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Five Best Japanese Plum Wines to Try

Updated on September 9, 2009

Plum wines, unlike some other fruit wines, do not have to be served strictly with dessert. The plum wines made in Japan can be served with appetizers or light meals, depending on how sweet the wine is. A few plum wines are strictly dessert wines. The wines on the list below range from the tart to the sweet, so try a few until you find a favorite:

Kinsen Plum Wine. This is a refreshing wine that can be served with lunch or supper during the late summer months. It has a crisp plum flavor and can be combined in a cocktail with other fruity drinks. Try this plum wine with a grilled chicken salad, teriyaki, and of course, sushi.

Takara Plum Wine. This wine is made from ume plums which are native to Japan. This plum is very tart but when processed into wine, has a very sweet flavor. This can be served with appetizers, a cucumber and tomato salad, or any kind of dessert.

Fuki Plum Wine. Now here is a dessert white wine that is sweet, with the taste and aroma of the ume plums once again. It also includes the aromas of grapes, and rice wine, or sake, also popular in Japan. This can be paired with any fruit pie, chocolate pudding cake, or cheesecake.

Gekkeiken Plum Wine. The plums for this wine come from the winery in Wakayama, Japan. These plums are slightly tart with a hint of sweetness. The aroma is that of plum and rice, which makes this wine perfect for serving with meals. This will go well with both Japanese and American food plus any ethnic food that is not too spicy.

Kinsen Plum Wine. This is a sweet plum wine made in Japan. The aroma includes plum, orange, cherry, and rice. Ume plums are used in the making of this wine, which are by far the most popular plums in Japan. Try this with a dessert dish or fruit salad.


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    • profile image

      Burena 3 years ago

      The tastiest plum wine I have ever had was introduced to me by an authentic japanese restaurant where I worked in Atlanta, GA. It is called Kokuto umeshu and it is a dessert plum wine.

    • profile image

      J Cooper 4 years ago

      Does anyone know the cost of Atarashii Plum wine?

    • profile image

      Lucy 4 years ago

      You guys messed up; you have 2 Kinsen plum wines with different definitions.

    • profile image

      Erika 5 years ago

      Kayuki Gold Plum Wine is probably what you are looking for. It is my favorite & the bottle & color are as you are describing. Good luck.

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      I'm having some Choya plum wine this very moment. I bought it at a Korean store called Super G. There is also a Super H which is very similar. Go to google click shopping and there will be a list of stores where you can order. If you have a pan-Asian, Korean or Japanese grocery near you try them first as the shipping cost is about the same price as the wine. The plum is called ume. They are also used to make the exceedingly sour and salty umeboshi, a Japanese pickle. Many Japanese eat one a day as a tonic. The Choya bottle has 5 ume plums which are quite edible.

    • profile image

      Gailsunday 6 years ago

      Thank you Wanderer,and Jon for your responses.

      Followed your link Wanderer, none of those looked as I described, the bottle was clear cut wedges, in a kind of octagonal sided bottle...pretty...with a neck capped not corked....the wine, the color of orange blossom honey, very clear.

      Jon, where can one find choya plum wine, and this may seem silly (lol)but a wine called Fuki plum, is "Fuki" the name of a plum?

      If either of you, with you so much appreciated responses, have more thoughts regarding this wine I described in first post, please inform me, and anyone else who may have a clue to finding the remarkable wine, PLEASE, by all means contact me. Thanks again!!!

    • profile image

      jon 6 years ago

      the name your looking for is choya plum wine

    • profile image

      Wanderer 6 years ago

      Gailsunday, did it look anything like any of these? -

    • profile image

      Gailsunday 6 years ago

      I am looking a Japanese plum wine I had decades ago, and just cannot forget, it was SO GOOD! None of the plum wines I find on any sites are came in a clear cut glass bottle, which was really pretty...the wine itself was a bright gold color, and it adhered to the wine glass like a liqueur, the label on the bottle was black, I think the lettering was white, not sure. It was called Fuki Plum,and can't recall the label name, alas. I have found it only once, bought one bottle, was so good, I went back to the store intending to buy all I could, but there was only one bottle left! Now they have Fuki plum in the black bottle, not nearly as good by any means, is thin doesn't coat the glass, pale gold...the other was like drinking nectar. The BEST WINE I have ever Had! This was on Oct. 31st, 1977. Anyone know where I can find this wine? Would be so pleased! Thanks,