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Candy Buffet Bar

Updated on August 31, 2017

Candy Bar Buffet - Wedding Candy Buffet

So... you've caught the candy buffet bug?..

Want to create the perfect candy buffet for your next wedding, event, or party? Well you have come to the right place!

You can find everything you need to build the candy buffet of your dreams right here on this page!

Although most people think of weddings and receptions, candy buffets are great for all occasions. Try creating a candy buffet bar for your next birthday party, Easter or other holiday party, supper bowel party, or really any special occasion. Read the articles below and take a look at the links on this page to get started - We have attempted to compile everything that you will need to make your next party, holiday event, or wedding reception a terrific success! GOOD LUCK! and HAVE FUN!

Be Creative with your buffet - Creativity is key in a wedding candy buffet

Create a candy buffet that matches the creative look and feel of your wedding. Don't be afraid to experiment with things you might not expect to use in a candy buffet. In the picture above you can see how they used fruit to give the buffet a unique look.

5 Steps

To create the perfect Candy Buffet! For your next party, wedding, social gathering, or other occasion!

5 Steps To Create The Ideal Candy Buffet

You can have a great candy buffet at your next party or get together without breaking the bank!

1. Start with inexpensive containers -- If you start looking early you will have no trouble finding affordable containers. Check at your local thrift stors and even dollar shops.

2. Use a little filler candy - a big mistake that a lot of wedding planners make is to make their buffet smaller in order to cut down on costs, leaving your table looking empty and sad. You can create a beautiful and elegant look without having to spend too much money. Try using some of the below ideas

- Use a table runner - basically just a white tablecloth, adding a few runners adds a lot to the look and feel of your buffet table.

- Flowers and petals - You can get great deals on false silk rose petals online -- try Ebay. You simply sprinkle them in-between the containers. You can also use bouquets of flowers in jars and vases. Have the jars ready and then place the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets in them just before the reception.

- Use pictures - Another great idea! Pictures of the couple, your parents, grandparents, etc... or your engagement pictures.

- Candles - Place them in a way that people can reach the candy without burning themselves or knocking them over =)

3. Add "extras" - Instead of just candy, have other things on the buffet as well.

Here are some ideas:

- The wedding cake

- Cookies, squares, and other dessert items

- Chocolate fountain

- Punch bowl or fountain

- Fruit

- Your Guest book

4. Buy Affordable Candy - the candy is probably the most expensive aspect of the candy buffet but there are ways to control that cost as well.

Here are a few tips:

- Don't go overboard. If you are using my ideas in section 2 and 3 - your candy buffet does not have to include TONS of candy to look full and elegant. You reasonably need to have enough candy for a small bag full per guest.

- Size Matters - you can put the same amount of candy in a dozen smaller containers rather then into 2 or 3 large containers - but 12 smaller containers LOOKS like more then 2 or 3 large ones do. So, stick to small and medium size containers. Then, place the containers on different levels by places different boxes or books under the table cloth to create risers for some of the containers to sit on. This makes containers easier to reach, and makes the table look fuller.

- Plan ahead - once you have your containers ready, plan which candy will go in each container. Fill larger containers with the less expensive candies, smaller containers for the more expensive containers.

- Buy in bulk - Once you know what types of candy you want, check out different bulk candy suppliers and compare prices.

Keep reading for more on candy buffets!

- COLOR makes a difference - in generally, a candy buffet in coordinated colors looks much more elegant then one that features a hodge podge of random selections. Many bulk suppliers will let you purchase bulk orders of things like jelly beans - all in one color.

How Much Candy Will I Need For My Buffet?

Decide/Calculate about how much candy you are going to need. As a rule of thumb you should plan on each guest taking about 4 oz., or ½ cup of candy, so simply multiply the number of guests you are expecting by 4 to determine the total number of ounces you need to buy. Its always a good idea to get a little extra, just in case some guests take more than 4 oz.

Candy Buffet Tip

Arrange all of the candy and containers you have purchased for the wedding on a table at home first. This will let you practice how you want it display your buffet at the actual event. When you have finalized the setup, you may want to even draw a picture (or use a digital camera

Candy Buffet For Kids!

A candy buffet can be an excellent attraction for your next kids party (birthday, holiday, family parties etc..!)

Kids love candy - and what's better than a whole buffet of your favorite treats.

Creating a candy buffet for kids can be a lot of fun. You don't need to add the same elegance and coordination required for a wedding or reception. Just grab a few bags of your kids favorite treats and fill a few fun summer bowls!

Color - Choose candy that fits your color scheme!

Candy Buffet
Candy Buffet

You can find candy in almost any color you can imagine - so choose your wedding colors then find an assortment of buffet candy to match!

Candy Buffet Tip

Decorate your containers and serving utensils with ribbon in colors that match your theme.

Pink Theme Candy Buffet - A candy theme like this might be great for a baby shower or house warming party!

Chocolate - Chocolate is a great idea for your candy buffet!

Green/Blue Candy Buffet Bar

Candy Buffet Supplies

Candy and Candy Buffet Supplies

White Candy Buffet

Graduation Party Candy Buffet

Have you thought about using a candy buffet at your next graduation party? Use school colors, balloons, and of corse candy!

Candy Buffet Tip

Try filling a jar or two with something other than candy - like bouncy balls or, another creative party favor.

What is it all about?

Professionals on the Today Show and even Martha Stewart are creating candy buffets for wedding receptions and party mementos

Past is the time of wedding dessert simply being one consistent piece of cake! Sweeten up the guests using a candy buffet bar for your upcoming wedding. professionals really know what it is like to prepare a marriage and sort through decision after decision. To alleviate your anxiety, we only offer you the highest quality buffet candy that is most suitable for receptions and favors. You can rely on our secure UPS shipping to get the buffet candy and favor products for you when it's needed.

Obtain a selection of pinks in gummy bears, gumballs, jelly beans, and rock candy sticks, or pick out a multi-colored variety of lollipops to add a splash for the reception! With many take-home canisters or perhaps a pre made assortment, the bar candy becomes wedding mementos to please all.

Test these suggestions picking candy for your wedding reception candy bar!

To begin with, choose the general styles and experience of your wedding reception. Following that, work out how the candy buffet will fit into the décor. You can actually pick out wedding favors and bar candy by shades, patterns, tastes, and styles to make the perfect candy buffet and complimenting favors. Consider not just the candy bar display, but also how the wedding visitors will serve and gain access to the buffet for the reception.

Second, limit the reception candy bar selections by what flavors and candy styles you would like. Some favors are more or less expected like Jordan almonds and wedding mints. What other varieties would you and your friends and relatives take pleasure in at the wedding reception?

After that, always possess the buffet candy materials for guests to scoop and serve the candy favors! Locate small scoops at a party or cooking supply suppliers. You'll be able to personalize them with accessories or leave as-is for your candy buffet. Choose to have dishes, storage containers, ornamented totes, napkins, and/or other serving supplies for the candy reception bar. Friends will be beaming with fun and tasty sweets within reach.

Make sure that the candy bar canisters, buffet candy and favors all go together to brighten the wedding reception. You can also decorate the buffet table with frills, unique vases, and personalized cards to your guests as a thank-you or together with your new Mr. & Mrs. mailing address.

For wedding favors, bundle some buffet bar candy favorites by using a whimsical package and frills, or leave it open for reception guests to help make their very own take-home treat.

As a final point, always order enough! Nobody wants to find the bottom of a candy bar at a wedding reception.

We want to hear about your candy buffet!

Tell me what you think! - Tell us about your candy buffet - or ask a question!

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