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My Secret Brownie Recipe

Updated on July 3, 2014

I'm Sharing my Best Brownie Recipe for Delicious Homemade Brownies

I have cooked since I was six years old. For years I've been known for my rich, gooey, homemade chocolate brownies. Everyone who has tasted them says I have the best chocolate brownie recipe around. Friends and family always ask me to make them for get togethers. They just can't get enough of them. I can't go to a social function without being asked to whip up a batch. I'm known around town and my kid's school as the lady that bakes the best brownies.

Since everyone thinks they're so great, I decided to share my secret recipe. Now you too can make brownies that melt hearts and keep people talking long after the last crumb is gone.

My Secret Ingredient that Makes These Taste Great - What makes my recipe so special?

My Homemade Chocolate Brownies
My Homemade Chocolate Brownies

All homemade brownie recipes call for either oil, shortening, or butter. I tried many different recipes of each kind. Personally, I am rather fond of the butter recipes, but my husband and all our family and friends think I've found a real winner with an oil based brownie recipe.

Why is it so yummy? Because I use coconut oil instead of the usual vegetable oil.

Now, I know what you're thinking...and no, it doesn't make the brownies taste like coconut any more than using vegetable oil would make them taste like vegetables. There is just something supremely rich about the coconut oil that adds a ton of flavor.

This coconut oil recipe makes a super moist brownie that's almost fudge like, but the chocolate taste is rather mild. This combination makes a divinely satisfying treat.

Homemade Chocolate Brownie Recipe
Homemade Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour a 9 x 9 pan. I love to use corning ware to make mine. It bakes up a moist treat that doesn't get a burnt flavor on the edges.

* Note: This recipe doesn't call for a lot of cocoa. For those that are used to processed foods or boxed brownie mixes, this might not be enough for your taste. Feel free to experiment and add an extra Tablespoon of cocoa to see if you prefer that. If I add more cocoa I tend to add an extra pinch of salt.

  • Prep time: 5 min
  • Cook time: 20 min
  • Ready in: 25 min
  • Yields: 6


  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 2/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 Table spoons cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp. vanilla


  1. Cream sugar, eggs, and coconut oil. Combine dry ingredients to creamed mixture. Stir well by hand, adding the vanilla last. Spread the mixture into the greased pan. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes (in my oven sometimes it takes nearly 30), or until a toothpick comes out clean.
2.2 stars from 14 ratings of My Secret Brownie Recipe

How to Cook with Coconut Oil - Where to buy coconut oil. How to store it. And how to use it.

Coconut oil is nothing like vegetable or other cooking oils. You will find it in the grocery store next to the other cooking oils (I buy mine at WalMart), but it does not stay in a liquid form like other oils. In colder climates, coconut oil solidifies to the consistency of shortening. When it's solid like this, it does not blend well and leaves the brownies lumpy.

During the colder months, when my coconut oil solidifies, I warm it up so that it turns back into a liquid. Do NOT microwave your coconut oil. To warm it up, simply place the jar of coconut oil in a bowl of hot water. Depending on how hard the oil is, you may need to dump out the water from time to time and add in new hot water. It usually takes from 10 to 15 minutes for me to get the coconut oil warm enough for me to pour and measure.

Even though I keep my oil in our kitchen's pantry, the subtle changes in climate are enough to affect my coconut oil. In the spring and summer months, my oil stays in it's original liquid state and requires no warming before measuring.

How to Grease the Pan

Brownies and cakes cook best if you grease and flour your pan. I use a paper towel to rub a little coconut oil all around in the pan. Then I add about a table spoon of flour and tap it around until the entire pan is coated, dumping the left overs out in the sink.

When I'm in a hurry, I just rub a stick of butter around in the pan. While, this isn't a good idea for cakes (they're dryer), it works well for this brownie recipe.

How to Make Brownies - Watch these helpful demonstration videos

Some people learn better by watching demonstrations. These videos are very informative.

