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Making a Black Cat and Other Coffee Drinks

Updated on March 16, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat enjoys cooking and was once a hot-foods worker in a previous life. She enjoys passing on tips for home chefs of all levels.

Welcome coffee lovers!

I came up with the Black Cat as a more affordable option to the ever popular chocolate latte drinks. Here the fancy store-bought drinks go for five bucks and up (plus tax), so I save more than twenty five bucks a week. That's the sweetest treat of all.

I've included other drinks too, all with a cat theme. I love cats and have five of my own. Somehow they used cat ju-ju on me and this page became very cat themed. This page also donated 100% of the first two years of earnings to the ASPCA! Thanks to all the visitors for your help.

Here one of my own fur babies, Shadow, mugs for the camera. A nicer shot than the escape, at least for this page. Hey, you can always let me know in the comments. Oh, all the drink photos are by me too.

Please note: A lot of experts warn against letting your cat drink coffee. I feel the occasional, and I mean occasional lick or two does no harm, but no giving kitty an entire mug, OK?

As always, all pictures and written content are my original work. Videos are used for entertainment purposes only. If you are the original copyright holder and want credit and a link, please contact me.

Can I make fresh brewed coffee an easier way?

Yes, and it is a green choice

Yes you can. Try what is called a French press. It only has a small glass or plastic body and a lid with the press attached to it. Just pour in your hot or boiling water (read your press directions to make sure it won't crack) and set the lid on with the press above the coffee and water.

When it has brewed, usually five minutes or so, press the knob of the press down SLOWLY. A good one forms a pressure pocket that will explode coffee upward if you press too fast. Then enjoy your coffee.

The French press can be a green choice. No machine to plug in and the coffee grounds nourish plants. You won't be buying coffee filters, or needing a tiny trash can with a plastic bag on the counter. Plus, it can brew any coffee in the world. Packaged, freshly ground, or prepacked in a filter bag. This means no multiple machines gobbling up electricity and your money.

The French Press is also inexpensive and can last a lifetime. It won't overheat and burn the house down or bubble coffee all over the counter either. They travel easily, so coffee purists can stow them in a travel bag to get that at home taste wherever they are.

NOTE: Since we have a cat theme, please remember coffee grounds are not safe for cats or dogs. Most won't bother them, but it is something to be aware of.

Coffee Talk: How to Use a French Press

Using Syrups

Today it is fairly easy to find a syrup in almost any flavor, or for that matter, alcohol content. Here are some quick tips to keep that coffee excellent.

Sounds cheesy, but you get what you pay for. I just picked up some flavored syrups at the dollar store, and haunt dollar bins in Target at Christmas time. It tastes fine for me, but it certainly is not the quality of a more expensive syrup. The difference in price? Dollar bottles tend to pour like water. The good stuff is an actual syrup.

Read and follow the directions. A lot of flavors can sneak up on you as a note that comes after the coffee flavor. Use enough to taste it instead of the coffee and you may hate the following notes. You may feel fairly ill too.

Read the labels before purchase. You may have an allergy to an ingredient. Example is that hazelnut a safe mock flavor or a dangerous dose of the real thing?

Lastly, if you are going for an alcohol laced syrup keep it locked away from kids and pets. Your cat may like the smell or flavor but it isn't safe for her. She just can't metabolize the alcohol like you can. Remember no matter what alcohol is classified as a poison in a lot of psych 101 textbooks.

African Cat

Happily you don't need a passport to meet this cool cat.

You'll need:


Black Coffee

Brew some strong black coffee, use salt to taste. This is a traditional way to serve coffee in Ethiopia. Use butter instead of salt if you like, another fine African tradition. Yes, coffee originated in Africa. The city folks do use plenty of sugar, but no one uses milk.

A coffee ceremony takes hours. You really shouldn't leave until your third cup. That is the blessed one. Find out more at this cool site. Any country where you drink coffee for hours is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. That's what I say.

