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Best Wine Rack Reviews

Updated on May 11, 2014

Introduction to Fine Wine Racks

Whether you only enjoy the occasional bottle or wine, or whether you are a fine connoisseur, you will want the perfect wine rack to store your bottles properly and make sure you're enjoying the dry or sweet (depending on your preference) taste of a good wine as opposed to vinegar then you definitely need a good wine rack. These come in a wide range of designs so you can find the simple and practical to the extremely ornate, decorative, and fancy. From simple pine wood wine racks to ornately designed cast iron wine racks - you have TONS of choices when it comes to these fine pieces of furniture. In addition, you can even go so far as finding an ideal wine cabinet to have your bottles, glasses, and everything else all together in one little area. Rea on to find out about the many different types and styles of wine racks that are available to you online - many that even come with free shipping!

Looking at Wall Wine Racks

Brief wall wine rack reviews

You might be surprised by just how many different designs there are when it comes to wall wine racks. These racks tend to be a little bit smaller than many of the more conventional designs, in large part because you don't want a lot of weight on the wall dragging on the screws, bolts, or whatever else you use to fasten these to the wall. The styles can vary greatly, such as the one in the picture which gives a good selection and is set up for simplicity, or you can look further down because you want to buy something more ornate. Many hanging wine racks designed for the wall are only built to hold three or four bottles of wine but often have intricate or decorative designs that can be very appealing to the eye and add to any kitchen, dining room, or even living room.

The type of wall wine rack you want will depend on your personal tastes as well as what you're looking for in design versus handiness of storage.

Deals on Wall Wine Racks from Amazon

Metal wall wine rack pic
Metal wall wine rack pic

Looking at Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks come in all shapes and sizes. While many of the traditional wine racks are made from cast iron or heavier metals for an on the floor placement, there are also many other options that are available. The picture to the side demonstrates how lighter metals can be used in order to design a metal wall wine rack where a few bottles can be held. This adds a decorative touch to the overall decor of a room in addition to providing an excellent place to store a couple of your favorite bottles. When looking for the various options of metal wine racks there are several things that you want to look at. One is whether you're going for heavy cast iron designs or much lighter more modern materials that will be lighter and look a little different - lighter.

You'll also want to check on materials and manufacturing. With cast iron, you know you're getting something that will be passed on from one generation to another and that will stand the test of time. On the other hand other metal wine racks that are made with lighter metals and folded much thinner in design might be preferential based on your tastes but not have the ability to endure the way the more traditional antique wine racks made from cast iron or older metal might be.

Inexpensive Metal Wine Racks from Amazon

Examining Wood Wine Racks

Reviewing the benefits of wooden wine racks

The image most people get of an old wine cellar is row after row of wooden wine racks holding bottles on their sides, always ready for easy grab to be brought up into the light of day only when it was time to enjoy their aged goodness. This does make sense from the standpoint that wine has been around not only for centuries, but even for thousands of years. Of course the earliest wine racks would be made out of wood, and why wouldn't most modern ones, as well? The actual wood designs hint at a touch of culture and sophistication, and just seem to be right when it comes to storing a large number of wine bottles.

Other benefits are obvious as well. Wood wine racks can actually come in a variety of different designs. Some people like the thin but tall racks, while other wooden wine racks can be long as an entire wall. Most wine rack plans are obviously going to favor wood since this is material that most people can get a hold of and wood working is something that anyone can learn or have experience with. Small, large, wide, or thin - wood gives a variety of options for a fine wine rack that can meet all of your storage needs.

Great Wooden Wine Racks from Amazon

The classic wood wine rack look is hard to top - and there are plenty of options available from amazon!

small counter wine rack
small counter wine rack

Small Wine Racks

Sometimes a smaller size is better

Small wine racks serve a wide variety of functions and can include a plethora of designs, as well. Designs can range from simple metal wall wine holders that are set up to be hung from the walls with only a few bottles (sometimes as few as two each depending on the design) or they can be small wood wine racks designed for the corner of a room or some unobtrusive counter space. Wood, metal, cast iron - all these materials and far more can often be used to design a wide variety of options when it comes to these types of wine racks. The biggest con for these types of designs are obviously the limit to how many bottles can be properly stored at one time but that is also countered by the fact that these can be placed in a wide variety of areas, used in an equally wide array of decorative set ups, and they do allow you to have a few of your favorite bottles within reach at all times. When put that way, how can you not like what many of these smaller wine rack designs have to offer?

