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Buying A Commercial Refrigerator

Updated on January 8, 2013

Should You Buy New Or Used Commercial Refigerators

Whether you are just starting and are looking for a good deal on restaurant equipment refrigerators, or have an established eatery and need a replacement unit the options are enormous and careful research on your part is necessary.

Refurbished and used refrigerators are a great bargain as long as they are supplied with at least a limited warranty to protect your investment within the first few months. A good rule of thumb is to never purchase a unit that is sold as is from a reseller.

That should be a red-flag saying they are not confident in the future performance of that particular piece of equipment. When contemplating a refurbished refrigerator, ask the seller about the work that was performed on the unit. Were the door gaskets, motor, and other vital components tested vigorously and then replace if they did not meet minimum standards? Did they adequately recharge the refrigerant gases to operating capacity?

If they avoid answering directly then most likely little has been done to provide a quality product that will last any length of time. Get a return policy in writing before committing to any used equipment, as this will make it clear in the beginning that if you have any problems, they can and will be resolved.

Investing in a new refrigerator can cost considerably more, but will give you a longer warranty, and usually a few years of use before serious maintenance will be required to keep it running at normal levels.

Always look for more storage and less cost while keeping quality of workmanship high on your priority list. Check with the supplier about in house financing if you do not quite have all the funds available for an outright purchase.

They may have a better deal on a loan than your personal banker can offer. Service contracts can be a little excessive with some companies, and you will want to make sure before agreeing up on a service plan that everything is laid out in plain English along with some decent commercial kitchen flooring to stand them on..

You do not want to get a surprise bill in the mail for something you thought that was covered in your service contract. Also, review with your rep or in house technician any small preventative maintenance you can perform yourself to help prevent breakdowns and costly replacement issues in the future. Most refrigerators today have built in computers to warn you of components failing, and or temperatures dropping to unacceptable levels.

Commercial Refigerators
Commercial Refigerators


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