Perfect Brownie Pan - Yummy perfect squares ready to serve, no cutting required

The Perfect Brownie Pan gets over 100 almost all positive reviews from satisfied customers. The special tray design cooks each perfectly square brownie individually. This means each one comes out with nice, crispy edges on all four sides while being super moist on the inside. The nonstick surface makes it easy to serve beautiful brownies every time and makes cleaning a breeze.

Click the image to read the fabulous customer reviews and to view customer photos.

Perfect Brownie Pan Set
Perfect Brownie Pan Set

This 12" x 8" nonstick brownie pan includes 10 decorative stencils to create fun brownies perfect for any occasion.


My Brownie Recipe Doubled

I think this fudgy brownie recipe turns out best when doubled. Spread in a well greased 11" x 7" pan for thick brownies or a 13" x 9" for a slightly thinner brownie.

2 c. flour

4 eggs

1 tsp. salt

1 and 1/3 c. coconut oil

1 tsp. baking powder

2 c. sugar

4 T. cocoa

2 tsp. vanilla

Have You Tried My Recipe?

Have you made brownies yet with coconut oil?

See results

Feel Free to Go a Bit Nutty...

You can add up to one cup of nuts. I think that walnuts go best with this recipe, but you may choose to experiment with different types of nuts.

I hope you enjoy these brownies as much as my family does. If you have your own recipe that you prefer, feel free to share it with my readers.

Do You Love My Recipe? - Thank you for visiting

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    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 3 years ago from Texas

      @baker0011: Saturated fat is actually not bad for you and has many healthful benefits. Read up on it. It is all of our fake, processed fats that cause heart disease, cancer, obesity and more. Amazon had many educational books about the benefits of coconut and coconut oil. The overall health of the American population began a sharp decline when they replaced tropical oils (coconut and palm oil) with hydrogenated oils.

    • profile image

      baker0011 3 years ago

      Coconut oil is very high in saturated fat. Try to avoid all together or cut down immensely on this type of oil

    • EmmaGraceEllis LM profile image

      EmmaGraceEllis LM 3 years ago

      It takes a beautiful soul to share a recipe that everyone enjoys!!

      Thank you kindly

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 3 years ago from Texas

      @anonymous: Thank you for trying it and coming back to share your thoughts. Most people are very used to the taste of prepackaged brownies (with hydrogenated oil and imitation chocolate) or to boxed mixes that also contain the same two ingredients. These tend to have a stronger flavor that consumers have gotten used to associating with chocolate. So, this recipe really will seem to have too mild of a chocolate flavor if you aren't used to homemade baked goods.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Mentioned your recipe on our blog. Go to to see it!

      Can't wait to try the brownies out!

    • chocochipchip profile image

      chocochipchip 4 years ago

      Thank youu! Great recipe!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I'm not a fan of this recipe. Needs more chocolate.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Not very chocolately or brownie-like, more of a cake texture. I prefer my brownies to be rich and dense. I will decrease the flour and increase the cocoa. I've always enjoyed baking with coconut gives a great flavor that vegetable or canola can't, plus it's healthy! I didn't have a 10x10 pan so I just used my cupcake pan, turned out great! Plus, each one gets those crispy edges and no mess trying to cut them up in a!

    • dumpstergourmet profile image

      dumpstergourmet 4 years ago

      Mmm, these sound delicious! Love the look of your lens as well!

    • profile image

      dealnation 4 years ago

      Shhh... it's a secret!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Just made this recipe, delicious! I altered just a touch, added a tbs of molasses and subtracted same amount of sugar...also mixed in chopped dried cherries and chopped almonds, sprinkled the top with sea salt and more almonds. I made cupcake-sized brownies, they are cute and very tasty! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    • profile image

      santadelcobre 5 years ago

      Mmmmm coconut oil... I am definitely trying your recipe. Thanks for sharing it!!!

    • Monica Ranstrom profile image

      Monica Ranstrom 5 years ago

      They sound wonderful! I like the idea below of adding choc chips!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Yes I do love it. It is the best yet. I add about 3 tablespoons more cocoa than the recipe calls for. I am thinking of adding peanut butter chips or choc chips in the mix for next time. Sugar bomb! Also i made a frosting with P.Butter, cocoa, coconut oil and powdered sugar. I have also made a frosting with avocado, cocoa, powdered sugar and coconut oil. (a drop or two of milk if needed is good). yeah dat's good!

