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Bon Appetit Grilling Book: Essential Barbecue Recipes

Updated on June 10, 2015
The Grilling Book
The Grilling Book | Source

I'd call this the ultimate guide to barbecued and grilled food

Before I bought my own copy of this book, it was lent to me by a neighbour. I thought he was perfectly crazy to be honest. We don't eat meat or fish so how could book on grilling be interesting to us? The answer is that it's actually indispensable - whatever your diet.

This is a book for anyone who enjoys the pleasures of eating great (even gourmet) food cooked on the grill and it's wonderful if you're entertaining friends at a summer barbecue.

Everything you need to know is in this book,starting with clear instructions about how to get started, comparisons between gas and charcoal grills,seasonings, tips and essential utensils.

But what about the recipes?

Ready to have your mouth watering? Let's start with a selection of recipes for meat. How do these sound?

  • Chicken cooked with white wine, tarragon, Dijon mustard and honey
  • Rosemary and lemon turkey cutlets
  • Jalapeno cheeseburgers
  • Pork tenderloin cooked with Jamaican spices

If you love fish, you'll adore the selection in this book.(I get lots of ideas for regular kitchen cooking too). Here are examples:

  • Fresh sardines along with lemon and herbs
  • Tuna kebabs in a ginger-chili marinade
  • Grilled shrimp New Orleans style
  • Grill-roasted clam linguini

See what I mean? But these recipes take up only half the book, then we move onto vegetables, pizzas, sides, flatbreads, salads, sauces and even drinks. here are just a few delicious recipes:

  • Artichokes with sesame dipping sauce
  • Zucchini and eggplant pizza
  • Grilled panzanella
  • Watermelon and cantaloupe agua fresca

More than just food

When you create wonderful meals outdoors and eat them in the fresh air, it's more than just a meal. You're creating memories. So many of us today eat on the go - a sandwich at your desk, something from a drive-though in the car, a takeout pizza - it's a lovely idea to treat your family and friends to meals that they'll remember.

Grill in the garden, on the beach or out in the countryside. Create delicious meals that can be eaten leisurely in the best possible natural surroundings.

Just grab the book, the simple utensils you see below and you're good to go.

Bon Appetit!

The right equipment for grilling

The wonderful thing about the equipment recommendations in  this book is that the authors haven't written several pages showing expensive and complicated gear. It recommends that you gather your equipment together before you start to cook so that you have everything close to hand and readily available.Essentials are:

Mr. Bar-B-Q 06601Y Deluxe Non-Stick Flexible Grilling Basket
Mr. Bar-B-Q 06601Y Deluxe Non-Stick Flexible Grilling Basket

Depending on the number of people you usually cook for, you'll need one or several of these baskets.They hold almost any type of food - fish, poultry, steaks, burgers or vegetables and make turning food easy, ensuring that the foods are cooked evenly.


Safety is always going to be an issue when you're cooking on the grill.Professional tools will help to keep you safe. So many people will use the utensils they use in the kitchen but outdoor cooking required its own specialist tools. Be sure to be on the safe side and equip yourself properly.

Professional BBQ Grill Tools - Set Includes Spatula, Tongs, and Fork - Premium Quality Stainless Steel - This Barbeque Utensil Kit Is the Perfect Accessory for a Grill or Kitchen - Premium 1 Year Guarantee
Professional BBQ Grill Tools - Set Includes Spatula, Tongs, and Fork - Premium Quality Stainless Steel - This Barbeque Utensil Kit Is the Perfect Accessory for a Grill or Kitchen - Premium 1 Year Guarantee

As regards cooking tools, the book recommends that you'll need a spatula, a fork and a pair of tongs. This is a great set.Take a close look at that spatula. See that it has a bottle opener plus a knife edge so that you can chop and slice. This set is well worth buying for the brilliant spatula alone.

Weber 6472 Barbecue Mitt
Weber 6472 Barbecue Mitt

This is the cheapest item on the list but probably the most essential for safety reasons.This make is the exact one recommended in the book. As the authors say, you'll have more confidence to move things around smoothly on your grill knowing that you're protected from the heat.


The best guacamole - and more

I love watching Jamie Oliver cook because of his down-to-earth way of preparing glorious food simply and without special equipment. In the video below, watch him make a portable chilli plus the most amazing guacamole in seconds - with no utensils. Carry on watching to see him make a fabulous smoked fish dish using ... and old bucket. Fun.

Want to know more about meat-free grilling? See this article.

© 2014 Jackie Jackson


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    • NellyWerff profile image

      Nelly van der Werff 3 years ago from The Netherlands

      Nice review, looks like a very good grilling book! Also for us who eat mostly veggies.

    • Faye Rutledge profile image

      Faye Rutledge 3 years ago from Concord VA

      This is making me hungry! Great review!

    • paulahite profile image

      Paula Hite 3 years ago from Virginia

      Wonderful review! On G+ today!!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 3 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Yummy. My hubby would enjoy this book. Great Review