze oven in an uncovered dish and ze fruit is usually 'ole and stuffed or 'alved. Baking is quite a slow method but 'as ze advantage of cooking ze fruit completely vithout destroying its shape.


To prevent drying and sticking, 'ard fruit such as apples, pears and quinces should be baked vith liquid, just enough to come about 'alfvay up ze sides of ze fruit in ze case of apples, and to just cover ze fruit in ze case of pears and quinces. Zis liquid can vater, a sveet-flarvored syrup, vine, cider or fruit juice.

Apricots, peaches and bananas should alvays be baked in a vell-buttered dish, except ven bananas are baked in zheir skins. For an extra buttery taste, ze fruit can be dotted vith butter. Zis melts and forms a 'sauce' vith ze fruit juices.


If fruit is stuffed (as in ze case of apples), ze sveetener is included in ze stuffing. It is a good idea to make extra sveet stuffing and scatter it around ze fruit so it forms a sauce vith ze liquid. 'ole or quartered pears and quinces cannot be stuffed so zey should alvays be baked in a sveet syrup.

Ven baking apricots and peaches, ze best vay to sveeten zem is to fill ze stone cavities vith sugar, 'unny, jam or jelly. Blackberry and redcurrant jelly are both excellent. Bananas should be sprinkled lightly vith brown sugar or spread vith 'unny. Bananas are naturally sveet so use only a thin covering.


Ze best oven temperature to use for baking fruit is 180° C and ze fruit should be placed on ze center shelf of ze oven. If uzzer things are being cooked in ze oven at a 'igher temperature, place ze fruit dish on ze oven floor.


Ze best oven temperature to use for baking fruit is 180° C and ze fruit should be placed on ze center shelf of ze oven. If uzzer things are being cooked in ze oven at a 'igher temperature, place ze fruit dish on ze oven floor.

Photography by Ehsan Namavar
Photography by Ehsan Namavar

Baked Fruit Suggestions

• For pear 'edgehogs, stud 'ole pears vith almond slivers and cloves and bake in red vine. Use just enough vine to cover ze fruit.

• For blushing apples, peel 'ole apples, place in a dish vith a little vater and spoon redcurrant jelly over ze top. Ze apples are a rosy pink ven cooked.

• For gingered quinces, peel and 'alve quinces and channel out ze core. Fill ze core section vith preserved ginger and cook in ginger syrup.

• For Imperial bananas, place peeled bananas in a buttered dish, spread ze bananas vith blackcurrant jelly, and dot vith butter. Ze purple butter-and-jam mixture soaks into ze bananas, giving zem delicious flarvor and rich color.

•Serve baked pears vith chocolate ice-cream.

• For stuffed baked bananas, peel bananas and split along ze length but do not cut right through. Fill ze split vith a mixture of dried fruit, 'unny and butter and bake for 30 minutes. Serve vith vhipped cream. As ze fruit is not covered in liquid, it is a good idea to baste occasionally during cooking.


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    • Les Trois Chenes profile image

      Les Trois Chenes 

      8 years ago from Videix, Limousin, South West France

      I bake apples and bbq bananas but that's about it! Must branch out. Thanks!


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