    • Teenysdaddy1981 profile image

      Teenysdaddy1981 5 years ago

      Very nice! I do like brownies.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I made the double batch. Just to warn others, it takes about 40 minutes to bake and still comes out very moist. It doesn't taste like chocolate at all but the coconut oil makes it a very delicious (albeit greasy) treat!

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 5 years ago from Texas

      @anonymous: I'm so glad you liked them. You can give them a try with more cocoa, but I tried it recently with rounded table spoons instead of level table spoons and didn't care for it. It turned the brownies into more of a cake style instead of fudgey.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Made these and they were delicious!! I will have to add lots more chocolate next time, maybe triple the amount of chocolate.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I will try this recipe.

    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I'll have to make this for my secret browniw

    • smithlights profile image

      smithlights 6 years ago

      This is going to be bad for me too! I'm interested in trying coconut oil instead of veggie oil!

    • profile image

      blanckj 6 years ago

      I love sweets. I'll have to try it.

    • Cinnamonbite profile image

      Cinnamonbite 6 years ago

      ARGH! I gave up sugar a few weeks ago and suddenly I've stumbled upon 2 of the world's best brownie recipes and a recipe for key lime fudge! Man, if only I'd have a craving I'd dive right into these recipes! I'm bookmarking you for later. Maybe I'll have guests and make all 3 recipes at once! LOL

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

      Yummy! Thanks for the recipe and tips!

    • semas profile image

      semas 6 years ago

      The brownie looks yum and I will definitely try the recipe.It is the first time i am reading about using coconut oil for baking.We use it for tempering in Indian cooking and it gives a special aroma and taste.

    • fantasticallyfi profile image

      fantasticallyfi 6 years ago

      I've got to try this out. They look delicious! Please feel free to check out my muffins recipe. Thanks.

    • lizziehumphreys1 profile image

      lizziehumphreys1 6 years ago

      great recipe, great lens, DEFINITELY coming back to this when I want to make some brownies!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I will have to try this, YUUUM!

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 6 years ago from Texas

      @PromptWriter: Yay! I'm thrilled to finally hear from someone that made them!

      I store them on the counter, usually in a ziplock bag. They stay moist and yummy for about 3 days, though they rarely are around that long here.

      This is a mild chocolate recipe, which most people seem to like coupled with the richness of the coconut oil. You may want to try 3 T of cocoa before upping it to 4. If you add 4 whole T you may find you need to add a touch more sugar, or even a pinch of cinnamon to help cut back the bitterness of the cocoa powder.

      If you do tinker with it a bit, be sure to let me know about your results.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 6 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      I finally tried these last night. The only place to find coconut oil in our grocer was the organic section. I almost didn't recognize it because it comes in a tub. It was quite expensive but I really wanted to try this recipe to chalked it up to treat. These are really good brownies. I like the crispy outside, without the burning that you some times get with baking, and chewy inside. The batter is a nice consistency and I think visually they are the best brownies I've ever made. The husband, who is not a chocolate person, enjoyed them too. I think that I might try adding 2 more tablespoons of cocoa though because they were not chocolaty enough for me. Do you store them in the fridge or leave them on the counter afterward? I find they are hard to cut in the fridge which is why I ask. Thanks for the great recipe and introducing me to baking with coconut oil! I will definitely pass this along to my twitter friends.

    • Ilonagarden profile image

      Ilona E 6 years ago from Ohio

      I love good brownies- and this is a winning recipe. I think the reason that it might taste best doubled is due to more egg content. Once I used duck eggs (from a neighbor) instead of chicken eggs and it was the best brownie I had ever made. Ever.

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 6 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      Ok, brownie lady. I'm going to try these!

