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Buy Cheap Coffee

Updated on October 14, 2013

Buy cheap coffee doesn't necessarily mean buying coffee that is of less quality.

It means buying coffee and coffee products that are of the best quality at the lowest prices available. As I have said before, everyone is looking for ways to squeeze every penny out of their budget in today's economical climate.

I love coffee and I am looking for ways to save in other areas too so that I can always enjoy my favorite caffeinated beverage. A lot of folks are turning away from the $5.00 a cup Starbucks and looking for alternatives to buying cheaper coffee while getting the same taste.

Part of achieving this quest to buy cheap coffee is listed below by learning different methods of brewing, selecting the best and cheapest coffee maker, and most importantly, buying cheap coffee beans and how to handle them.

Know What Coffee Type You Like

1. Know what type of coffee you like: Stay with what you know. Don't try a new type or brand of coffee in large quantities. You may end up not liking the 5lb bag you just got that costs you more than you normally spend. Buy half pound or 1 pound bags to try first.

Know How Much Coffee To Buy Is As Important As What Kind To Buy

2. Know how much to buy. Just because 10 pound bags are on sale is no reason to buy that quantity if you only consume 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Freshly roasted coffee is best a day out of the roaster, but if the unground beans are kept in an air tight storage container they can remain high quality for about a week to 10 days, going past 3 weeks the flavor turns mediocre.

Buy Cheap Coffee Under $10 - One pound and less

Try different coffees less expensively by ordering under $10 or in smaller quantities for the most variety.

Buying Roasted Coffee Beans or Green Coffee Beans

3. Buying roasted coffee beans or green coffee beans. Knowing this you will be able to gauge the above tip. If you buy coffee beans that are already roasted, then the quantity you buy is a factor in keeping them as fresh as possible after you have bought them. However, if you have a coffee bean roaster or are a home roaster; the green coffee beans may be the way to go for you and allow for a larger quantity purchase which may save you a few dollars in bulk coffee bean purchases.

Where To Buy Cheap Coffee?

4. Where to buy cheap coffee is the major tip in saving money. Try these

ideas to help you buy cheap coffee beans:

  • Search specialty roasters in your area-you are sure to find something exotic on the cheap.
  • Trendy coffee shops tend to have discounted off brands to move off their shelves for a quick sale. This could show you some major savings when buying gourmet coffee on the cheap.
  • And lastly, try searching Buy Cheap Coffee for other ideas in locating your coffee at an inexpensive price.

Grind Only What You Need

5. Grind only what you need. Keeping the coffee beans the freshest for the longest amount of time is again the biggest money saving tip. The best way to do that is keep the roasted coffee beans whole whenever possible, and grind only what you need with a coffee bean grinder or whatever method you choose.

Buy Cheap Coffee

Keep up with caffeine, energy, and warmth.

Drink Coffee Often

Buy Cheap Coffee How to Tip for getting that bold flavor in your cup

While most hardcore coffee drinkers favor Starbucks or their own gourmet blend the true coffee aficionado prefers a rich cup of French press coffee from a plunger pot.

Automatic drip coffee pots are quicker and easy to use but nothing beats the bold, rich, and intense flavor of a single cup of French press coffee. When the coffee grounds interact with the boiling water for a short period of time it creates a thicker more flavorful cup of coffee that anyone who loves coffee would enjoy.

If you have never tried this method I believe once you do you won't be disappointed and probably won't turn back to the auto drip method of brewing coffee.

Here is what you need to get started:

  • Coffee beans of your choice
  • Coffee bean grinder or coarsely ground coffee
  • A French press coffee pot
  • Nearly boiling water

To see the rest of the steps to make a cup of French press coffee visit this article :

How to use a French Press Pot

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