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Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe

Updated on January 14, 2013

Barbecue, Bacon, Cheese, Burger! What's Not to Love?

Just the other day I was trying to decide what to make for dinner and the idea came to me, I had ground antelope meat, a new bottle of barbecue sauce, a big slab of bacon, and a fresh block of cheddar! When I put all these ingredients together it made the best burger I have ever had and I new it needed to be shared with the world. Now I know that not everyone has ground antelope meat in their fridge but ground beef is a perfect alternative! They say cooking is a science, but for this recipe it is going to turn out fantastic regardless of measurments so just enjoy yourself and use as much bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce and ground meat as you desire!

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Getting Started

Ingredients and Supplies

For this recipe you will need:

-two plates


-ground beef

-a bottle of barbecue sauce

-lots of bacon ( I used pork jowl bacon for large chunks rather than little bits)

-a very sharp or serrated knife

-a frying pan with a lid

-a large mixing bowl

-a spatula

-a fork

-a big appetite

The BACON - Your first step to a great burger

Pork jowl bacon is not only cheaper than sliced bacon but you can also cut it into big, delicious bacon chunks!

Cut the Bacon - Big or Small Bacon Bacon Bacon

While you're cutting up your bacon, put your frying pan on the stove and begin heating it at medium heat.

Cook that Bacon! - Put it in the pan!

Flip the Bacon - Be sure to cook it on both sides!

After you've flipped your bacon, place a lid over your frying pan to help it cook evenly.

While the Bacon is Cooking - Break up the meat!

In a large bowl break up your ground meat into chunks

Knead the Meat - Press your meat into a bowl shape

Next Add the Barbecue Sauce - about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup should do it!

Bacon's Ready!! - Put your bacon on a plate with a fork, be sure to keep the grease in the pan!

Mixin' it Up - Mix your bacon chunks into your ground meat and barbecue sauce mixture

Time for a Patty! - After mixing, place a ball of your meat onto a plate and flatten it into a patty!

Time to Cook! - Slide your patty off the plate and into the hot bacon grease left on your pan

Place the lid back onto the frying pan and allow it to cook for about two minutes, it really shouldn't take long until your burger looks like this.

Flip it Over! - After it has cooked for 2 minutes on one side, flip it with your spatula

CHEEEESE! - Place two slices of cheese on top of your burger and re-cover as it finishes cooking on the second side

If you could add anything else to this burger, what would it be?

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