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Best Way To Cook Bacon

Updated on March 8, 2013

This Method Of Cooking Bacon Is Unequaled

Let's face it, almost everyone loves bacon! And there are many ways to prepare it, but I'm convinced that I've found the best way to cook bacon, ever!

Like most of you, I grew up with mom frying bacon in the kitchen; my memory of the smell is indelible. And who can argue with the results? Fried bacon is awesome! But then there's the smoke and the smell. While the smell of fried bacon is awesome, it also creeps into your closets and laundry, and you go to work smelling like United States of Bacon's Todd Fisher. Frying bacon is also messy and potentially painful (ever had popping fat hit your hand or arm?). So I've ruled out frying.

You can cook it on your grill if you use a tray and/or aluminum foil, but after my last attempt resulted in a dangerous flare up (grease fire) and caused me to lose an eyebrow, I gave it up. I've settled on cooking bacon in the microwave, and before you shrug your shoulders, raise an eyebrow (if you have one) or scoff and click exit, take a look at the result. I'm convinced that you'll agree- the microwave is in fact the best way to cook bacon. Let's see.

Image via Creative Commons - Matt

Why Is The Microwave The Best Way To Cook Bacon?

Let me count the reasons....

Cooking bacon in the microwave is a clean, safe and simple way to fix crunchy bacon. It's also healthier because the fat drippings fall away from the meat for you to drain off between batches; the bacon doesn't sit in the grease while cooking.

First let's consider the mess that is "frying." The stove top is covered in grease splatters, along with your utensils, towels, and anything else that is nearby. Ever gotten a grease splatter on your nice clothes, then tried and tried to get it out? Cleaning this mess was enough of a reason for me to stop cooking fried foods, but there are plenty of other reasons, too.

Secondly are the health concerns. My family hasn't fried a single thing in almost 20 years! Literally. I'm no health nut, but it's was simple to see that by making easy changes in our life that we could make a significant impact on our health. The fat drippings from the cooked bacon simply fall into the grooves of the bacon tray, away from the meat. Of course when frying bacon the meat swims in the grease until you remove it.

Third, I like the safety of the microwave bacon tray. There's no risk of splashing grease, grease fires, and certainly no flare-ups that you run the risk of with open flame cooking on the grill. The greatest risk of microwave cooking is carefully removing the tray from the oven. Be sure to keep the tray level as you remove the tray, and after taking the bacon off simply pour the fat drippings into a bowl to let it cool.

Finally, I love the way that the bacon cooked in the microwave is crunchy. Our son likes his less crunchy and so we've gotten use to cooking some bacon for a shorter amount of time so it's not quite as crunchy, but instead is soft and chewy.

Note: I've tried those bacon "racks" and for me they are as bad as frying in terms of the mess. It takes much more paper towel to cover them, and I still had to scrub the inside of my oven every time I used it. Your mileage may vary, but having used both I prefer the tray over the rack.

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Here's How To Make Awesome Bacon In The Microwave

Cooking in the microwave couldn't be more simple. First, simply lay the bacon out on the tray and then cover with a paper towel. I try to tuck one corner of the paper towel underneath the tray since our microwave tray rotates, and sometimes as it spins the towel will rub up against the side of the oven and come off.

Next, after cooking in the microwave for 2 1/2 - 3 minutes (more or less depending on your microwave and cooking temperature), take a look at the bacon and if necessary remove the tray, and then flip the meat over to ensure more even cooking.

Finally, adjust the total cooking time to match your desired texture. In general 3 - 3/1/2 minutes total cooking time per batch. Our tray holds about 5 slices of bacon (we have the Nordic shown above at Amazon) so we have to make several batches, which works out well since we're also cooking eggs and biscuits usually.

Are You A Bacon Lover, Too? - What is your favorite way to prepare bacon?

Share with us your opinion on cooking bacon, and also any tips, advice or suggestions you have for making the best bacon ever.

Is Fried Bacon Really The Best?

Are You A Bacon Fanatic? Or A Practical Joker?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hmm... Who doesn't love bacon!? :)

    • safereview profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Kansas City

      @OhMe: Hehe - A George Foreman eliminates the "swimming in fat" problem for sure, and can make some pretty good bacon. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a blessing... much appreciated!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      We cook ours using the George Foreman and think it is mighty good. I've never tried to cook it in the Microwave so will have to try that, too. Thanks for sharing the Best Way to Cook Bacon. I can almost smell it cooking off this page - Oh, never mind, that is my husband cooking bacon right now.


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