Great Deals on Small Wine Racks from Amazon

These cute mini wine racks can fit around decoratively almost anywhere in your house from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Wine cabinet pic
Wine cabinet pic

Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets offer a little extra furniture option, as well

When it comes to wine cabinets, they might not all technically be the same thing as a wine rack, but there is good reason that they have been fairly popular over the years. Not only do many have some kind of wine rack built in, but the extra space can allow for storing of wine glasses, corkscrews, and other necessities for fully enjoying a good bottle of vino whenever the feeling hits. The furniture or cabinet like set up also delivers a fuller furniture effect that makes decoration even easier, especially when involving hardwood floors or other fine pieces of wood furniture that make up your room's appearance. Good wine cabinets can come in a variety of shades depending on the wood that is used to construct it and how much stain or polish is used on the final product. These can be an excellent alternative to more conventional wine racks while still fulfilling the purpose that made you want one in the first place.

High End Wine Cabinets from Amazon

Wine cabinets are wonderful pieces of furniture that can really bring class and beauty to any residence.

Inexpensive Wine Racks from eBay

Cheap wine racks from eBay can offer a great deal for buyers.

wine glass rack pic
wine glass rack pic

Wine Glass Racks

Didn't think about the glasses - did you?

If you're going to go to the effort to find the perfect wine rack, or the perfect several depending on your vino needs, While there is no problem with storing wine glasses in a cupboard, having a really nice wine glass rack not only keeps them separate and in a place where you're not likely to accidentally tip some over and break them. In addition, a good ceiling wine glass rack can also add a nice decorative touch to your kitchen area as many people find the addition beautiful and adding a good conversation piece or bit of aesthetic sophistication to what is often otherwise a relatively boring area. Having all your fine wine glasses on display in one area while the wine racks are in another can not only be a practical way of making both easily accessible but you can also design the room to show off the fact that you have the sophistication to design a fine room or dining area around both.

Looking for Wine Rack Plans?

Some of the better plans for wine racks that can be found on

Wine Rack Plans

For the do it yourself wine fan

There are many different types of wine rack plans out there, and finding the perfect match really does depend on what your specific needs are. Do you want a small wine cabinet that is decorative but holds just a few bottles out of the light, or are you going to go gung-ho like my Dad did and convert an entire basement room into your wine cellar? Depending on what you're looking for, the best blueprints or building plans for a wine rack will vary greatly between what one person needs versus what another one needs. Wine racks and cabinets vary greatly from one design to another, and so make sure to do your full homework and figure out which plans meet or don't meet your needs before you purchase some plans that turn out might not work ideally for you.

Video Wine Rack Reviews from YouTube

Need a place to hold all your classic vino.

Don't Forget Cast Iron Wine Racks!

Personally these are some of my favorites out there. I love the old school look of carefully crafted metal shaped into elegant curves and artistic designs. The picture there of a couple of cast iron wine racks used as book ends for important books from your personal library just hits me as perfect. Sophistication, culture, art, and there are few pleasures in life that can make a quiet time better than a fine wine coupled with a fine book.

Of course wine racks that are made from cast iron also come in a variety of different shapes, designs, and sizes. This also has a direct impact on the level of price since metal work of this caliber can be expensive. There's also a simple practical aspect to these pieces of decorative furniture that also come into play: cast iron is extremely heavy. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the benefits of cooking with a full set of cast iron cookware can also fully appreciate this aspect. The weight adds up quickly, so the idea of a giant cast iron wine rack that could hold dozens and dozens of bottles quickly becomes very impractical - especially when you add in the moving costs and difficulties that such a piece would take.

Still, there is a certain ornate beauty with these types of wine holders that is hard to dislike.

wine rack pic
wine rack pic

Best Selling Wine Racks (According to Amazon)

While making this lens most of my focus was on particular types of wine racks - with a specific focus on how they are made or what type of category you might put them into. After all, someone looking for a good small 5 bottle wine rack for the kitchen counter isn't going to be interested in the same type of product as someone who has an entire room of the basement dedicated simply to becoming the family wine cellar (like Dad did at the old farm house). While doing the research for what's out there, one of the little e-mail updates I received from assumed based on my search history that I had a serious drinking problem, and wanted to show off all the best selling wine racks. So I first figured, man they got my number, and then I wondered what were people really looking for and buying right now? Were they into the cast iron and old school designs like me, or has modernism won over?

The following list of Amazon products after this section actually shows the same list in the order they gave it to me, and I was fascinated to see what a large variety there was. A few simple and modern metal wine racks for wall hanging (but chrome - uh I'm still not sure you're going to win me over on that modern set up) but then you see the large classic wood wine rack with multiple shelf space and sure enough, some designer winsome wine racks to go along with a simple but effective modernistic counter rack. It's actually a pretty nice balance between variety and needs.

This also goes to show even further that a topic that might seem relatively simple at first glance like new wine racks can actually bring up a lot of debate and preference. But hey, as long as the vineyard is good and the bottles are resting on the side as they should be, why not just enjoy any one that works for you?

The Best Selling Wine Racks According to

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Let me know what you think - I'd love to know!

What's your favorite type of wine rack?

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