Angrboda’s Cat
Angrboda’s Cat

Angrboda’s Cat

Like the powerful Nordic Goddess, Angrboda’s Cat prowls the Iron Woods. Strong and fiercely independent, she is a ruler of all she surveys. This coffee drink is perfect who those who like their chocolate and coffee together.

You’ll need:

Two cups of French Press Coffee

One Tablet Abuelita Chocolate

One Mayan Cocoa Spice Teabag

Brew coffee full strength with tea bag. When brewed, pour in a pot over chocolate tablet, stirring until the chocolate is completely melted. Serve hot.

Bengal Cat

Some cats come and some cats go, but Bengal Cat is a royal sort of cat that wraps himself around you with a full bodied purr. This coffee drink not only combines his beloved Bengal Spice tea with his favorite French Press decaf, it also transforms the two simple ingredients into a heavenly sip that is not only naturally decaffeinated, but an indulgence that may remind some drinkers of a spiced and full bodied holiday coffee.

You'll Need:

One Bengal Spice teabag

Three tablespoons of Decaf Coffee

One large French Press

Bring water to boil, in meantime, add one Bengal Spice bag to your large French Press and add in three level teaspoons on decaf coffee. This will be a lot less coffee than some folks are used to, but it makes a great evening blend for when you want a cup but even full strength decaf jangles your nerves.

Pour boiling water over coffee and tea bags, brew to desired strength, I like to give it five minutes or until I can smell the aroma of the tea, then pour. You'll know you've got it right when it is a silky smooth yet full-bodied brew that will blow the doors off the local coffee house's pricey holiday blend. And don't be surprised if that humble tea bag brings out hidden chocolaty or even fruity notes in your favorite ground coffee.

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, Bengal Spice, Caffeine Free, 20 Tea Bags (Pack of 6)
Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, Bengal Spice, Caffeine Free, 20 Tea Bags (Pack of 6)
I love this naturally decaffeinated tea on its own, or of course, using a bag as a way to make Bengal Cat coffee. I also use it to make Mexican spiced tea and other goodies so it's great to have several boxes on hand. And, of course, it gives you a treat to brew up in the evening or for the tea drinker in your life.

Bastet Have Mercy

Ever try to go off caffeine all at once? You'd put your head through a brick wall if it would stop the pain. Better to taper off then. This drink is also a good cure for migraines as the combined caffeine content will help restrict the blood vessels or something clever like that.

You can of course pray to your chosen deity for forbearance as you see fit.

You'll need:

one heaping teaspoon coffee granules


cherry syrup


Put cherry syrup, coffee granules, and cherries as desired in a tall glass. Pour in Coke slowly, as this foams up quickly. You can stir in the coffee and foam, the foam isn't going anywhere. Refresh with more Coke as needed.

Black Cat

Compares to a chocolate latte with whipped cream

You'll need

coffee (instant, brewed or espresso)

cream or milk

whipped cream

chocolate sauce

black cat-shaped sprinkles

Optional: sweetener

Tip: Espresso is just coffee brewed with less water. You don't need an expensive press.

1) Taking your brewed coffee, add sweetener (sugar, Splenda) and cream or milk to taste. A great cup of coffee makes a killer Black Cat.

2) Top with whipped cream, then add chocolate syrup on top of whipped cream. Some will go down into the coffee, that's OK.

3) Top with black cat-shaped sprinkles.

You're done.

Tip: Add a little cinnamon for a Red Cat, caramel topping instead of chocolate for a Tabby Cat, or chocolate shavings and heavy cream for a Fat Cat.

FYI: The traditional latte has twice as much milk as coffee.

WARNING: Cream may be OK, but chocolate can be deadly to cats. So no sharing if you have the chocolate mixed in.

Black Cat Sprinkles and other Treats

Bridgette's Cat

This was made as an offering and is connected to Maxine's Mountain. It is for offerings, and to take away sorrows. The dark colors connected to Mamman Bridgette, lady of the cemetery. The drink is the strongest thing you'll find here, the closest to wine I can get. A good drink if you are feeling somber as it somewhat mimics sparkling red wine.

