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Homebrewing Recipes: Putting it all together

Updated on March 27, 2013

Recipes and hints for brewing beer using extracts

This lens contains recipes for different styles of beer. Feel free to use them and modify them at your leisure. Go wild. Beer styles are guidelines. You are brewing for your own tastes so, once you have the basics down, brew what you like. These are recipes I have brewed over the years.

You might want to read Brewing the Easy Way before you begin your brewing experience.

American Pale Ale Recipe

Light, Hoppy, Refreshing

American Pale Ale is an easy style to brew and is great fresh. It is light in color, varying from pale straw colored to amber. Clean tasting with a good amount of hops flavor, this is a refreshing beer to drink anytime. I am also including American Amber Ale in this module as they are very close to pale ales. These recipes are based on 3 gallon boils for 60 minutes. All hops are assumed to be pellets.

RECIPE#1 Pale Rider

4 lbs Light or extra light Dry Malt Extract

3 lbs Light Malt Extract Syrup

1 lb Crystal malt 20L (crushed and steeped for 20 minutes at 150F)

.5 oz Nugget Hops (60 minute addition)

.5 oz Cascade Hops (15 minute addition)

.5 oz Cascade Hops (10 minute addition)

.5 oz Mt Hood Hops (5 minute addition)

.5 oz Mt Hood Hops (flame out)

Irish Moss (10 minute addition)

US-05 Yeast (dry)

Umm, doesn't that look good!
Umm, doesn't that look good!

Scottish Ale Recipe

Favorite Scottish Ale Recipe

Here is a recipe for one of my favorite styles. Scottish Ale comes in different strengths but all share the same characteristics: malty rather than hoppy, sweet without being cloying, medium body, dark amber in color. The following recipe is for a middle strength brew. This is a great beer for any time of year. You will want to ferment this a a lower temperature (55-65 F) and cold age it, if possible for several weeks at around 50F. Add all the extract at the beginning of the boil and boil for a full 60 minutes.

6.00 lbs Light Malt Extract Syrup

1.00 lbs Light Dry Malt Extract

0.50 lbs American Crystal 20L

0.25 lbs Roasted Barley

0.75 Mount Hood Pellets 60 Minute Boil

1pkg Danstar Nottingham Yeast ( this will ferment from 57F to 70F)

American Brown Ale Recipe

This recipe will yield a brown, slightly sweet, hoppy ale. The crystal malts will add nice carmel flavors and the chocolate malt will give a reddish brown color and slightly roasted flavor.

Steeping grains:

8 oz. American crystal 10L

8 oz. American crystal 60L

4 oz. American chocolate

Malt extracts:

3 lb. Light malt extract

3 lb. Light dry malt extract


.5 oz. Cascade (60 min.)

.5 oz. Cascade (30 min.)

.5 oz. Cascade (15 min.)

Irish Moss

US-05 Yeast

Sweet Stout Recipe

Dark, sweet and nourishing

What would a recipe site be without a recipe for stout? I like sweet stouts (also known as milk stouts). Dark, smooth and with a bittersweet taste that makes for a great all night session beer. The following recipe will yield a dark, smooth stout with a bit of bitterness from the hops, a roast taste from the black patent malt and a smooth residual sweetness from the lactose. Some carmel flavors from adding all the extract at the beginning of the boil will add complexity.

Where's the Milkmaid? Stout


6.6 pounds,light liquid malt extract

1 pound, chocolate malt, cracked

1-1/2 pounds, black patent, cracked

12 ounces, lactose

2 ounces, Kent Goldings hops added at beginning of boil

irish ale yeast or Danstar Nottingham dry yeast

Belgian Style Dubbel Recipe

This is a recipe for a Belgian Style Dubbel with figs added to the fermenter for a flavor twist.

3 lbs Extra Light Dry Extract

1 lbs Candi Sugar, Amber

33.00 g Mt. Hood [6.00 %]

3 lbs 4.8 oz Pale Liquid Extract

1.0 pkg Trappist Ale (White Labs #WLP500) -

2.50 lb Dried Figs (Primary 0.0 mins) Flavor 6 -

2 lbs Honey (1.0 SRM)

Follow the basic brewing instructions. Add the liquid extract during the last 15 minutes of the boil and the honey and figs at flame out.

Suggested Reading on Brewing Beer

Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew
Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew

"Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew" by Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer is a good resource for novice and advanced brewers alike. The recipes are easy to follow and turn out great!


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