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The Best Travel Mugs For Cold Drinks

Updated on May 15, 2015

A Cold Drink Travel Mug Is Very Different That One Made For Coffee

It's easy to find travel mugs and it's pretty easy to find really good travel mugs but most of them are designed for hot beverages before cold beverages. Of course an insulated travel mug that keeps coffee hot will definitely keep a cold drink cold but people typically drink cold drinks faster meaning the delivery mechanism (aka, the sipping hole) doesn't need to be so protective.

Most people prefer drinking cold drinks through straws or larger openings as it allows easier access to drinks. Also, people who use the same travel mug for cold drinks as well as their coffee are more likely to experience a slight coffee taste in their cold drinks due to residue or buildup that is left behind after cleaning.

Below I've featured many of the top travel mugs for cold drinks. I've decided to no limit this page to straw cups although I believe these are best for cold beverages like tea, water, or soda.

You can also see a lit of the bestselling travel mugs here for comparison sake.

Popular Cold Drink "Straw Cup" Travel Mugs

The following travel mugs are perfect for cold beverages. They all use a the popular straw cup top differentiating them from coffee or hot beverage travel mugs.

Travel Mugs That Keep Drinks Cold For A Long Time

If you need something that is guaranteed to keep your drinks cold for as long as possible then pick up one of the following insulated tumblers. These are more frequently used for hot drinks like coffee or tea but they are more than capable of keeping drinks ice cold for the bulk of an entire day. Need to make sure baby's milk stays cold - one of these babies will keep the milk safe for a very long time so long as the container stays sealed.

Remember - Fat Straws For Smoothies

One last parting tip.

If you are looking to buy a travel mug for your smoothies make sure to shop for one that has an especially fat straw... or at least look for one that has a large opening for your won reusable straw.

Large straws make it far easier to drink smoothies without popping the lid off and drinking or scooping it out.

Most cold tumblers for smoothies will keep things cold and they won't sweat but not all have especially large drinking straws. Check this before you make any purchase.

Here is a big list of reusable drinking straws if you want some replacements or an upgrade.

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