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Best Juicer under $100 - Best Juicer for the Money

Updated on November 7, 2014

Looking for a juicer under $100? Choose the best one for the money!

If you'd like to buy a juicer while being on a budget, you're surely looking for the best juicer for the money, one that is under $100 or even under $60. I've got some great news for you - you can buy a great juicer for under 100 dollars, or even a decent one for under 60 dollars. In this article I will showcase few of the best inexpensive juicers available on the market. I won't mention any of the Jack Lalanne juicers here simply because they get quite a lot of critical reviews on sites like Amazon, so it's probably a good idea to avoid them.

Nevertheless, the choice is 100% up to you, I can only help you with finding a device that will satisfy your needs, you're the one who needs to make the decision to buy or not to buy it.

Best Juicer under $100

Breville BJE200XL
Breville BJE200XL

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt

Breville BJE200XL is a juice extractor with 700 watt one-speed motor that operates at 14 000 RPM. The juicer is easy to assemble, use and wash, both using hands and a dishwasher. It works well with juicing both fruits and vegetables (even leafy greens). Besides the juicer, you get a pitcher with a cover, so you can store the juice for later without the need of pouring it into another vessel.

If you're looking for a pretty powerful yet inexpensive juicer that should last for long and get the job done without any problems, this one is worth checking out!

Other Top Rated Inexpensive Juicers

Hamilton 67650
Hamilton 67650

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67650

Hamilton Juice Extractor 67650 is a juice extractor with one-speed 800 Watt motor. The pulp bin is quite a large one, so you can juice longer without emptying it. It also features a pitcher (without a cover). Many people reports some minor issues with this juicer such as: small pitcher, taking of the blade might be difficult or that there is too much juice in the pulp (try adding one produce at a time and don't push them down to get more juice).

All in all it's a good product, but not a fabulous juicer, so if you can afford paying additional $40, choosing Breville's juicer is in most cases the right thing to do.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth features a one-speed 800 watt motor. It has a large pulp bin, so you can juice quite a lot of veggies and fruits at a time. One thing to note when juicing large amount of veggies/fruits at a time - observe which of them clog the juicer's screen the most (e.g. carrots do that) and juice them in the end. The more clogged the screen, the more juice you lose, unless of course you'll stop juicing and clear the screen. Some people complain that there is some (only a little) pulp in the juice, but other find it nice and actually prefer it this way, it up to you.

If you'll use the juicer quite often, you'll find that the basket is getting dull and some chunks of the produces go straight to the pulp bin, so you're wasting juice. You can buy replacement basket on the manufacturer's website for under $20. If you're looking for a pretty good juicer that allows a tiny amount of the pulp into the juice, it's a good choice.

Waring JEX328
Waring JEX328

Waring JEX328 Health Juice Extractor

Waring JEX328 is one of the cheapest yet still high-rated juice extractors. Its equipped with one-speed 400 watt motor. It's parts such as the strainer, pulp collector, juice collector are dishwasher safe and the body can be wiped clean with a sponge. There are few minor flaws of this juicer: it's pretty loud and the pulp is pretty wet (lost juice). Sometimes you can find some chunks of fruits or veggies that aren't cut properly, which is also a juice loss.

It's a decent juicer if you don't plan to use it on a daily basis. If you do, I suggest spending more money and buying the Breville model, it's pay off quickly.

Which juicer is the best one for the money?

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