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The Amazing BBQ Liner

Updated on January 3, 2013

BBQ Liners are easy to use, very easy to clean and cook food very well!

Are you looking for an amazing, practical and surprisingly fun Father's Day gift? Does your dad like to cook on the BBQ but wish it was simpler, easy to clean and travel with? Does your family dread trying to cook on camping trips? Then you probably need a BBQ liner!

These FDA approved products have been used commercially by bread makers, fast food chains (including MacDonalds) and other food-related businesses for over forty years. They are simple to use, reusable, cook the food evenly and make scrubbing the barbie and uneven cooking a thing of the past.

I bought my parents a BBQ liner (under the name 'Magic Cooking Sheet') on a whim in one of those cookery shops full of products that are fun to have but generally cost slightly too much to be worth it. To be honest, it was partly for me, because I often end up having to clean the barbeque after dad cooks! And I figured, well, if it worked - brilliant. If not, it was a fun gift. It worked.

It ended up being one of their favourite christmas gifts, especially now dad has to do his own dishes - these sheets really, really work. It's so simply that I keep looking for the catch - but the only catch is that they aren't sold very widely! (I guess people pass them by, thinking they're too good to be true. And with a name like 'Magic Cooking Sheet', wouldn't you?)

Almost exclusively sold in Australia, and occasionally imported to New Zealand - two countries were barbecuing is a national pastime - a BBQ liner costs between $10 and $30 Australian dollars. Alternatively, there are oven liners on Amazon, which are a slightly less durable version of the BBQ liner, but otherwise have the same benefits.

Do You Like Using BBQ or Oven liners?

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This liner is left on the little portable barbecue - protecting it from the rain, because it doesn't rust!
This liner is left on the little portable barbecue - protecting it from the rain, because it doesn't rust!

An Ideal Father's Day Gift

Why is this such a great gift for dad?

Well, most men like to pull out the barbecue and cook for everyone - whether for their familes, or while tossing back a few beers with their mates depends on them, but most dads seem to look for excuses to get the grill going (although they may then 'volunteer' their hapless offspring to actually watch the food and clean up afterwards... )

And family camping trips are fun, and dinner is usually a BBQ meal.

So wouldn't a gift that makes using the barbeque

  • easy to cook on

  • easy to clean

  • ...and quick to set up and pack away
be an ideal present for dad?

(*BBQ or other heating element still required, obviously)

Throw Out Your Old Grill Brush or Scraper! - You'll never need one of these again!

Never again will you have to slave over a grill, scraping and scrubbing away!

Where Can I Buy BBQ Sheets and Oven Liners? - Oven Liners on Amazon

Of course, if you don't live in a country that worships the barbeque, you could just buy an oven liner instead. They're almost the same thing! However, 'proper' BBQ liners tend to be slightly more durable.

Amazon stocks a variety of oven liners - perfect for indoor cooking, and they'll work on the grill, but may not last as long. Otherwise, you can hunt eBay or order directly from sites such as Magic Cooking Products in Australia.

Oven liners are good for any kind of baking or roasting in the oven and can also be used to line the oven against spills. If you have the right kind of stove, you could even use them to cook on top of the oven with (the flatter the better, obviously - glass topped stoves are best for this).

What Can You Use Them For? Why are They Amazing?

The advantages and possible uses of a BBQ liner

  • Thin, strong and flexible, a BBQ sheet rolls up very small and is easily stored in a kitchen drawer or carried away on holiday. No more turning up to a camping site and having to use badly cleaned or just plain grotty barbecues. No more scrubbing endlessly

  • The BBQ liner cooks food more evenly, because it distributes heat right across its surface - so no more burning sausages, while the rest are still half-raw, or worrying about the mystical configuration required to make sure all the meat gets cooked at the same time.

  • Because it's not full of holes, all the tasty juices stay in one place!

  • But because it's non-stick, non of that juice or odour sticks around! You can cook onions or fish, wipe it off, and not worry about it flavouring the next meal.

  • Easy to pick up, you can carry all the food off at once! (but use tongs or gloves, it will be hot).

  • Because it's thin and conductive and flexible, you can even wrap fish and meat up inside it and marinade them!

  • You can even use them as baking sheets in the oven and cut them up to fit baking trays or small BBQs. And they are supposedly excellent for George Forman style health grills or sandwich makers.

  • They're even a healthier way to cook, because you don't need to use oil or fat, and because you're cooking on a completely clean surface, not one caked with old burnt residue.

  • And the nonstick surface makes them really easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them off, dry them and roll them up.

  • And because they are non-stick and heat proof, you can use them for crafts (even superflue doesn't stick!), iron-on transfers and children's activities.

Watch the Magic Cooking Sheet in Action! - A promotional video from Magic Cooking Products

They'll Save You Money!

Raindrops on our BBQ liner...
Raindrops on our BBQ liner...

A BBQ liner will save:

  1. Cleaning products

  2. Water

  3. Time and effort cleaning

  4. Hassle finding a way to cook on camping trips

  5. Your barbecue grills will last longer

  6. Relationships (there'll be less fighting over who cleans the barbecue, and the non-BBQ enthusiast won't have to put up with quite so many proudly burnt offerings)

The Magic Cooking Sheet in action! Neatly rolled up or roasting up fish or meat
The Magic Cooking Sheet in action! Neatly rolled up or roasting up fish or meat

The Don'ts and Drawbacks

What Not To Do With a BBQ Liner

  • BBQ Liners are durable but not immortal. They can be cut with scissors, so plastic implements are safer than metal ones when cooking. Don't use them as a cutting board either!

  • They conduct heat well, but are designed to rest on an element, not open flame.

  • Don't share them with relatives, they'll never come back.

It's thin and flexible and tough!
It's thin and flexible and tough!

How Long Do They Last?

Magic Cooking Sheets are durable and sexy!

They're supposed to last around 1500 washes, over 2,500 cooking events or a year of continual use.

If you don't constantly cook on the barbie (and trust me, you'll want to after buying one), then it will last a lot longer. That's a year or more of easy cooking and cleaning!

And of course, they're waterproof and odour proof, so it doesn't matter if they get caught in the rain or what you like to cook (In fact, it would also double as a backup cover on the outdoor grill, as rust is what destroys all barbecues in the end).

Actually, considering how all-around useful they are, you may want to own more than one.

Use A Portable Grill Anywhere - And Damn the Dishes!

Whether indoors out of the rain, or travelling, a portable BBQ grill is a fun way to cook - and a BBQ liner takes all the mess and the burnt bits away!

Why Not Buy Dad A Complete Set of BBQ Tools? - A BBQ liner would complete the set nicely!

Themed gifts are always fun, and if your dad is a BBQ fan, why not buy him so nice shiny new tools to go with the BBQ liner he's bound to want to try out?

Guestbook - The problem with becoming an amazing barbecue chef overnight... is that people tend to be suspicious! Wow your relatives and keep the BBQ liner a se

The problem with becoming an amazing barbecue chef overnight... is that people tend to be suspicious! Wow your relatives and keep the BBQ liner a secret!
The problem with becoming an amazing barbecue chef overnight... is that people tend to be suspicious! Wow your relatives and keep the BBQ liner a secret!


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    • cdcraftee profile image

      Christine Larsen 

      6 years ago from South Australia

      I enjoy eating what's cooked on the barbie by hubby - and didn't know anything about the BBQ liner before. Thank you Flynn the Cat (the man has a b/day coming in a couple of months...hmmm!)

      Happy Australia Day!



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