You'll need:


pomegranate/grape juice

You can find a blended juice like I did, which makes this drink a snap. Fill champagne flute or wine glass halfway with juice. Then top with Coke. This sat as an offering for about half an hour before I tasted it. Wonderful! Good thing it is a mocktail as I downed it in two swallows. I'm maudlin in my grief at times, OK?

But this is a happy page, gosh darn it, so onwards and upwards!

Caramel Kitten

This lovely drink is like having a cute little kitten to snuggle with. Make it in a small cup for more decadence.

You'll need:

Caramel Syrup

Vanilla Syrup

Instant coffee

Powdered creamer

Equal or sugar to taste

Whipped Cream

Put coffee instant creamer and sugar or sugar substitute in cup. Add just a splash of both syrups. Pour in boiling water, stir. Top with whipped cream, add a dash of caramel syrup for kitten stripes if desired.

I had to add whipped cream three times to get the shot. It kept melting too fast.

Oh yes, it made the drink better.

Catnip Iced Latte


This tension taming tea is as simple as brewing a tea bag.

You'll need:

1 catnip tea bag




1) Brew the catnip tea.

2) Serve over the ice, mixing in milk and sugar as desired. Catnip is so easy to grow you may want a patch of it to steep fresh leaves. If using fresh catnip just double the amount, say two teaspoons of fresh leaves for one latte.

Needless to say, you feline family may demand some to share. Which is OK. Some cats like to steal the teabags and will even drink right out of the cup.

Chocolate Bombay

This drink will take more prep than any other, but it is certainly worth it. It has an eleghant look that shows of all your hard work in a sophisticated manner. Shadow had to pitch in and help me figure out a name. I can only report that it is an elegant drink and very versatile. Perfect for when the weather hits the 80s and 90s or beyond.

You'll Need:

Drink Glass

Ice Cube Tray




Hazelnut Syrup


Chocolate Protein Powder

Prepare you coffee as usual. This is where you use the sweetener and hazelnut syrup. Test coffee, making sure it is a perfect cup. Then pour into ice cube tray and freeze overnight. The next day you might need a small stream of warm water on the back of the tray to convince the cubes to come out.

Crush these in the blender with just enough milk for the consistency you want, adding the chocolate protein powder at this time. You could make it much smoother, but the consistency shown here melts nicely into a heavenly drink, and could be sipped through a straw.

Remember to keep your cat away from the chocolate and coffee.

PS I know, Bombays don't come in chocolate. It is a play on chocolate bombe.

Chocolate Hisses

Compares to Mexican Hot Chocolate

You'll need:

2 packets instant hot chocolate mix

8 oz hot water

a pinch of chili powder

milk to taste

large mug

Optional: marshmallows or whipped cream

1 ) Mix the hot chocolate powder and chili powder,

and then add the hot water.

2) Add milk to taste.

3) Add marshmallows, whipped cream, or other topping if desired.

This drink is extremely decadent and should leave you with an overall feeling of warmth. Unless you drink way too much and overdo the chili powder. Then you may want to fight the whole world.

Dennis Mewman

Dennis Mewman loves two things, coffee and working out in the weight room. But how could he get his java jolt and not turn into a tubby tabby from all the cream and sugar? Easy! He blended two of his fave substances on earth and came up with this boosted protein drink, Dennis Mewman would like to remind those with heart conditions or high blood pressure to go easy on this one.

You'll need:

A scoop or two of chocolate protein powder

Teaspoon (or more) of instant coffee granules


Add one cup of water to blender, adding coffee granules first. Add protein shake according to directions, frappe until well blended, serve chilled. PS Yes, the drink was inspired by Dennis Newman. Find his inspirational story HERE.

Hepcat Soda

Hepcat loves his coffee and listening to beat poetry. He dresses in black, quotes French existentialists and digs the artistic underground. But every so often he sneaks out to Route 66 to get his kicks at a greasy spoon. He loves the floats there. In a happy way, not a dismal existential way, you dig? But he calls this a soda 'cause it washes away the grime of our empty culture, daddio.

