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How to Bake Potatoes ~ Fast & Easy Recipe

Updated on April 8, 2015
Sylvestermouse profile image

I love cooking & creating my own fun food masterpieces. I also enjoy sharing my own recipes including my decorative cake & cupcake tutorials


Baking White Potatoes in the Oven

Baking potatoes in the oven is really very easy. Potatoes are one of my favorite foods to eat or cook. I frequently add potatoes to our meals simply because everyone likes potatoes, even if they are not crazy about the main dish.

I like potatoes just about any way they are cooked or prepared, but my all time favorite has to be a baked potato. Personally, I would be perfectly content to eat just a baked potato, or two, for my entire meal.

In this article, I am going to show you exactly how I bake potatoes, but I would also like to hear from you. There is a section below where you can add your favorite potato recipe lens and also an opportunity for you to share how you "dress" your baked potato. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

My Cooking Motto

Fast and Easy!

How to Bake Potatoes
How to Bake Potatoes

What You Need to Bake Potatoes

  • White Baking Potatoes
  • Vegetable Scrubber
  • A Fork
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Heavy Duty Baking Sheet


Step by Step Instructions for Baked Potatoes

Step 1: Wash and Scrub your Potatoes ~ Do not dry them

Step 2: Poke each potato 6 or 7 times with a fork ~ I poke them 3 times on each side as deep as the fork prongs will goWrap each potato in Aluminum Foil

Step 3: Place them on a Baking Sheet

Step 4: Bake on 375° for 1 1/2 hrs. ~ You will know they are finished when you can easily be poked with a fork

Potatoes are Ready for the Oven


Which Is Your Favorite

Do you prefer a Baked Potato or Fried Potatoes?

How to Bake Potatoes
How to Bake Potatoes | Source

Dress Your Baked Potato and Serve

When the potatoes are cooked, carefully cut open each potato, season and serve.

As soon as i cut open the potato, while the potato is still very hot, I add butter, salt and pepper to each potato. Then I allow each individual to finish dressing their own potato.

Dress Your Baked Potatoes
Dress Your Baked Potatoes | Source

Dress Your Baked Potato

Please tell us what you like on your Baked Potato

See results

Baked Potatoes are Ready for Dinner

Steak & Baked Potato
Steak & Baked Potato | Source

© 2010 Cynthia Sylvestermouse

Am I the Only One Ready for Dinner Now? - Making this lens made me hungry for a Baked Potato!

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    • tazzytamar profile image

      Anna 3 years ago from chichester

      Me too!! I really do think the humble baked potato is one of my all time favourites :) yummy!

    • paulahite profile image

      Paula Hite 3 years ago from Virginia

      Congrats! You're on our "What's Cooking at Squidoo" Google+ page. Check it out!

    • Faye Rutledge profile image

      Faye Rutledge 3 years ago from Concord VA

      I eat a baked potato with cheese and a salad for lunch almost every day. I prefer them baked in the oven, but for lunch, I just pop one in the microwave. Yum!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      Nice lens! I ate potato fry today! :)

    • kabbalah lm profile image

      kabbalah lm 4 years ago

      I love potatoes

    • skhdesigns lm profile image

      skhdesigns lm 4 years ago

      Ohh, making me hungry!

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 4 years ago

      I love cheese and bacon on a baked potato. I can't think of anything more comforting!

    • profile image

      KarenCookieJar 5 years ago

      I love baked potatoes!

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      I can eat enormous quantities of baked potato. Potato offers so many possibilities one human life is hardly enough to explore only the surface of the ocean of options!

    • RetroMom profile image

      RetroMom 5 years ago

      Yum! I love baked potatoes! Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm so on my way to yours house for dinner. Yum!

    • mrsclaus411 profile image

      mrsclaus411 5 years ago

      I'm just about ready to have a baked potato now.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      It's too hot for the oven today, or I'd be baking a batch of potatoes right now.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great lens. Thanks for the recipe.

