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Best Cocktail Drink Stirrers

Updated on September 14, 2014

Fancy Drink Stirrers For Garnishing Cocktails

Throwing a beautiful and well organized cocktail party takes a lot of planning and effort in order to get every last detail perfect. Occasionally little details such as cocktail stirrers and drink straws get overlooked. However, when they are not, it makes the very last detail even more memorable. People although forgetful when drunk, do remember drink presentations.

The drink presentation is close to the most important part of the cocktail making process. As it makes the customer visually attracted and want more even from the very first glimpse. Beautiful glass drinks stirrers are a long lasting addition to your fancy cocktails collection, often being passed on from generation to generation. Check out the best fancy glass cocktail straws and drink stirrers below, as well as other cool information on collecting cool and rare glass picks.

photo credit: mazaletel via photopin cc

Dragonfly Set of Six Multicolor Cocktail Stirrers
Dragonfly Set of Six Multicolor Cocktail Stirrers

elegantly serve your favorite drinks with these cocktail stirrers


Dragonfly Glass Cocktail Stirrer Set - Unique Drink Stirrer

Most people do not realize that glass bar accessories such as cocktail drink stirrers can be collectible, but they are. Dragonflys are a popular theme for some people, and these glass dragonfly cocktail stirrers are a beautiful collectible.

Mikasa Cheers Ruby Glass Stirrers, Set of 4
Mikasa Cheers Ruby Glass Stirrers, Set of 4

This set reminds me of something I would see around a table at a card game.


Ruby Glass Cocktail Stirrers - Collectible Red Drink Stirrer Set

Popular glass beaded drink stirrers. These dashing red cocktails stir sticks are perfect for a casual cocktail party.

How To Mix A Tropical Rainstorm - The Perfect Drink For An Umbrella Cocktail Picks

This is a great example of a fruity drink that could be garnished with an umbrella or other glass drink stirrer. It makes the presentation of the cocktail you are serving so much more elegant.

Prodyne Colorful Martini Picks Plastic, Multicolored (Set of 6)
Prodyne Colorful Martini Picks Plastic, Multicolored (Set of 6)

Glass Martini stirrer set. Perfect for garnishing martinis and serving.


Martini Glass Cocktail Stirrers Or Cocktail Picks - Glass Cocktail Stirrers

Everybody who loves martinis understands how important it is to have something to put your olives on while your drinking. It is actually a pet peeve of mine when a bartender does not put a pick or stirrer into my glass with garnishes. Fishing for your olive or having to wait until the end of your cocktail is never fun. I do not have enough patience to wait til the end. Especially if it is something I love as much as olives.

Shaken Or Stirred

See results

Do You Shake Your Cocktail Or Stir It - How Do You Serve A Cocktail - Cocktail Stirrers

James bond likes his martinis shaken. Marilyn Monroe preferred hers stirred- with a fancy cocktail pick. The way people prefer to have their drinks are often small tells into their character as well. Bold and dashing, when Mr. Bond orders his martini, it implies he will not be spending much time with his drink. When it is served, he often replies perfect, and then proceeds to taste it. That implies that he will not be needing anything else and would let you know if he did. Marilyn on the other hand, orders her drink stirred, and she prefers to have a stir stick with her cocktails and garnishes. This often implies a longer and more meaningful visit. She would swizzle her stick and savor her garnishes in her cocktail. Big differences in personalities and males compared to females.

Do You Know What A Swizzle Stick Is?

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What is a Swizzle Stick? - Have You Ever Tried A Swizzle Stick

There are many descriptions of a swizzle stick. The words just sound so funny, its hard to tell exactly what your talking about unless it is put into the correct context. That being said, have you heard of a swizzle stick and do you know what a real swizzle stick is or why it is so collectible?

Cocktail Stirrers Set/6
Cocktail Stirrers Set/6

Elegant and sleek, these cocktail drink stirrers, or swizzle sticks are perfect for a more formal cocktail event.


Solid Colored Glass Drink Stirrers - Drink Stirrers For Your Cocktails

I really like this drink stirrers because of the simplicity of them as well as the variety of solid bold colors. They are very easy to pair with many types of glasses and can be matched even more specifically to the color cocktail you are mixing, or the favorite color of your guests. Like I said, the details are often what people walk away remembering about their cocktails. Not just that they drank cocktails.

Sexy Lady Drink Stirrers For Your Cocktails - Sexy Ladies Sitting On Your Cocktail

These are plastic stirrers rather than glass but I wanted to present the option because they are popular for frilly cocktails or poolside cocktails. However, I have never been able to find nude ladies stirrers in anything other than plastic. Commercially at least. I bet there is someone who could make some custom glass cocktail stirrers.

6 Inch Plastic Ms Nude Hot Babe Cocktail Party Drink Stirrers - Bachelor Party (8 Count) - Assorted Neon
6 Inch Plastic Ms Nude Hot Babe Cocktail Party Drink Stirrers - Bachelor Party (8 Count) - Assorted Neon

Everybody loves a sexy lady. These swizzle sticks are perfect for a lazy summer day by the pool.


Rare, Collectible Drink Stirrers For Your Cocktails - People Collect Cocktail Straws?

Hand made, unique, from a weird place, made of something weird... Drink straws, cocktail stirrers, swizzle sticks, whatever you call them, they are quite collectible. Who even knew that drink stirrers could be collectors items. But its true. There are actually a lot of people who collect things made of glass. Drink stirrers are one of the more intricate niches of the glass collecting hobby.

Do You Use A Drink Stirrer Or Cocktail Straw?

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