You'll need:


Instant Coffee

Vanilla soft serve or icecream

1 ) Place coffee granules on bottom of soda glass.

2) Add vanilla soft serve.

3) Pour in Coke. Serve with spoon and bottle of Coke on side if desired.

Small bottles, not two liters please. Hepcat loves this drink because you get coffee flavor and a float at the same time. Too many will make you loose your cool though.

Holy Mole Cat

You'll need:

Instant Mexican coffee


Chili Powder

Chocolate Syrup or Mexican Chocolate

Optional: Sweetener

Holy Mole cat loves everything about Mexicana cuisine. He also loves coffee, so he came up with a drink that combine two flavors he loves, coffee and mole sauce. To make his drink he combines the coffee granules, chili powder, cinnamon, and sweetener then adds boiling water.

If he was using a bit of shaved chocolate he'd add it before the water, but syrup after is just fine. The resulting coffee has notes of cinnamon and chili powder as well as the lovely coffee taste he craves.

Isis Cat

This drink is a literal offering to the goddess Isis. It couldn't be more simple, and milk is a traditional offering to Isis. Why an Isis cat? The cat-headed goddess Bastet's name literally means soul of Isis! Enjoy!

You'll need:


whipped cream

Nile blue sprinkles

Pour milk into glass, top with whipped cream, add a light dusting of blue sprinkles. Blue and white are two favorite colors of Isis. Serve with a straw or spoon.

Kitty Takes Manhattan

Sometimes a cat just wants to chill and with this cool drink in her paw Kitty can do just that. Keep in mind Kitty is a fictional kitty looking a lot like a seal point Siamese furry for some reason and she hangs out in all the swankest clubs.

You'll need:

Half and half

One Tablespoon of instant coffee

Chilled sparkling water (That's club soda, hon)


Four or five chocolate morsels

Put instant coffee, sweetener and half and half in the bottom of a 16 oz glass. Pour in a little bit of chilled sparkling water, stir. Add sparkling water to fill glass, but be careful as it can foam over. Speaking of which the foam is the best part. Sneak four or five chocolate morsels in just because, serve with spoon. You'll need it to eat the yummy, slightly melted, coffee-infused morsels when you are done drinking.

Ko Ko's Cocktail

This drink was inspired by a scene in Braun's The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern. The ingredients were changed slightly to match what was on hand. I can testify that any nearby cats will demand some of the half and half quite loudly. I'd serve this with the bottle and nutmeg beside.

You'll Need:

half and half

Small Ginger Ale


champagne flute

Pour in a good splash of half and half, add ginger ale slowly. Top with a dash of nutmeg. You may stir if you wish. The foam is fun to eat, but if you wait it will turn into a superb drink. Add more ginger ale and nutmeg as desired.

Little Kitten's First Trick or Treat

Little kitten is so excited! She is going out Trick or Treating tonight! Mommy cat insisted on a good dinner and said she'll have a surprise ready when little kitten and Daddy cat return. This drink will be all hot and waiting for both the little kitten and mommy and daddy will get one too.

This warm drink combines hot cocoa with the flavor of pumpkin spice creamer. A perfect treat to have ready for the kids and adults after a night of Tricks and Treats. For larger amounts, use a pot on the stove, but maintain the fifty/fifty combo of milk and creamer.

You'll Need:

Two Percent Milk

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

One Package Instant Cocoa

Orange Sugar Sprinkles

Black Sugar Sprinkles

Green Sugar Sprinkles

Whipped Cream

Fill a hottle half way with two percent milk, adding pumpkin creamer in equal amount. Heat in microwave until the milk concoction is steaming hot, bot not boiling. Put contents of coca packet in mug, add steamed milk and mix. Top with whipped cream, and sugar sprinkles in each color as desired.