    • JoleneBelmain profile image

      JoleneBelmain 5 years ago

      OMG!!! My mouth is watering for a steak and baked potato right now :P *drool*


    • Blackspaniel1 profile image

      Blackspaniel1 5 years ago

      Nice lens

    • profile image

      miaponzo 5 years ago

      Back for a blessing! :)

    • flicker lm profile image

      flicker lm 5 years ago

      My favorite ways to have potatoes is baked or mashed. I sometimes mash potatoes together with carrots. Yum.

    • Mauhro profile image

      Mauhro 5 years ago

      i like potatoes in every way. yummy lens

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 6 years ago

      "Lucky Leprechaun Blessing" :* and featured on

    • profile image

      miaponzo 6 years ago

      It's early in the morning and I'm ready for dinner :)

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 6 years ago

      Oh I just popped in a could I not after browsing this delicious page?!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Nothing, and I really mean nothing, tastes better than a really good baked potato! Yummy lens.

    • missbat profile image

      missbat 7 years ago

      Yummy! I know what I'm having for dinner tonight!

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      I love baked potatoes. Too bad for all the starch or I would eat them more often.

    • Andy-Po profile image

      Andy 7 years ago from London, England

      Mmmm. Delicious. I do love baked potatoes.

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image

      Missmerfaery444 7 years ago

      Great lens! Lensrolled to my 101 Best Baked Potato Toppings lens!

    • profile image

      boutiqueshops 7 years ago

      Nobody can call ME late for dinner ~ LET'S EAT! We have the same Cooking Motto, luv! Let's create a secret cooking handshake! lol You reminded me of MY potato recipe...I shall make a lens for it and add it to yours and yours to mine. =)

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

      @KathyMcGraw2: Ah, now I want potato salad!

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

      @puzzlerpaige: Your mother-in-law must be an excellent cook :)

    • tandemonimom lm profile image

      tandemonimom lm 7 years ago

      Now featured on How to Bake Fabulously Light and Fluffy Baked Potatoes - they can choose if they like foil-wrapped or self-steaming! ;-)

    • profile image

      poutine 7 years ago

      No, you are not the only one ready for dinner NOW.

      It's only 10:45 AM and this lens made me want a baked potato

      so much....I think I'll go and make a quick one in the microwave

      right now.

    • puzzlerpaige profile image

      puzzlerpaige 7 years ago

      This is exactly how my mom-in-law makes baked potatoes. I love 'em! Sooo good!

    • tandemonimom lm profile image

      tandemonimom lm 7 years ago

      I do love baked potatoes!

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 7 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      my kind of cooking for sure! Baked potatoes rock!

    • KathyMcGraw2 profile image

      Kathy McGraw 7 years ago from California

      LOL I just made a funny potato salad so no potatoes left to bake :) Fun...and when I come for dinner I want horsey cupcakes for dessert after a baked potato meal .....

    • capriliz lm profile image

      capriliz lm 7 years ago

      Now I am very hungry for a baked potato!

    • WhiteOak50 profile image

      WhiteOak50 7 years ago

      OMG.. I was going to have baked potatoes tonight but decided I would wait until tomorrow. I love baked potatoes with a salad. Goodness, *looks at the clock* nope too late tonight, but will have them tomorrow night! GREAT yummy lens!

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 7 years ago

      First, I love your motto! Second, I'm starved for baked potatoes tonight!

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 7 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      Yes, I'm hungry for baked potato now! And I agree with MaryBeth, adding broccoli and cheese makes it into a great meal.

    • profile image

      bdkz 7 years ago


    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

      @mbgphoto: You are such an angel!!! Thank you for stopping by, leaving such a great idea in the comments and certainly for the blessing!

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 7 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      I had a baked potato for lunch. It was leftover from a company dinner so I just mashed it a bit, added some leftover broccoli and topped it with shredded cheese. I then popped it in the microwave for 1 minute and I had a delicious lunch.

      Great lens. Blessed.