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Best Cold Press Juicers

Updated on January 31, 2017
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James has been a blogger and writer for over 6 years with a focus on product reviews and answering peoples questions.

Omega Juicer

Best Cold Press Juicer Guide

What is a Cold Press Juicer

There are several types of juicers that you can choose from today and all come with different advantages and disadvantages.

In this article we are going to discuss cold press juicers, also known as a masticating juicer, which in many people's opinion are the best type of juicer to own.

A cold press juicer is a type of juicer that uses a mastication or cold press method to squeeze the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.

While this method of extracting the juice does take longer than when using other types of juicers, it does a much better job because it extracts a much better quality juice as well as more of the juice compared to a centrifugal juicer.

Cold Press Juicer for Better Juice

Advantages of Using a Cold Press Juicer

Cold press juicers have many advantages to other types of juicers. For example, this type of juicer is much quieter. Additionally they produce more juice and create less foam, the quality of the juice is better which means it can be preserved for longer.

Cold press juicers also produce lower levels of heat and lower oxidation which results in more of the nutrients and enzymes being retained from the fruits and veggies that you juice.

More than Just a Juicer

A cold press juicer can often times be used to process other food items. For example with many cold press juicers you can use the juicer to make nut butters, ice cream and different types of pasta.

Do Cold Press Juicers Have Any Disadvantages?

Even the best cold press juicers do have a few disadvantages.

This type of juicer tends to be a little heavier than other types of juicers, they are typically a little more expensive and and it takes a little longer to process the food. However, all 3 disadvantages are well worth owning one of these amazing machines.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

Powerful and versatile

By James Marleron

Verified Amazon Purchase

Started using the omega 8006 for three weeks now. Works great for everything I've juiced and made nut butter from almonds and dark chocolate for Apple slices. It does a great job on getting the most juice from the leafy greens and veggies, and fruit. I'm happy I purchased this juices. And with the 15 year warranty it no worries. If your thinking about getting a juicer I recommend this one.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

Omega Juicer for A Mega Juice

The Omega J8006 cold press juicer features a powerful commercial motor, a dual-stage juicing system and a low rotation speed of 80 RPMs which helps prevents foaming. The last thing you want is a big glass of foam.

This ultra quiet machine produces a high juice yield while its auto pulp-ejection function allows for continuous juicing with out having to stop and remove the pulp yourself. This is a wonderful time saver.

This is truly one of the best cold press juicers on the market today and prove can be found by way of the 4 and a half stars this juicer has received from its 1,600 plus Amazon customers.

*Update Dec. 2015

Using the Omega J8006

This past summer we have had the pleasure of juicing fresh fruits and veggies from an organic farm we have been volunteering on and been able to use several juicers in the process, the J8006 being one of them.

I can truly say that this is one of the better juicers I have used thus far. We have also been using an Omega centrifugal juicer as well, although it is a wonderful juicer and much, much quicker than using the J8006, the masticating power of the J8006 shows why a cold press juicer is the way to go.

Getting Ready for Summer Juicing Fun

Juice and Juicing Facts

  • Fibers from fruits and vegetables while important can also interfere with digestion and the absorption of nutrients. When you use a cold press juicer these fibers are removed during the juicing process allowing a maximum amount of nutrients to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Drinking juice that is processed through a cold press juicer is a fantastic and extremely healthy way to get your recommended daily minimum of fruits and vegetables which is five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits.
  • With a cold press juicer you can pack that all into one or two healthy drinks that can be used right away or saved for later. Additionally, for those who do not care much for vegetables, the addition of fruits will sweeten the taste making the drink more enjoyable.
  • To get the most vitamins from your juice you should prepare your fruits and veggies right before juicing,

The Super Angel Cold Press Juicer 5500

The Super Angel Cold Press Juicer 5500
The Super Angel Cold Press Juicer 5500

Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer

AMAZING juicer. definitely worth the money if you can ...

By Rachna Aroraon July 24, 2014

Verified Amazon Purchase

AMAZING juicer. definitely worth the money if you can afford it. my husband and i use this twice a day and the amount of juice we can squeeze out of our vegetables now is astounding. LOVE THIS

Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer

Super Angel Juicer: The Rolls Royce of Juicers

This twin gear, two stage, stainless steel cold press juicer features a powerful 3 hp motor that rotates at a low 86 RPM's which is considered the best speed for low foam.

The Best Cold Juicer Made?

The company claims that the Super Angel is "the most advanced living juice extractor with all stainless steel construction in the world". In this case I tend to believe them, this is really a beautiful machine that does an amazing juice.

To ensure this machine holds up to all of your juicing needs this cold press juicer is made from surgical stainless steel parts and in case anything does go wrong it comes with a 10 year warranty on both motors and parts.

*Update July 2015

Although I have not had the pleasure of using this juicer my self, I have recently been able to see it in action and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. This had to be some of the best juice I have ever tried and to see how this particular cold press juicer seemed to get every last bit of juice from everything that was thrown at it was amazing.

Benefits of Green Juice


Cold Press Juicing Techniques

Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor

Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor

Green star juicer

By Kevinon June 19, 2013

Verified Amazon Purchase

The green star juicer is the most amazing product of its kind I've ever seen. The first time in my life I've ordered something that exceeded all my expectations. Worth every Penney!!!!!!

Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor

Green Star Juicer

This cold press juicer features a twin gear impeller press system which reduces noise, heat and friction and produces a higher yield.

More than Just a Juicer

It can also be used as a food mill for baby foods, sorbets and nut butters. In my opinion this is what makes this juicer one of the best cold press juicers around. Juicers are not cheap and when you can use it for multiple purposes you are definitely getting more value for your purchase.

It has an auto pulp ejector so that you can juice continuously and to make clean up easier.

All and all this is a great juicer for a reasonable price.

Although I have not been able to try out this particular cold press juicer, by all accounts it is a fantastic piece of equipment. It does a great job juicing, produces little mess and has some other neat features that most juicers do not come with.

Getting the Best Cold Pressed Juice

Take Advantage of the Best Cold Press Juicers

Using a cold press juicer has many advantages over using other types of juicers or using a blender to make fresh juice.

These advantages are what make a cold press juicer the best type of juicer to use to make your fresh fruit and vegetable juice.

  • Cold press juicers are quieter
  • They produce more juice
  • They produce less foam
  • They produce lower heat and oxidation which means you get more nutrients and enzymes
  • Juice is preserved in better condition for longer
  • They are excellent for juicing greens and sprouts
  • Can often be used to process other foods

This is all important as it is how you are going to get the most out of your juicing efforts.

Used a Juicer Before?

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