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The Battle of the Doughnuts

Updated on September 19, 2014

Donut Pizza

Psycho Donuts will deliver a four flavor donut "pizza" to your office or event.
Psycho Donuts will deliver a four flavor donut "pizza" to your office or event. | Source

This Is Where The Frosting Meets The Glaze!

Powdered sugar or glaze? Vanilla or chocolate? Filled or holed? Or more importantly: yeast or cake?

The humble doughnut has come a long way from playing sidekick to a cup of coffee. This chunk of deep-fried dough has a flavorful history in a wide range of countries and cuisines. Some see it as the perfect start to the day, some think it's best served as a dessert, and some people who seem to have issues with denial will only eat them on weekends.

Has the doughnut's time finally come? Or is it the Era of the Donut? Which spelling is right anyway? This lens is here to celebrate this delicious creation no matter the spelling, shape, filling or topping. Hey, buddy, this ain't your grandma's dainty donut... get it?

A Taste of Donut History

Do you Voodoo?

Voodoo Donut Selection
Voodoo Donut Selection | Source

In All It's Shapes and Forms

basic doughnut variations

The more you learn about them, the more variations you will find in doughnuts. Here are some of the most basic types you are going to encounter.

Toroid - Not many people know this is the actual word for a circular solid that has a hole in the middle, as the term "doughnut-shaped" is much more likely to be found in casual conversation, but this is the real name for the most commonly found shape of doughnut.

Round Filled - This is a solid, circular doughnut that has some sort of filling inside, so you won't find a hole in this one.

Bar - As it sounds, this type of donut is long and rectanglar, and frequently is glazed or filled.

Holes or Balls - Donuts were made for hundreds of years before someone decided that little balls of the dough would be just as fun. Contrary to public belief, these are not holes punched out of donuts. Commercial donut machines drop out toroids of dough and don't need holes punched. But it is a cute story for marketing purposes.

Cruellers - This is a doughnut made by hand-twisting the dough to form a spiral ring shape. Larger commercial companies tend not to make this shape due to the fact it can't be done with a machine, and many just make a "twister" which is a spiral stick-shape instead.


What's Your Favorite Donut Topping?

What you see here is a Grape Ape, from VooDoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon. It's a personal favorite of mine, and is topped with some grape sugar and purple sprinkles over a vanilla icing.

I like my doughnuts topped with

See results

...Got to make the Donuts... - see how doughnuts are baked or fried

There's no one particular way to make doughnuts. Here are a few tips and methods, starting with the masterful Swedish Chef from the Muppets.

YEAST OR CAKE? - the ultimate doughnut debate

When you talk to people who like to eat doughnuts, there is one clear line that seems to get drawn down the middle: cake style versus yeast doughnuts. The textures of the two treats is quite different and preferences quite often seem to be a result of childhood experiences or regional baking.

What's your take on this personal choice and taste?

Which is your preference for doughnuts?

Take a Visit to Psycho Donuts - San Jose, CA's craziest doughnuts

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Psycho DonutsBleeding Heart donutBlue Balls - donut holes with vanilla glazeS'more donutsGood luck deciding....Green tea donutCap'n Crunch on your donut?
Psycho Donuts
Psycho Donuts
Bleeding Heart donut
Bleeding Heart donut
Blue Balls - donut holes with vanilla glaze
Blue Balls - donut holes with vanilla glaze
S'more donuts
S'more donuts
Good luck deciding....
Good luck deciding....
Green tea donut
Green tea donut
Cap'n Crunch on your donut?
Cap'n Crunch on your donut?

What IS the most popular Donut Flavor?

If you search on the Internet, you'll find a lot of lists and articles that say they list the most popular donut flavor, but not a single one of them gives any statistics or explanation for how they came to their decision. While certain chains or larger companies will say what their particular #1 is, no one seems to have done any larger overview or survey.

So, the most popular donut flavor in the world is... whichever is your favorite!

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Donuts! - purveyors of boutique doughnuts and fine edibles

These aren't your grandmother's or even your mother's doughnuts. That simple chunk of friend dough has gone crazy with toppings (how about some crushed Oreo on your donut?), and simultaneously gone to the other end of the spectrum where it's all-organic and minus any trans fats. I've decided to not list the big-name doughnuts, as we all know who they are anyway.

Here are people who craft their donuts, pushing the limits of what can be a topping or seeking to make the healthiest piece of sugar you've ever glazed and sprinkled. Think of these as "boutique doughnuts."

Be sure to wipe your fingers before you comment. While we don't mind if you type with your mouth full, donuts and keyboards don't go as well together as coffee and a doughnut.

Let's Hear It For Doughnuts! - comments, feedback, contributions

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    • kristalulabelle profile image


      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Great job on your lens! I am going to post yours for today's Quest!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Normally I'm not big on chains but I absolutely love Krispy Kreme. Maybe I'll make time to get over there tomorrow...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The best donuts are always from local mom and pop bakeries. This lens has got my mouth watering and ready for some donuts!


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