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bramhins food festival 4.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Very Orthodax Bramhin.

A South Indian Bramhin with his Son.
A South Indian Bramhin with his Son. | Source

Bramhano bhojana priya.

In South India we get a festival every month in one community or other community.

Among Bramhins we have many sects and sub sects.

01 - We have one community with Holy Ash on their fore head drawn horizontally.

02 - We have another community who put a stamp of a logo on the side of their fore head.

03 - We have a separate community who draw a line of sandal paste mixed with kukum drawn verticaly from their nose touching the hair on their head.

04 - We have a special community who draw 3 lines on their fore head.

05 - Any one with out their logo or mark on their fore head will not be allowed to have food in special functions or ceremonies performed.The most important is THARPANA which is done on every dark moon or AMAVASYA day which comes every 30th day of each month.This ritual is now not followed by younger generation who adopt westren culture or life style.What is this ritual and how it is important is given in a seperate HUB.

The one thing in common amoungst these various bramhins is the sacread thread that they have which has 3 threads for unmarried and 6 threads for married persons.The thread is worn as shown in the picture above which runs from left shoulder to the bottom diogonally and has a knot in 2 places for 6 threads and one knot for 3 threads which cannot be opened.The function held to wear this thread is at a specific age and is called as Bramhopadesa.

The 3rd festival that comes after New Year for bramhins is called as:-Mangala Gowri Vrata.

This is a pooja with usual food of festivals performed by married girls only.

Men just enjoy the special food prepared for the day which will be:-

01 - Kosambari - 2 types.

02 - Vegitable Palya 2 types.

03 - Chitraanna any one of various types.

04 - Payasa any one of more than a dozan types.

05 - Bonda made with mashed masala potato.

06 - Vegitable Ambode.

07 - Steamed White Rice - Main Dish.

08 - Sambar / Huli / Kootu - one of the varities.

09 - Rasam - A pure vegitable RUM .

10 - Happala & Sandige.

YOU NEED TO BE INVITED TO TASTE THIS FESTIVAL FOOD prepared at Home.However this is a daily lunch in many restaurants in South India.


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      Fay Paxton 6 years ago

      Very interesting hub. Next time include a recipe that I can try. voted up