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10 Foods They Need To Bring Back

Updated on April 30, 2015

Recently, I went to the supermarket and discovered they'd brought back French Toast Crunch, a beloved 90s cereal. Enough articles and blogs and cereal fans wanted it, so they gave it to us, and it's as good as it always was. They've also brought back Crispy M&Ms, another old favorite I thought was lost forever. Apparently this was another result of fan demand.

Years ago, I thought writing a letter to the companies suggesting they bring back certain foods was the answer. But in this day and age, that's not quite enough! People who publicly asked for French Toast Crunch and Crispy M&Ms went public with their desires, so I'm going to go public with some of my own.

1) Butterfinger BBs, and by extension the Bites and Popable versions of other Hershey/Mars candies

Don't get me wrong, the bite-sized versions are fine. But there's something so deliciously satisfying about your favorite candy in ball form! Plus, there's a big nostalgia factor in it for me. BBs, Reese's Bites, Cookies&Cream Bites and KitKat bites were the best. Plus, you had to admit the commercials could be pretty amusing.

2) Nestle Toll House Candy Bars

These were around for a short, sweet time and I actually have no idea how popular they were. But I thought they were pretty good! Baked goods in chocolate-coated bar form? Sign me up!

3) Popeye's Original Chicken Sandwich

You know the one. Chicken filet on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, mayo and pickles. Those were one of the best things Popeye's had to offer, and I wish they'd come back. Yeah, the chicken strip sandwich is good, but it's just not the same. Even the mess of shredded lettuce every time I ordered one didn't bother me. Then again, I like lettuce.

4) Amaretto Lindor Truffles

I first tasted Lindor truffles in 2002, and they were amazing. At some point the Amaretto ones became harder to find, and it wasn't until somewhat recently I found out they didn't make them anymore. Not sure why, Amaretto's a flavor that goes great with chocolate and the shiny purple wrapper was a nice touch.

5) Ritz Snack Mix

I used to get a bag of this at the newsstand every weekend and it was the best. Little Ritz crackers, pretzels, wheat squares, with or without cheddar flavoring. I preferred the cheddar, but the plain wasn't too bad either. And yeah, they have it in those little 100 calorie packs, but some of us want the full-calorie version back!

6) Surge

And by this, I mean being able to buy it at the market, not just ordering it off Amazon. Back before I knew how much caffeine Mountain Dew had, this was my non-cola answer to Jolt. It was "safe" because it wasn't a cola and it had that awesome citrus taste that went well with just about everything. Though looking back it probably had just as much caffeine as Jolt and Dew, and I'd still drink it.

7) 3-D Doritos

They were just fun. I only remember having the nacho flavor, but I'm sure they had others. And now that we have more Dorito flavors...well, this could be explosive. In the good way. Especially if they brought back those little containers with the snack cups as lids.

8) Mint Snapple

I'm a peach person myself when it comes to iced tea, but I remember friends and family members being a fan of this one. So this is for you guys! :) To be fair, though, mint iced tea is something I'd probably enjoy nowadays. I do like hot peppermint tea, after all.

9) Reed's Candy Rolls

I hear they're planning a revival, but so far I'm only finding them available in bulk online. I'm just waiting for them to come back to the stores. Like the Ritz snack mix, I used to get these at the newsstand all the time.

10) Goldfish Snack Mix

I put this one on the bottom because you can sort of re-create it by buying Goldfish crackers, pretzels, sesame sticks and honey-roasted peanuts separately. (Only the crunchy honey-roasted sesame sticks. Sadly, they don't make the Pepperidge Farm cracker variety anymore) But it's not quite the same as having them all together in one convenient bag.

(And by extension, Pepperidge Farm should bring back the sesame snack stick crackers, too!)

Honorable Mention:

KFC's Twister Wraps, honey BBQ boneless wings and original sandwiches. I put this one here because you CAN get them at the KFC express at my mall. (I found this out last time I went there with a friend, and I was ecstatic.) But it'd be nice if they'd start offering them at the restaurants again. Especially the Triple Crunch Melt! That was GOOD.


I get why they stop making certain things, I know how sales and marketing work, but still. These foods were amazing and I'm sure if given another chance they could prove just as popular now as they were in their heyday, no matter how brief.


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  • Lynn Savitsky profile image

    Lynn Savitzky 3 years ago from New Jersey

    @poetryman6969: Oh, I would if I could. LOL.

  • poetryman6969 profile image

    poetryman6969 3 years ago

    Are you camped out in the snack aisle?

    My wife no longer lets me eat this stuff but it looks tasty!

  • Victoria Lynn profile image

    Victoria Lynn 3 years ago from Arkansas, USA

    Oh, my! This is interesting. I don't think I've ever seen any of these. Nestle Toll House had a candy bar. Being a chocoholic, that's what I'd like to see come back. I'd love to try it! Great hub. Sharing!

  • alexandriaruthk profile image

    alexandriaruthk 3 years ago from US

    Like the Butterfinger.

  • Dorianhazel profile image

    Dorian 3 years ago from USA

    Keebler Raisin Ruckus as well!

  • Dorianhazel profile image

    Dorian 3 years ago from USA

    Frusengladje Peach Amaretto Ice Cream.