    • mattseefood lm profile image

      mattseefood lm 6 years ago

      Loooks sooo yuuummy! I think it's time for me to make brownies again :)

    • cinstress profile image

      cinstress 6 years ago

      sounds yummy :)

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thanks for sharing your secret brownie recipe...I love brownies, but they have to be good and I think yours are just the type...beautifully presented too! **Blessed by a Squid-Angel**

    • Tagsforkids profile image

      Tagsforkids 6 years ago

      Oh my, haven't tried it yet, but looks delicious. I love brownies, so I'll have to give it a try. Thanks.

    • LisaAuch1 profile image

      Lisa Auch 6 years ago from Scotland

      Lucky Leprechaun Blessing - Happy St Patricks Day for maiking the best chocolate brownies EVER

    • sagebrushmama profile image

      sagebrushmama 6 years ago

      I haven't tried it yet, but I will have to tell my teenager, who loves baking, about your secret ingredient...she'll by my test baker, when we get a chance!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      As I was trying to guess what your secret was, coconut oil popped in my head. I have heard that it is a great alternative in many recipes and its even good on toast instead of butter. Many folks also use it on their skin as lotion. Your recipe is nice and simple to follow and I love your print out version option here. Nicely done and delicious!

    • JeffMcRitchie1 profile image

      JeffMcRitchie1 6 years ago

      I am going to have to try this! I too have a frequently requested brownie recipe but I've never tried using coconut oil. Have you ever tried dusting your pan with cocoa powder instead of flour? I haven't but I've heard it's a great trick for brownies and chocolate cakes.

    • Paul Ward profile image

      Paul 6 years ago from Liverpool, England

      Ah well, bye bye new year's diet, already. Ingredient purchasing trip tomorrow.

    • Joy Neasley profile image

      Joy Neasley 6 years ago from Nashville, TN

      I use coconut oil for many things, but have never thought of it in brownies. I wonder how it would be in cakes too.

    • VarietyWriter2 profile image

      VarietyWriter2 6 years ago

      Looks so yummy!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      @Wendy Leanne: Here's a link to the recipe I used for Burnt Butter Icing. I've made it with and without the cream cheese; it's delicious either way. I've also used this recipe to ice Pumpkin cupcakesâdivine!

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 6 years ago from Texas

      @anonymous: Thank you so much for sharing. If you stop back by, please share your recipe for burnt butter icing.

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 6 years ago from Texas

      @MargoPArrowsmith: I have never heard of coconut flour. I will have to find some and give it a try.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      @MargoPArrowsmith: I just made brownies using 1/2 cup almond meal and 1/4 cup sweet rice flour to replace white flour, and organic light brown sugar to replace white sugar. Not sure about the difference in using either of the sugars (ie. good for you, bad for you.) I topped them off with white chocolate, let that harden and topped the whole thing with Burnt Butter icing. The downfall here, of course, was the powdered sugar in the icing, but I don't know how to get around that! The brownies tasted amazing! Now I'll have to experiment with using coconut oil!

    • profile image

      acopson 6 years ago

      I definitely need to try your recipe, just reading your lens got me salavating lol

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

      MargoPArrowsmith 6 years ago

      Brownies are the reason I can never totally give up flour or sugar. I see you put coconut oil in yours, good move. I have seen something about coconut flour and wonder if it would work here! Then some Stevia and this would be healthy! :-D

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I have a weakness when it comes to brownie. I could have it all the time. This recipe looks great.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 6 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Haven't made the brownie recipe yet, but back to leave a blessing for this very nicely concocted lens!

    • Rusty Quill profile image

      Rusty Quill 6 years ago

      Mighty fine lens - although I made the mistake of mentioning it to my wife and now I have to make some. :) (I suppose I'll survive) I love that you use coconut oil as well, so much better for us than any other cooking oil. We've been using it for a few years now.

    • KarenTBTEN profile image

      KarenTBTEN 6 years ago

      I like that the recipe and the writing are original... your own. But the 'secret recipe' doesn't seem to be a secret. Blessed by a SquidAngel.

