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Bavarian Beer Mug for Real Beer Lovers

Updated on December 23, 2012

Beer Mugs for Beer Lovers Oktoberfest and Bavarian Style Great to Enjoy your Ales and Lager at Parties and at Home

Do you love beer? Then a Bavarian beer mug might be just the thing you will enjoy to have. These are the traditional glasses from which the Germans (and more specific the Bavarians) drink their brews. Almost any type of ale or lager will taste great from these pints and they certainly add to the experience when you are enjoying a new brew you just discovered. I handpicked the greatest Bavarian beer mugs available but if you want to see the full collection go here.

For a beer lover this is a great investment to make to enjoy all those future moments when opening a bottle or two that much more.

Does beer taste better from a (Bavarian) Beer mug?

Does beer taste better from a (Bavarian) Beer mug?

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Ceramic Blue Bavarian/German Beer Stein/Mug

The king of the beer mugs is this Ceramic Blue Bavarian/German Beer Stein/Mug with Pewter Lid and Emblem. It has been imported by M. Cornell Importers Inc. but has been originally made in germany. Beautifully decorated with a relief on the ceramic and even with a coat of arms and pewter lid. This beer mug is a sight to behold. It stands 9' tall and holds about half a liter which is just the right amount for a drink. A really stunning gift for any beer lover!

Ceramic Blue BavarianCHECK PRICE

Oktoberfest Style Bavarian Beer Mugs

These are a couple of Oktoberfest style mugs that are similar to to the heavy glass mugs that are used at the Oktoberfest. They hold 0.5 liters and will make drinking a pint that much more enjoyable and tasty. If anyone knows how to serve their pints it's the Germans. This glass has been made in Austria.

Oktoberfest Half LiterCHECK PRICE

Stolzle 1 Liter Dimpled GlassCHECK PRICE

Beer Mugs Oktoberfest Style

One great looking mug featuring the Hofbrauhaus Munchen Logo. Which translates as the Main Brewery Munchen and a more neutral looking Oktoberfest beer mug. Both are made out of dimpled glass and are perfect if you want to visit the Oktoberfest or maybe organise your own. The Munchen (Bavarian Capital) logo looks great and the mug will even look good sitting on your shelves. Great collectors item.


"Hofbrauhaus Munchen"CHECK PRICE

Bavarian Crest Beer Mug and Anchor Hocking Mugs

A set of two mother great mugs. One is a set of 6 Anchor Hocking Mugs if you want to have a few mugs to enjoy your beers in that are solid reliable and very affordable. The other mug is a mug encrusted with the Bavarian weapon onto it. A real oktoberfest mug that holds a full liter. It's eight inches high and imported from Germany. The glass is dimpled and this is a perfect Oktoberfest mug. Both are excellent choices to enjoy your beers from.

Anchor HockingCHECK PRICE

1 Liter Bavarian Crest CHECK PRICE


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