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British Cheese Assortment: Available in the USA

Updated on June 27, 2015
British cheeses available online in the USA
British cheeses available online in the USA | Source

Four lovely and tasty English cheeses - what a wonderful treat.

When I first moved to the United States, people used to ask me what I missed about the UK. My reply was always 'nothing at all' because I am completely in love with living in America. I was being just a little economical with the truth though because there was one thing I really missed quite a lot - real English cheese.

Hard to find in stores

At first, I was quite delighted to find something labeled 'cheddar' in the supermarkets here in Florida. Oh dear. It wasn't what I expected. Expensive delis had passable (only just) versions of Stilton sometimes but expensive delis are off my radar most of the time for obvious financial reasons plus, I have to say, I'm too susceptible to impulse buying in most food stores. I discovered a British store that sold any number of traditional English cheeses but I would have needed to rob a bank - or win the lottery - to shop there on a regular basis.

But now, we can buy online was founded in the year I moved to the USA and for a long time, sold nothing else but books. But nowadays I find that they sell just about everything I need, don't you? Including the selection you see above; Cheddar (the real thing), Stilton, Sage Derby and Lancashire - a full two pounds of delicious cheese.


You know sometimes you'll see disclaimers on products like this saying that there might be substitutions if the product you ordered isn't available? That can be fun! I think it's only happened to us twice (and I've lost count of how many times we have ordered this) and on both occasions, the substitutes have been equally wonderful.

Perfect for our meat-free lifestyle and for a gift

We're a meatless household, so cheese is very important to our diet and we eat it every day. I don't think that we'll ever make the move to a vegan diet; we love cheese too much. I really can't think of a better gift and not just for expats craving for a taste of home. So many people have yet to experience the real thing - introduce them to these fabulous foods.

The selection shown on the right is typical of the type of delicious British cheeses that can be bought online for delivery within the USA. How excellent this service is.

You can see other examples below too.

These make such a wonderful and thoughtful gift but are also a lovely way to treat yourself and your family.

See more great ideas below.

British Cheese Assortment in Gift Box (32.2 ounce)
British Cheese Assortment in Gift Box (32.2 ounce)

If you're sending these treats as a gift -which is a truly splendid idea - take a look at this. It includes four delicious cheeses, a specialist knife, Carr's Water Crackers and all the items are presented in a special gift box.

There's everything your recipient needs to enjoy British cheeses to the full. Such a welcome gift.

Igourmet Pub Cheese Assortment, 2-Pound
Igourmet Pub Cheese Assortment, 2-Pound

Have you ever spent lunchtime in an English pub enjoying a traditional Ploughman's Lunch? If you have, here's the perfect way to re-create it. You haven't?

Now's your chance. This makes a tremendous gift idea, too.


Ideas for cheeseboard preparation

You will need a minimum of four different cheeses on your board. Don't have too many though as this will be confusing for your guests - it's better to feature four excellent examples rather than a large number with a lower quality. You'll need some excellent crackers too and I recommend Carr's - a very good brand.

A selection of chutneys and pickles should be made available for your guests too. I always drape bunches of grapes - both light and dark - because they look so attractive and are a wonderful accompaniment to cheese.

Remember to remove your cheeses from the fridge and bring them up to room temperature before serving.

I like to serve a small selection of fruit with the cheese. A favourite for me is to serve a combination of both black and green grapes. They are delicious eaten with cheese and look so stylish on the cheeseboard.


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      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @happynutritionist: Nothing quite like it!

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      happynutritionist 4 years ago

      These do look delicious!