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Discovering the Burger Joint

Updated on June 3, 2015

Burger Variety for Everyone

America love its Burgers! After all we can eat burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Burger Joint has a burger for everyone. If you want beef, turkey, veggie, lamb, and even seafood-- Burger Joint has it all. The various toppings that the joint offers is more than enough to make you dance! If you are not into the conventional French fries or you would like to jazz it up, try adding rosemary to the fries or order their sweet potato or asparagus fries. Which ever you choose they compliment well with any burgers.

Tuna Burger
Tuna Burger

Tuna at a Burger Joint?

It was a cold, rainy December Friday, I walked to The Burger Joint with my coworkers for a get together lunch. Looking at the menu, I have tried most of their burgers that they offer. My manager turned around and asked which burger I was going to get. I told my manager and co-worker I was getting the Ahi Tuna Burger. Both gave me a blank stare on their face. They tried to talk me out of getting the burger. I told them that I wanted to see how a burger joint handles a tuna burger. It could either be a hit or a miss. The fish could be undercooked and it will taste like sashimi (which I don't mind, but in a burger it's a bit weird) or it could be overcooked and it would be chewy. I decided to give the burger a try. Not too long, the buzzer buzzed me noting me that the burger was ready. I carried my tray to the table by the window with my colleagues. I took the first bite of the burger, my taste buds were flying everywhere. So, what makes this burger so unique? The pineapple rings, sliced ginger and their teriyaki sauce is a perfect combination for the tuna. The only upset to this burger was the fact that it was cooked to well done for my taste. I think the burger would have been better had the fish been on the rare side like sashimi. Overall, the burger gives an Asian twist to the traditional burger. After the first bite, it reminded me of my trip to Hawai'i several years ago.

Veggie Burger

Now most vegetarians would get a veggie burger from a burger joint or any fast food restaurant. The Burger Joint has an interesting take on their Veggie Burger. The majority of the burger seems to be made of rice, which forms the patty. Now, the first time I had the burger, it was dry and overcooked. Yes, I did say overcooked for a veggie patty, which made the experience not as memorable. So if you are out with your friends or co-workers and it happens that you are a vegetarian, what should you get? I would encourage you to get the Veggie Burger, the portion is a good size and the condiments that go with the burger pairs really well. Just ask the cashier not to cook the patty too long and you should be fine. The Veggie Burger pairs well with the Sweet Potato fries, as the sweet potatoes give the meal a more lighter taste compared to the veggie burger. It is a good size for the price that Burger Joint is selling it for, but the only draw back is, the patty can be a bit dry. It is tricky when it comes to cooking Veggie patties. For the non-vegetarians who would like a Veggie Burger, I would suggest adding bacon, it brings out the flavor of the burger. For vegetarians, pineapple rings are a sweet topping for the burger.

Greek Burger & Onion Rings

Ahh, yes, the Greek Burger. If you noticed on their menu, the Greek Burger won against Bobby Flay's Throwdown. This is probably one of the best burgers that the restaurant has to offer, hands down. For this burger, you do not need to add any additional toppings to the burger. Here's why... the burger that I ordered was cooked nicely, the patty was not too dry and juicy. The traditional Greek ingredients of tzatziki sauce, red onions and tomatoes ( I would suggest adding olives too!) truly gives you a Greek meal in one burger. I think as an alternative, they offer the burger in a pita bread, rather than on a bun, which could enhance traditional Greek dishes.

I know you are asking why am I writing about onion rings when the picture clearly shows fries?! I think this burger pairs well with either sweet potato or regular French fries with rosemary. However, the Burger Joint's onion rings are worth a mention because they are twice the size of Burger King's onion rings and the coating is much lighter, which allows you to taste more of the onion than the batter. I would recommend just eating the onion rings without parmesan cheese or rosemary.

***Plus, all their meat patties are antibiotics and hormone free, which makes the burger taste even more better!

Bobby's Burger

Check out how Bobby Flay puts a spin on grilling traditional Greek dishes!

If you are not into lamb or lamb burgers, why not try some of Bobby Flay's other Greek recipes that you can use on the grill?!

Favorite Burger at BGR

What is your favorite burger at Burger Joint?

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Best Burgers in America

There are so many burger joints in America, almost all the time when I crave a burger of some sort I will go to a burger joint rather than the conventional fast food restaurant, such as Wendy's or Hardy's. Personally, I like how some burger joints offer a variety of burgers, but the original hamburger will always be in my heart.

Burgers, Burgers, More Burgers

It can be fun to build your own burger with your friends, children, spouse or just by yourself. Top your burgers with your favorite toppings. It can be the traditional sliced tomatoes to something out of the ordinary like curry mayo. The choice is yours! Enjoy some books that offer great burger recipes!

Bob's Burger

America loves burger so much that FOX developed a television show that sets at a Burger Joint! As much as I love eating burgers, I am somewhat glad that this show does not revolve around burgers. This quirky animated show shed light to a somewhat dysfunctional family, where it seems that running a business is not that important. Next time when you grab a burger think of America's favorite Burger Joint...Bob's Burger.

© 2015 Monty D-Y

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