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Best Ceramic Travel Mugs To Give As Christmas Gifts

Updated on January 14, 2013

Looking to give an awesome ceramic travel coffee mug as a gift this year?

A classic ceramic coffee mug can be found for next to nothing at your local dollar store but really high quality ceramic travel coffee mugs make for excellent gifts. They are practical, affordable, almost always appreciated, and there are some great tumbler to choose from that will please just about anyone.

I've highlighted the best travel mugs made from ceramic below to make things easier for you. All of these mugs are actually travel mugs, meaning they can be sealed on top and hold more than a standard 8 ounces of coffee, tea, or whatever you like.

Is a cheap ceramic travel mug worth getting?

First things first. The average person has somewhere between 5 and 20 cheap ceramic coffee cups sitting in theri kitchen cupboard. If they are anything like me they probably only really use one or two of them with any notable frequency.

Anyone can buy a cheap ceramic cup at Walmart, Amazon, Target, or whatever place they like to shop at. What they don't usually get, own, or shop for are high quality travel mugs made of ceramic. These mugs are not as easily found in big-box stores and although they are not as durable as stainless steel they are usually quite decorative.

And lucky for you they don't usually cost much more than traditional coffee cups. As a gift (or even as a gift for yourself) I highly recommend low cost ceramic travel mugs. There's little reason to pay more than you have to.

Below is a short bit on my favorite ceramic travel mug - the Copco Reusable To-Go Mug which sells on Amazon for just a tad bit more than the price of a regular coffee cup. It's got tons of glowing reviews to back it up as one of the best values you can find too.

The Top Rated Ceramic Travel Mugs - Let mass appeal help you pick a winner

These are a few of the highest rated ceramic travel mugs for sale on Amazon. A particularly like the last mug which is a combination stainless steel and ceramic. Very slick!

The Top Wide Base Ceramic Travel Mugs - Most wide base ceramic mugs have lids too!

A wide based mug gives added stability in a moving vehicle. It also minimizes the potential for spills in stationary areas do to bumping it with your elbows or hands. Unfortunately wide based mugs rarely fit into cupholders so you win some and you lose some. For some people however these are the best!

How About Getting The Best Travel Coffee Mug Instead

It's not a ceramic mug but it's as good as they get.

I have been using a double walled insulated travel mug for almost two years now. I bought it around Christmas time as a gift and have since bought a second. It only cost me around $20 bucks so it' snot much more than some of the ceramic tumblers featured above.

You can read more about it here: The Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot.

Need more ceramic travel mugs to choose from? - Try these or do your own search below.

Do you own any of these ceramic coffee mugs? - Let us know what you think below.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Why is it so hard to find a wide base ceramic coffee mug with a handle and a lid.One that can sit safely on the dashboard.And that can easly be used by older fingers.And hold a truckers serving of java.