Mary's Cat

Mary's Cat loves to be loved. She has a melodious purr, and a soothing presence. This drink is superb for when you need some extra loving care, as nothing replaces honey as a tonic. She is of course, the famous mother cat who was at the birth of Christ. Hearing the cold Child's wail, her heart overflowed with a mother's love.

Having kittens of her own, she knew just what to do. She jumped carefully into the rude crib and snuggled next to the Divine Child, chirping for her kittens to join her in surrounding Him with loving, purring warmth. For her loving devotion and motherly care, Mary placed the M mark on her head all tabbies carry today.

You'll need:

Instant or brewed coffee

Milk or cream

3-4 tsp honey

Optional: sweetener

Make coffee as usual, adding honey to the piping hot brew. Stir to make sure it dissolves, then add creamer or milk. You may need one or two of your usual sweeteners as this drink is more soothing than sweet.

Maxine's Mountain

Named in honor of my darling sweet Maxine, whom I had to put up for adoption. I'll love and miss her forever, but c'est la vie. All the things here were the favorites of my dearest one, so the drink is named for her. Miss you to bits, sweetie. If you were still here with me, I'd make you one just for you.

You'll need:

Whipped cream in a can

instant or brewed coffee

1 tbs hazelnut powdered creamer

Brew coffee, adding powdered creamer, adjust to your taste. Now slowly add a mountain of whipped cream. It is fine if you do this a couple of times as it melts as it adds to the decadence. Served in a huge cup as shown here, your own cat could certainly go to town on the whipped cream at least.

Mrs. Claws

Mrs. Claws never gets a day off. Santa Claws always needs inspiration, help in the toy shop, and those elves need tending too. If she isn't baking cookies, there are letters to answer, because this special lady does indeed get mail. At the end of the day she wants all the Christmas flavors she loves.

Cocoa, peppermint and eggnog come together in a merry dance fit for the undisputed queen of Christmas. Who do you think taught Santa to shop anyhow?

You'll need:

One packet instant cocoa with marshmallows


Mini peppermint marshmallows

Whipped Cream

Make cocoa as desired, adding eggnog on top. Stir. Top with whipped cream, and peppermint marshmallows. You'll get the taste of peppermint, whipped cream, and the lovely cocoa eggnog combination.

Mrs. Murphy

Yes, this was inspired by a scene from the latest Sneaky Pie Brown novel, The Big Cat Nap. Also by a chance meeting. I had no idea some folks can't have coffee, even decaf, for medical reasons. So here's one for you.

You'll need:

Peach tea bags

decaf tea bags

canned oranges

syrup from can

Brew peach and decaf tea, using four bags per quart of water. I use a three quart pitcher, so I use eight decaf and four peach tea bags. Chill in fridge. When cool, pour a nice tall glass, mixing in some of the syrup from the can and a few of the tiny orange slices. Enjoy!

A scan of my own copy. Enjoy!

New Orleans Cat

New Orleans cat is one handsome tom. With his dashing good looks and tuxedo coat, he has the ladies swooning. He also woos tourists with the best drink in the city; chicory! New Orleans cat will fib a bit and call it coffee so they will try it, but chickory is much smoother, has no caffeine, and can be used straight or mixed fifty-fifty with your favorite ground coffee. This version is all chicory, but feel free to tweak.

Note: New Orleans cat suggests you invest in a tea ball, tiny bamboo tea strainer or bulk empty tea bags if going for the single cup route. Otherwise, tuck it into your coffee maker and brew as usual.

PS Check your local store for chicory in the coffee aisle. The brand in my area comes straight from New Orleans, giving back to one of the best cities on the planet.

You'll need:

One teaspoon chicory

Strainer, tea ball or french press

Optional: sweetener

Optional: cream, milk, etc.

Put chicory in tea ball, add boiling water, let steep for five minutes. You can add chicory or brew time for more strength. Try it before you sweeten or add milk, but it stands up just as well as coffee beans do to your favorite flavors.

Nurse Rosey

Rosey was a loving little calico. Whenever anyone in the house was sick, she would sit with them, purring out her love. The cat always seemed to send out pure love and healing energy to each of her patients.

