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World's Best Kept Pop Corn Secret

Updated on March 11, 2014

Wow! Now THIS Is Pop Corn!

I am cutting way back on yeast foods and yeast producing foods. My whole body gets itchy and that is because I am susceptible to yeast build up. My doctor calls it "Feeding the yeast". So giving up yeast producing food is worth it.

But then there is popcorn. I love popcorn. I even like bad, stale or old popcorn. I buy this mix with cheddar cheese and caramel corn together. Yum...what a flavor with both in the mouth at the same time.

Even though I know that plain popcorn is starchy, which means that it will be yeast producing, well, I love it. I have cut down a lot though, until today when Lyndah told me this secret.....

Here Is the Popcorn Secret of a Lifetime!

We weren't even talking about food, but suddenly Lyndah started talking about the right way to make popcorn. She said that the key is moisture. It was steam building up that makes the pop, and the more steam, coming from moisture. However, like most of what we buy in the stores, what we put into the pan is very, very dry. (I am not even going to talk about microwave, which has all that gunk, but not true moisture)

She always soaks the popcorn in water about a 1/2 hour before popping, its as simple as that. Well, not quiet that simple, you can also jazz it up by steeping herbs and spices or just about any flavor you want to the water in which you soak the corn.

Its really is that simple. She uses a pan on the stove, I use a Waring pop corn popper which simulates that method.

Oh, yes and I tried it today. Since I am worried about the yeast situation, and since I love the flavor of coconut, I soaked my corn in coconut water as coconut is the enemy of yeast. I know it wasn't enough that I could be able to eat a lot of popcorn, but I felt better.

And it was the fluffiest popcorn I have ever had! Yum!

You have not tasted popcorn like this. And you must, you simply must.

I use coconut oil in the pan because coconut oil, olive oil and peanut oil are the only cooking oils that are not transfats. You can heat them up as much as you want and no transfats. Plus which, it tastes good. I soaked my corn in coconut water and the two combined made a faint coconut flavor to my corn. You can read more about the miracle of coconut here

I thought about butter, real butter, but didn't. It would be OK, though.

Cook time: 1 hour 10 min
Ready in: 1 hour 10 min
Yields: As many as you want


  • Quality popping corn
  • Water
  • plain or flavored
  • Coconut
  • olive or peanut oil
  • Herbs
  • spices or other natural flavoring as desired (experiment
  • have fun!)
  • If you want to make kettle corn you can add sugar to the water.


  1. If you are using plain water or coconut water, soak corn for 30-60 minutes.
  2. If you are using herbs or spices in the water, steep that as you would tea.
  3. Melt coconut oil into the pan or popper, or pour olive oil.
  4. Keep pan moving when the corn is in, or let the popper do it.
  5. If you choose top with butter, real butter and salt.
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Warning: Don't Try This!

Thinking that if someone is good, more of it is better, I soaked my popcorn over night. Guess what? Water logged pop corn doesn't pop! Well some will, but I have never seen smaller corn in my life.

Don't Do That! 1/2 hour to 1 hour tops!

How Do You Like Your Pop Corn?

Which Pop Corn Is Your Favorite?

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What Is the Secret to Huge, Fluffy Popped Kernels? Soak the Pop Corn in Water, Preferably Flavored, Water

What Is the Secret to Huge, Fluffy Popped Kernels? Soak the Pop Corn in Water, Preferably Flavored, Water
What Is the Secret to Huge, Fluffy Popped Kernels? Soak the Pop Corn in Water, Preferably Flavored, Water

Are you going to try this?


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