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Best Pizza Gifts

Updated on September 17, 2014

The Best Pizza Gifts

Give the gift of pizza or at least some items that one needs to create great pizza at home or just to celebrate the greatness that is pizza.

Be they pizza recipes or pizza stones or pizza cutters, your pizza gift will be well appreciated by the home chef who receives it. Of course this can be you too! Any chef will love getting something to enhance his or her pizza creations or pizza serving experience.

So please browse and enjoy all the pizza things you'll find!

Here is Your Ultimate Pizza and Flatbread Cookbook

500 Pizzas & Flatbreads is an extensive recipe collection reaching around the globe for inspiration.

* plenty of recipes for your beloved classic pizzas

* recipes for thick and thin crust, traditional and gourmet pizzas

* plus includes a wide range international flatbreads

* Indian naan and dosas; Moroccan chickpea flatbread; Ethiopian injeri and much more

* all recipes tested in a conventional home oven

Let's Start With 500 Pizza and Flatbread Recipes - That Should be Enough to Get You Going!

Pizza Chef


You may buy "Pizza Chef" from

Pizza Stones - Round or Rectangular - This can be a nice gift for the chef

Here are 4 different pizza stones.

The first two are set including handy pizza stone accessories.

Bialetti Pizza Stone 4 Piece set - This is the Pizza Stone that I have

Pizza Lover's Gift Set

Use this gift, that will last for years, to bake great pizzas as well as to reheat your pizza and get back the perfect crust. This pizza stone is sure to be a favorite cooking tool!

This Pizza Lover Gift Includes: -

* Pizza Crust Mix (8 Servings) - Contadina Pizza Sauce with Roma Style Tomato's 15 oz.

* Roasted Garlic Bread Spread 8 oz.

* Mozzarella Cheese Bar 4 oz. and Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Triangle 4 oz.

* Olive Vine Jacquard Kitchen Towel 18" x 28" 100% Cotton

* 3 Piece Pizza Stone Set with 12.5" Round Pizza Stone, Heavy-duty Stand/Rack w/chrome handles, and Pizza cutter.

Gourmet Pizza Making Gift Basket - Just about all the ingredients to make great pizza

Hot Italian Pizza - In the good old days at 15 cents a slice!


You may purchase this classic pizza parlor photo from

Pizza Jewelry - Charms and Necklaces - Who would have thought these pizza charms would be so popular?

Your Complete Motorized Pizza Dough Making Kit by Linea Facile

Here's everything you need to make delicious pasta and pizza at home!

* Make 800g of pasta plus pizza in minutes!

* includes electric mixer, 3 pasta accessories

* PLUS: extra large 8.5" dough roller plus pizza cutter!

* Made in Italy by Atlas Marcato

Traditional Pizza Dough and Pasta Maker

Neon Sign for Your Pizza Parlor

This vibrant multi-colored neon Pizza sign is great for all types of establishments, including your home.

* Electric sign easily plugs into regular outlets

* Neon sign is supported by metal grid.

* Dimensions: 14 H x 23 W x 4 D

Thanks for Visiting my Pizza Gift Shop

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    • waterlily78 profile image

      waterlily78 6 years ago

      Love your gift choices, great for pizza lovers!

    • love4randomness1 profile image

      love4randomness1 6 years ago

      Cool lens :) enjoyed and Squid-liked feel free to check out mine. Cheers