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5 Top Rated Electric and Gas Double Ovens 2015

Updated on January 12, 2015

When One Oven Just Isn't Enough

If you're like me, you've had those days in the kitchen when you have a roast in the oven but also want to bake a batch of cookies at the same time. Those are the times I wished I had two ovens in my kitchen, so to solve that dilemma I knew that getting a double oven was the solution.

I've done some research and reviewed 5 of the top double ovens you might want to consider to help out during those times of cooking for a crowd or fixing two different dishes requiring two ovens.

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5 Good Double Ovens for the Money 2015

Maytag 24" Double Electric Wall Oven

Rather than having the usual stainless-steel finish that most double ovens have, this Maytag double wall oven has an all-black finish. The different color distinguishes it from other models, and black is still a neutral color that will look great in almost any kitchen. The oven doors have standard glass windows, and the doors also sport sturdy hinges.

At just 24" wide, this oven will fit most remodeling and replacement-oven needs. The upper oven has a 2.8-cubic foot capacity with four oven rack positions, and the lower oven is slightly smaller, with a 2.4-cubic foot capacity and three oven rack positions. The upper oven comes with two oven racks; the lower oven comes with just one rack.

This double wall oven features Maytag's trademarked "Precision Cooking with Precise Preheat" system and their trademarked "Dual Bake Control." This oven set comes with an electronic clock/timer and standard oven controls that are easy to use. The upper and lower ovens are both standard cleaning, as opposed to self-cleaning, so you'll need a good oven cleaner for this set. A standard broiler section is also included. This double oven features a 2,400 bake wattage; the broiler features a slightly higher 3,000 wattage.


Frigidaire 30" Double Wall Oven

This Frigidaire Double Wall Oven has white glass-front doors with windows and coordinating white handles. This model is 30 inches wide, for more cooking space than some other similarly priced models. The top and bottom ovens are of equal size; each one has a volume of 4.2 cubic feet. This set boasts a "Flushmount" design; in other words, it can be installed so that it's flush with the walls of your kitchen.

This oven set is self-cleaning with an auto-latch safety lock; not having to clean an oven the traditional way can be a huge timesaver. Both the upper and lower ovens come with two oven racks. The control panel at the top of the unit has convenient electronic push buttons, rather than knobs. This double oven also comes with a built-in electronic clock and countdown timer.

This oven set uses standard radiant-heat roasting and baking. One particularly nice feature on this double oven is its "Keep Warm" setting. When food is done cooking, you can keep it warm in the oven without overcooking it. Another interesting included feature is the "Sabbath Mode"-with this feature, Jewish Sabbath observers can turn the oven on before the Sabbath begins, and use it throughout the day without a timed automatic shut-off feature turning off the oven; light and display features are also disabled in Sabbath mode.


Whirlpool 30" Double Electric Wall Oven

This Whirlpool RBD305PVS 30" Double Electric Wall Oven has the classic stainless-steel look that is so popular with consumers right now, and if you already have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, this oven set will match perfectly. This model is 30 inches wide, for maximum cooking space. Both ovens have a 4.1-cubic foot capacity. Its handles are metal, to match the oven doors.

This double oven has a convection cooking system, which uses a fan in the rear of the oven to circulate hot air above, below, and around food to cook it faster and more evenly. It has an Accubake system, in which the oven independently operates the bake element, the broil element, or both, to ensure that your food is cooked uniformly. It's also self-cleaning, which is a huge time-saver; during the cleaning cycle, the display is disabled and the door automatically locked.

Another great feature on this double oven is its preheat countdown. Its controls are made of Mylar, so they're easy to wipe clean. This double oven also has a "Delay Bake" setting, so you can program the oven to bake at a certain time; you can also customize the broil setting in 5-degree increments up to 500 degrees.

GE Profile
GE Profile

GE Profile 27" Double Electric Wall Oven

This GE Profile Double Wall Oven is 27 inches wide and has a 3.8-cubic foot capacity in both the upper and lower ovens, which makes it a little small for its price point, but it comes with some features that make up for its small volume.

The top oven is a convection oven, which means that it has a fan inside the oven to circulate air all around the food to cook it more quickly and more uniformly-great for baking everything from pies and casseroles to roasting meat. The convection fan is only one inch deep, which leaves precious space for food inside the oven. This oven set is self-cleaning, which eliminates the hassle of harsh oven-cleaning chemicals. And instead of standard oven racks, this double oven features heavy-duty roller racks-just roll the racks forward and back, rather than dragging them.

This oven has another very nice feature-a hidden bake element. The bake element is under the bottom of the oven, much like the elements on a glass-top stove. This makes for a nice, sleek look inside the oven, and wiping up spills at the bottom of the oven is a breeze. Glass touch controls give this oven a smooth look, and they're also easy to clean.


LG 30" Double Electric Oven

With 4.7 cubic feet of space in both the upper and the lower ovens in this LG Double Electric Oven set, you'll have plenty of room for cooking for a crowd. And at 30 inches wide, it will fit in almost any kitchen. It has a smooth stainless-steel finish and lots of great features.

Both the upper and the lower ovens in this set have convection systems, with four convection settings-you can choose from Convection Bake, Crisp, Roast, and Healthier Roast. It features a gliding oven rack, which makes loading and unloading the oven really easy, without burning your arm or hand. This double oven's broiler elements are recessed, and the baking elements are hidden, which gives the inside of the oven a modern look. Also, the interior of the oven is blue, which is unusual and a nice touch.

This oven features a white LCD touch-screen control panel. Even better, this oven can store up to 100 recipes for you in its recipe bank. More than forty of the recipes are pre-set, with automatic time and temperature settings. Be sure to get the extended warranty if you purchase this oven, though-the thermostat in the upper oven has been known to malfunction occasionally.

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