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Best Gluten Free Pancakes

Updated on July 16, 2014

This mix is the best I have tasted.

I have several years of experience with gluten free mixes and products now, and I can confidently tell you that Arrowhead Mills organic gluten free pancake mix is my favorite! I happened to buy it on the about-to-expire rack at my health food store, and made pancakes for my whole family.

We have tried other mixes that were similar, but this one tastes the best. When I served these pancakes to my 6-year-old son, he liked them so much that he told me he didn't need butter or syrup! Now, that's impressive! Kids usually want whatever their parents are eating, and my son is frequently disappointed when I tell him that some of the wheat free items in our house are only for me. Then, occasionally, when I finally let him taste one of them, he will shrug and say that he's going back to the regular bread or whatever item it is that he and my husband can eat but I cannot. That definitely didn't happen with these. There is an optional ingredient on the directions. You don't have to add 1 tablespoon on honey, but I did. Maybe that's part of what makes it so good, but these were really incredible.

Photo mine.  Almost ready to flip!
Photo mine. Almost ready to flip!

Very easy to use.

What you need:

The mix

Organic Almond milk or other milk

organic canola oil

egg or egg substitute

organic, local honey (optional, but I used it)

griddle or pan

something like butter to grease your pan


It's just like regular pancake mix. You combine the ingredients, spoon or pour it into the pan, wait for bubbles, and flip.

I made the recipe on the bag that says it will yield 5 pancakes, but I tend to pour mine small, in a fry pan, so I ended up with about 10 pancakes.

Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free Pancake Mix - This is it. Yum, yum, yum!

Photo mine
Photo mine

My gluten free journey

My journey with avoiding wheat and gluten has been a unique one. A few years ago, I was having lots of symptoms which I Googled, then self-diagnosed. I do not have celiac, I don't have a wheat allergy, but I am definitely sensitive. I had to argue with my doctors about it, because my test results all came up negative. But a person knows his or her own body, and I know I am very sensitive to gluten! At first, I could cheat here and there and get away with it, having relatively mild symptoms. But my symptoms grew worse over the following year or two, and now I am unable to cheat anymore. I can't tell you how many times I have had to make two separate meals at dinner time, because my husband and son want some type of "real food" that I can't eat. I usually keep a few Amy's Organic gluten free entrees or burritos on hand for just that situation.

Pancakes are something I have missed so many times. Recently, we were in the Tennessee mountains, where there are pancake houses on every corner. My husband wanted to visit one and eat pancakes, and I felt he should. I would want to do that, as well. So, we went somewhere that served a variety of foods, and I ate a chicken salad plate while he and my son ate pancakes. They were so fluffy and smelled so good, that it made me resolve to find some good pancake mix that I COULD eat. Well, I think I succeeded! I would say this mix rivals any traditional wheat pancake I ever had the good fortune of eating.

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Have you tried Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free Pancake Mix before?

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