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boiled vegetable with creams

Updated on January 9, 2012

In winter everybody should eat vegetables as much as you can, because it helps to re-growth our hair, nails, skin and can cure your health as fast as possible. Generally people eat carrots, papaya, cauliflower, cabbage, bean as their main course. Carrots help us to cure our skin; it contains vitamin A, benefits for eyes. Papaya is rich in vitamin C and A, folic acid and potassium, papaya fruit is the most beneficial fruit of all, cauliflower contains vitamin C and K. Red cabbage also contains vitamin C and k. So if you cook all these items together every day you can lead a healthier life. You can use it as a vegetable soup


Cauliflower- ½ slice

Papaya- ½ chopped

Cabbage- 1/4 chopped

Carrot- 2 (small size chopped)

Red cabbage- ¼ chopped

Onion- 1 cup chopped

Green chilli- 8

Capsicum- slice 4/-5

Salt- to taste

Vinegar – 3-4 table spoon

Garlic- 1-2 slice (to taste)

White pepper- 1/3 tea spoon

Black pepper- 1 pinch

Corn flour- ½ cup

Egg- 2

Water – 1 ½ litre

And fresh cream- 1 table spoon

Take a saucepan adds all the vegetable and water together on the stove with salt, boiled it for 15 minutes, add garlic and vinegar with chillies and again leave it for 5-7 minutes stir it slowly. After that stir it for sometimes to check about the position of the vegetables, and then add corn flour, when you add corn flour make sure corn flour should be mixed with the vegetables gently. Later you pour egg and cook it for more 5 minutes. When you serve on the table just add black pepper and white pepper together and on the top of the soup, just decorates with creams and curry leaves.

you can add boiled chicken, crabs, shrimps and spaghetti also

Hopefully guests would love it.....


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