This drink is dedicated to that sweet cat, who was also called Florence Nightingale for her utter devotion to duty. She would not play, touch catnip, or leave her charge's side, until they were well again.

You'll need:

Instant or brewed coffee

Honey to taste

Lemon to taste

Optional: sweetener

Brew coffee as usual, add honey to taste, and lemon as well. Honey and lemon both have healing powers, due to being packed with vitamins and other natural goodies. Honey is a natural remedy that fights bacteria, and lemon has high levels of vitamin C. C for cat? Maybe!

Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan

This is one chipper cat and with her go-to coffee beverage of choice you can see why. Freshly brewed on a daily basis, this smart kitty blends coffee, matcha green tea powder, clementine peel and spices. And as this cat is always on the go she can put this together, go do her roadwork and come back to the purrfect brew.

You'll Need:

Cafe Bustelo Coffee

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Clementine Peel





Put all ingredients in the portions you like in a French Press, making sure to find a ratio you can live with. You may want to go light on the matcha for example, until you get used to it. Cover with boiling water and put the lid on. Leave to brew while you go off and do your roadwork on the treadmill or road, then come back for a super reward.

Patty's Minty Bliss

Our sweet Patty is 100% Irish, at least on St. Patrick's day. He knows everyone has mint-flavored something on that day. Maybe it goes back to lamb with mint, that mints are green, or shakes and ice cream with mint are green, therefore a good food for this day. All he cares about is it is sweet, creamy and delicious.

You'll need:

Instant Coffee granules

1 scoop Chocolate Chip Mint Ice cream

Optional: sweetener

Put scoop of ice cream in mug, pour coffee granules on top. Use the same amount you would for one cup of coffee. If you want a sweeter treat, add sweetener. Then pour in boiling water slowl, pausing to mix the melting ice cream into the water. You'll wind up with a minty, chocolate-kissed coffee drink. You can always zap this in the microwave for several seconds if it isn't as hot as you'd like.

Pumpkin Spice Cat

Pumpkin Spice cat is all about fall. She loves Halloween and just the thought of a pumpkin spice lattes makes her purr in delight. This drink omits the whipped topping but still gives you that lovely flavor. Her trick? Seasonal creamers in dry or liquid form. At a fraction of the cost you won't endure long lines, or customers in a huff when the local barista runs out of pumpkin syrup.

Tip: Powders can last a long time, perfect for a mid-winter or early spring pumpkin spice treat. Just check those expiration dates.

You'll need:

One teaspoon chicory

Pumpkin spice coffee creamer

Optional: Sweetner

Brew chickory as desired, add pumpkin creamer, and sweeten if desired.

Royal Jaguar

There is no cat more revered in Aztec and Mayan lore, and he is known the world over for his strength and courage. Even warriors and kings seek the power of this cat, and he will make the journey through life at your side, a protective guardian with unmatched ferocity. This coffee has a definite power behind it, with smoky as well as fruity notes and a strong, full-bodied flavor with hints of chocolate.

You'll Need:

Large French Press

Three Tablespoons of Ground Coffee

One Mayan Cocoa Spice Teabag

Put the coffee and teabag into the French Press then brew the coffee and teabag for at least five or six minutes, keeping in mind that the longer the brew the stronger the tea flavor comes through. Pour, and enjoy the full-bodied flavor that delivers a smooth energy. Note: You may certainly brew to your desired strength, if so one tea bag per every three tablespoons of coffee will do the trick.

I love the aroma of this coffee, it definitely takes you to another place of tropical forests and hidden secrets.

Santa Claws

This world famous cat flies through the air on Santa's sleigh every year. He brings toys to good cats and kittens everywhere. Be a North Pole kind of cat, he likes his drinks to have a Christmas kick. This version is non-alcoholic as both Santa Claws and I have enough problems keeping all four paws on the ground. Remember, as Santa Claws purrs: "Alcohol and cats do not mix!"

