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Updated on September 3, 2013

Isn't a blintz some kind of Jewish burrito?

A blintz [BLIHNTS] is as a crepe-like pancake that is folded around a filling, most often cheese-based.

Blintzes are associated with Eastern European and Jewish cooking, and can be made either sweet or savory. In the US, they are often served as a breakfast food, as a brunch item or as a dessert.  Here are lots of options and recipe variations for this versatile dish.

I hope you find them delicious!

I once had a "blintz off" in college. It was near the end of freshman year, and it was me and Travis, going head to head with our mom's recipes. The judges were a bunch of people who never eaten them in their lives, like my Japanese-American roommate. Really, it's a great way of leveling the playing field. I won due to the other guy's home recipe having a salty taste when eaten plain whereas mine was neutral with a hint of sweetness. Yay for my Mom and her recipe!

Making Your Own Blintzes - They say the right tool makes all the difference when doing a job

Blintzes for a big breakfast or brunch are best prepared the day or night before. We used to do them that way when I was a kid, with a little assembly line. First you mix up the filling, as it can just keep in a bowl in the fridge. Then you make your crepes. These are best fresh, so the night before is really about as early as you want to go with these. You can also make the batter and make the crepes as needed during brunch, but then you still have to cook them, so you might want to save the time of having to make them.

So, as my mom made crepes, I could help by making blintzes. You take each crepe, put a generous dollop or two of filling in it (depending on your crepe size) and then you fold it over. It's a lot like a burrito in that you fold one side of the crepe over the filling, then fold in each of the two ends, then roll the whole thing over onto the last side that is sticking out.

Despite photograph evidence to the contrary, a blintz should NOT be rolled up like a cannoli, fajita or eggroll, which is to say, it's not rolled up as a cylinder with the ends open. As you gently fry blintzes before serving, opens ends don't work. They let the filling spill out and burn onto your frying pan.

When folded up, blintzes are like little pillows, and they line up nicely in a broad baking dish which you can keep in the fridge overnight. Then, you just fry them up as needed right before serving.

Blintz Basics - History and recipes

Oy, we could go on and on about blinztes.... it would make you deaf! Instead, here are some nice web sites to look at.

You'll find blintz history along with many recipes and blintz suggestions here.

The Worst Blintzes I Ever Ate - A confession

blintzes with sour cream and jam, photo by Relache
blintzes with sour cream and jam, photo by Relache

Obviously, the best blintzes in the world are my mom's.

I mean, it's the blintz taste that I learned first and you just don't shake a thing like that. All my good blintz experiences touch on that keystone somehow and because of that, they just don't stay memorable. Good blintzes are just a warm, happy feeling, like when you're full of them.

However, I can clearly and distinctly recall the worst blintzes I've ever eaten in my life. I kinda feel bad, but at the same time, I'm driven to help others avoid what I felt was a repulsive experience. The worst blintzes I've ever eaten in my life were the ones made by All You Knead on Haight Street in San Francisco.


Really, I am sorry. I love that place, their french toast breakfast is to die for and their dinners are home-style and hearty. I love the rest of their food. But their blintzes are evil.

I know I had them at least three times before I got it through my head that this was the place with the bad blintzes. Something in the filling is all wrong. There's some cheese that melts and gets stringy. It's so not right. Bart Simpson put it best when he once described something as able to both suck and blow at the same time. These are that, just in blintz form.

I'm not just saying this 'cuz of that time the painting fell off the wall and landed on me and my sister, that's totally different. And really, all their other food has always been great. Just, at this one place, skip the blintzes.

Blintzes for Brunch

These recipes are geared more towards blintzes as a brunch or tea time offering.

Insta-Blintz! - get your blintz-making up to speed with some help

Here are some blintz mixes in case you need to make a lot of crepes or need to make them on the go where making your own batter could be problematic. (hint, hint: crepe mix is really fun for camping!)

Savory Blintzes

These suggestions are for blintzes that are less sweet, and often serve very well as midday brunch.

Share Your Blintz Opinions!

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    • profile image

      Elise 3 years ago

      These were amazing. My setisr and I made two different versions (double batch of crepes). In the first version I switched the lemon zest for a little bit of maple extract (I tried using maple syrup but you could hardly taste the maple and it made the mix terribly runny). I added a little of the cream mix my setisr made and a tablespoon or 2 of my maple mix. Once they were baked I topped them with maple syrup and pecans. The second version was with rasp. pie filling and cream filling(we had run out of ricotta at this point so my setisr subbed cottage cheese that she drained and mixed with a stick blender to make it less chunky). She left out the lemon and added a little vanilla extract. Then, she put pie filling inside with the cream mix and topped the blintzes with more rasp. once they were cooked.Everyone loved both versions and all but two blintzes were devoured. Thanks for the recipe Chef John, this recipe is definitely a keeper.

    • scruffymind profile image

      scruffymind 6 years ago

      Some great information, but I was really hoping you would share the recipe that won you the "blintz off"

    • melody-thacker profile image

      melody-thacker 7 years ago

      I'm always meaning to make these, thanks for all the ideas! I've added this lens to my Kosher food lens.