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Beer Can Koozies

Updated on April 3, 2013

Cool Beer Can Koozies and Can Coolers

Using a beer can koozie is great for a lot of reasons. Also known as can coolers, koozies are great for helping to keep your can or bottle cold. This is perfect for camping, having a beer by the pool, or just for keeping your beer cold on a hot day.

Beer can koozies are also great for when it is cold outside and you are enjoying a beverage. Using a koozie in cold weather is great for keeping your hands from getting too cold. So, as you can see, can koozies are great for year round enjoyment of cold beverages.

The Hangover Can Koozie
The Hangover Can Koozie

One Man Wolf Pack Can Cooler

The Hangover is a wildly popular movie about over the top partying and having fun. This is the officially licensed The Hangover One Man Wolf Pack Koozie. Alan is featured on the Koozie with the quote, "One man wolf pack."

Fits most 12 oz. cans and bottles.

One Man Wolf Pack Koozie

Funny Beer Can Koozies

Beer can koozies are great for representing your sense of humor. Here are some great examples.

Koozies For Wedding

Have a wedding coming up? These koozies for weddings are perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, or they can make great gifts for guests at the wedding too.

Duff Beer Can Koozie
Duff Beer Can Koozie

The Simpsons Duff Can Koozie

Duff Beer is the beer of choice for Homer Simpson from the hit animated TV show The Simpsons. Now you can look like you are drinking Duff Beer by using this cool Duff Beer Can Koozie.

Duff Man would be proud of you. We encourage those who use this can cooler to quote Duff Man with an enthusiastic Oh Yeah!

Simpsons Duff Can Koozie

NFL Football Koozies

What is your Favorite football team? Check out these cool NFL Koozies to look for yours.

Vote up your favorite team.

Christmas Themed Beer Koozies

These Christmas themed koozies make great stocking stuffers

Benefits of Using Can Koozies

Can koozies are great for a lot of different reasons. Here are some of the most popular reasons why people like using a koozie on their cans and bottles.

  1. They keep your drink cold. Or, if you have a warm drink they will also help to insulate it to keep it warm.
  2. Koozies help hide what you are drinking. Maybe you are canoeing or at a sporting event. Sometimes drinking in public is a grey area. Using a Koozie helps to cover up what you are drinking so that it looks like it could be anything.
  3. Koozies display your personal style. There are so many choices that a cool koozie is like an accessory. You will see what I mean at the beach, festivals or Jimmy Buffet concert parking lots.
  4. Using Koozies help to keep your hands from getting cold. If you are drinking outside and it is cold out, a koozie protects your hands from the cold temperature of the can.

Do you use can Koozies?

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