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 6 years ago from Texas

      @gkran: That's a great idea. I bet coconut oil makes great popcorn. I will have to try that. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      gkran 6 years ago

      I will have to try this. I have a jar of coconut oil I use for popcorn in my stir crazy machine that makes the best popcorn ever! I haven't ventured into trying it for baked goods yet.

    • CCGAL profile image

      CCGAL 6 years ago

      Beautiful lens - delicious sounding recipe! I have heard a lot of good things about coconut oil, but haven't used it yet. I can see why it would add a deeper dimension to your brownies - I am going to share your lens on Twitter & Facebook. BTW, I thought putting up the recipe link in printable format was a stroke of genius. I would never have thought to do that before seeing this. Good Job!

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 6 years ago from Texas

      @anonymous: Our local Walmart sells it and we don't live in a big city. In Walmart, it's just to the left of all the regular cooking oils. The coconut oil is in a plastic jar (like you'd expect to find peanut butter).

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Why do I always come into food lenses LOL Your (secret) recipe looks delicious and must try it. I hope we have coconut oil here (we live in a very small town). Thank you so much! - Kathy

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 6 years ago from Texas

      @Mihaela Vrban: The brownies pictured have walnuts, which I talk about adding here. My recipe makes a fudge-like, dense brownie just like the ones pictured. They are very rich. I included walnuts in the picture because I'm fond of them. But, all of my inlaws think the brownies are way better without nuts, so I left them out of the main list of ingredients. They turn out great either way. Adding nuts or not doesn't change the consistency of the brownies.

    • Mihaela Vrban profile image

      Mihaela Vrban 6 years ago from Croatia

      @Wendy Leanne: I haven't seen anything that would match them in your secret recipe. :) BTW, believe it or not came here following your squidcast on my dashboard. Got attracted by word secret. :)

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 6 years ago from Texas

      @Mihaela Vrban: Those are walnuts. I discussed adding nuts, particularly walnuts, shortly before this guestbook.

      I personally like the brownies better with the walnuts, but my husband and his family like them better without.

    • Mihaela Vrban profile image

      Mihaela Vrban 6 years ago from Croatia

      Confused... :) What's that white stuff on the brownies in the intro module?

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 7 years ago from Texas

      @norma-holt: Thanks so much.=)

    • norma-holt profile image

      norma-holt 7 years ago

      Great recipe lens. *-*Blessed*-* and featured on Sprinkled with Stardust - Cakes

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Very good recipe! Thank you for sharing. My favorite.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 7 years ago from Arkansas USA

      It's hard to beat a good brownie. Sometimes it's really hard to FIND a good brownie. I'll be trying your secret recipe soon. Thanks for sharing the secret!

    • GonnaFly profile image

      Jeanette 7 years ago from Australia

      I LOVE brownies. Thanks for letting out your secret. I was looking for the quadrupled version - but perhaps that's going a bit overboard ;-)

    • AppalachianCoun profile image

      AppalachianCoun 8 years ago

      Great lens. We enjoy brownies all the time. Thank-you for the wonderful tip about coconut oil, can't wait to try it.

    • Mickie Gee profile image

      Mickie Goad 8 years ago

      I will certainly have to try these!

    • profile image

      Temp_Girl 8 years ago

      I love the idea of using coconut oil in the brownies! I love coconut and the flavor that it imparts. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to use the solidified coconut oil in other ways. Seems like this would make a rockin' good pie crust?

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 8 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Mmmm, this sounds so good! I didn't know all these things about coconut oil, but I will be looking for it at my store. I'd love it if you'd include this lens on my recipe lensography plexo.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I am going to the grocery store tomorrow to buy coconut oil to make these brownies. They look and sound delicious! Thank you.

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 8 years ago

      Those brownies look really wonderful with all those nuts in them. I cook and bake with coconut oil too.

    • jimmielanley profile image

      Jimmie Lanley 8 years ago from Memphis, TN, USA

      Ooohhh.. yummy! I'm sure they are absolutely delicious. And thank you for not including the calorie count on here. Who would want to consider that? :-) More chocolate please!