You'll Need:



Whipped Cream

Fix your coffee as usual substituting eggnog for milk or cream. Top with whipped cream. Compares to one of those fancy eggnog coffees at a lot lower price. Fact is, for the price of the largest one at a certain coffee place, you can buy a carton of eggnog. That's enough to power a whole office party or family gathering. Life is good.

Santa Muerte's Cat

Cat of the deepest teachings, companion to Santa Muerte, this black cat glides its way through the starry night, carrying a bold message, that given the right tools via spices, even the most humble decaf can compete with a full bodied roast. This blend takes the smooth holiday profile of the Bengal Cat and gives it a fuller bodied, smokier flavor with the addition of cloves and other spices. A great drink to start gearing down towards the end of the day it also carries the darker coloring we java junkies crave that signals pleasure.

You'll Need:

Three Level Teaspoons of Decaf coffee

Three Shakes of Cinnamon

Three Shakes of Cloves

Three Shakes of Nutmeg

Three Shakes of Ginger

One Bengal Spice Teabag

Put coffee, spices and teabag in a large French Press, add boiling water and brew as long as desired, but around six minutes to start. Just like the misunderstood goddess turned folk saint herself, this coffee can stand up to whatever you can thow at it, so it's a prefect base for your favorite sweetener or other coffee add ins such as syrups or cream. And you may certainly brew it with more coffee, just keep the ratios the same for the perfect cup.

Sigyn’s Cat

Like the Norse Goddess Herself, this cat enjoys being around her family, she’s loving, extremely loyal, and of course, creative when pampering her family. Whether as a sweet treat for your own Goddess or yourself, this coffee drink is sure to please coffee fans who don’t like their desert coffee overly sweet.

You’ll need:

French Press Coffee

Strawberry Ice Cream

Put the ice cream into a fancy cup, pour the French press coffee on top, pouring slowly and directly onto the ice cream. Let melt, blend. The best part are the heated strawberry bits that soak up the coffee and it isn’t overly sweet.

Queen of Boston

This is like Boston coffee, but a lot better for your health.

You'll need:


skim milk

Splenda or other non calorie sweetener

Optional: spring of mint or catnip

Make as you would your regular coffee. The fresh catnip can be a garnish or add a minty flavor to the coffee.

Witches' Cat

Just in time for Samhain, our witches' cat saunters up. A little sweet, some bitter, a bit of magical mystery. I wouldn't call this an offering, but a great take on a mocktail, yes? Before you flame, I am indeed Wiccan, Blessed Be!

You'll need:

Diet or regular Mountain Dew

1 Sugar in the Raw packet per drink

1 teaspoon of instant coffee per drink

1)) Wet rim of glass and roll or tap into sugar. The Sugar in the Raw has a wonderful brown color.

2) Pour any unused portion of the packet into the bottom of your drink glass.

3) Spoon in coffee granules.

4) Slowly, and I mean slowly, pour in Mountain Dew.

As you can see this drink will foam up right away with a wonderful brown color from the coffee granules. There will be tiny bits of melted coffee grains mixed in, that's wonderful don't stir, OK? It is sort of sweet, but bitter too. Serve with a spoon and enjoy that foam. You could have a little decanter of soda or milk to the side for guests as well.

Yum Yum's Yum Yum

Inspired by my love of the delightful Yum Yum, Ko Ko's partner in feline detection. I've always wanted to try something with cream or half and half, and this turned out fantastic. It looks a lot like a siamese cat, complete with creamy tones and chocolate points.

You'll Need:

Half and Half

20oz Coke


drink glass

Pour in a generous splash of half and half. Add Coke. Dust with nutmeg. You can mix or leave as is. Top off with nutmeg and coke as desired. The mixed drink gets quite a pop from the nutmeg.

Got comments? Suggestions? Tips on helping cats or other rescue stories? Post them here.


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Author Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. (Privacy Policy)
ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)
ClickscoThis is a data management platform studying reader behavior (Privacy Policy)