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Best Vegan Cookbooks and Resources

Updated on September 27, 2014

Cookbooks to Inspire a Vegan Diet

Are you thinking of going vegan, or easing into it right now? The benefits of a vegan diet are real, but taking those first steps are usually the hardest. There are many resources online to help make this life transforming change. But the biggest help of all is a good Vegan cookbook to inspire your with all of the great, delicious foods that you CAN eat on your new vegan lifestyle. Check out some favorites below, as well as blogs and resources to get you started.

Since vegan cooking is not what most of us grew up with, it is best to arm yourself with a few good vegan cookbooks to get started on your new journey. The books listed below are a great introduction to the vegan diet. They are also practical in that they use everyday, inexpensive ingredients and help you to throw together quick meals that are delicious and most important, satisfying.

Vegan for Weight Loss?

There are lots of studies touting veganism as the key to weight loss. But unless you know what you are doing, going vegan does not always guarantee loosing weight. In fact, the deprivation you may feel when going vegan may cause you to indulge in sweets and other high calorie vegan foods.

Follow this plan to make sure your efforts pay off at the scale.

Vegan Cooking for those Without the Time

Too busy to go vegan? Try this cookbook filled with slow cooker recipes you can set up in the morning to ensure a healthy, filling meal in the evening.

Having dinner ready when you get home from work is a great way to ensure you don't embark on needless, calorie filled grazing before dinner. If that is your downfall, get this book.

Vegan Resources and Blogs - Get all the support you need online, any time

There are plenty of online resources to give you the tips, recipes, and support you need when making this momentous change in your lifestyle. Here are some top picks.

The hardest thing about going vegan for me is that I love to entertain, and especially to cook large meals for my family and friends. None of whom are vegan - yet. I am always reluctant to cook our vegan staples for fear that they will not enjoy them or that they won't seem "special" enough. Never fear, these cookbooks will help you put together meatless meals that will impress even the hungriest carnivore. From vegan Thanksgiving feasts to romantic dinners for two - these books have got you covered in gourmet vegan style.

With all the positive steps you are taking for your health, I think you deserve a treat! A vegan treat, that is.

Here are some cookbooks that prove that veganism is not synonymous with deprivation. Now you can have your vegan cupcake and eat it too! Enjoy!

Watch the Trailer for Forks Over Knives - If you need any more reason to go vegan, here it is.

Do you have a favorite vegan recipe? Share it here.

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