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Caribou Coffee Merchandise: Mugs,K-Cups, and Collectibles

Updated on July 15, 2013

Give (or Receive) Caribou Coffee Collectibles, Gifts, Mugs, Plush Animals, and K-Cups, and Coffee!

Caribou Coffee is often ranked at the top by taste testers, with a delicious line of coffee and espresso baked drinks. The company also specializes in baked goods as well as iced coolers and frozen drinks. If you're a fan of the coffee, then you'll love the Caribou Coffee merchandise for sale on this page! From rare Caribou Coffee collectibles like mugs and plush moose animals to gift cards to coffee by the pound, there are some excellent Caribou themed gifts to choose from for any coffee lover. Scroll on down to start reading about some of the coffee themed gifts!

Caribou Coffee K-Cups
Caribou Coffee K-Cups

Caribou Coffee K-Cups

Single serve coffee perfection from Keurig

K-Cups are an easy way to get that delicous, fresh roasted coffee taste right in the convenience of your own home any time you want it.

Caribou Coffee K-Cups are designed for ease of use. The way they work is you take a single pod, or k-cup, to make a single cup of coffee. Let's face it, we all waste coffee, so a K-cup machine by Keurig is a great way to have just one single cup any time you want it! Need another cup? It takes seconds to brew up another one, and the k-cups ensure that you'll have a fresh cup every time. They come in every variety and flavor offered in the store, including decaf. Order them online at a great price below:

Caribou Coffee K-Cups Available for Sale - Flavors available online

There's an even bigger selection on Click through to search for more!

Keurig K-Cup B60 Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System

Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System
Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System

This is the machine you'll need to get started making yourself a single serve cup of delicious coffee every morning! The Keurig K-Cup system also has a variety of other coffee brands to choose from, like Gloria Jean's, Green Mountain, Timothy's, Twinings, Bigelow, Newman's Own, Tully's, Van Houtte Cafe, and Donut House!

Caribou Coffee Mug
Caribou Coffee Mug

Caribou Coffee Mugs

Find unique collectible mugs, travel mugs and more

When you find collectible Caribou Coffee mugs and cups, jump on the opportunity to get them! These rarities sometimes pop up on Ebay for sale on auction in very limited quantities. Also sometimes available are thermoses and travel mugs.

Below, you'll see the current selection being offered. Click through to start your own more specific search, or to view product details.

Caribou Coffee drinks
Caribou Coffee drinks

Caribou Coffee Stores

Great atmosphere, great coffee

As one of America's premier coffee chains, Caribou Coffee not only offers excellent coffee, but also a great atmosphere at their physical brick and mortar locations. Inside, there are rustic wooden beams, large comfortable armchairs and couches, and earthen toned furniture and details. The interior resembles a mountain lodge, to give it that "caribou" outdoorsy feel.

Caribou Coffee Dept 56 Collectibles

Dept 56 has a special line of XMAS themed collectible merchandise like the North Pole coffee shop store. This replica is Christmas themed, and the perfect collectible for anyone that's a big Christmas person and coffee lover.

The Coffee

The coffee ranges in taste from bold to mild, but they have some really unique blends that will suit everyone. Personally, my favorite roast is Fireside. It's very flavorful, yet smooth and not too bold or acidic. The roast somehow reminds you of autumn, and the taste is incredible in the morning. A few more of my favorites have been Daybreak, Caribou Blend, and the Fireside Decaf.

Caribou Coffee by the Pound - Buy It Online!

Caribou Coffee gift card
Caribou Coffee gift card

The Ultimate Gift for Coffee Lovers: Gift Cards!

Let them get coffee when they want - no wait, NEED it!

Caribou Coffee gift cards are a great choice for anyone that loves to buy a cup of their favorite coffee on their way to work in the morning, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or a weekend treat.

Caribou Coffee gift cards can be found here on their website.

Caribou Coffee Plush Animals

Plush moose and more

Since 1992, the Caribou Coffee chain has been associated with its familiar logo of a jumping caribou. Though the logo has changed slightly, it remains true mostly to its original form. Besides its obvious rustic, Alaskan style appeal, the logo is synonymous with high quality coffee and bakery treats!

Below, you can find some of the collectible Caribou Coffee plush animals for sale right now.

A great stocking stuffer, but also a great little mascot to top off their birthday gift, anniversary gift, or collectible for yourself!

Visit the offiical store to find more mugs, cups, coffee, and other Caribou Coffee merchandise! Click the banner to visit.

What's Your Favorite Drink at Caribou Coffee? - Tell us your favorite drink, location, K-Cup, or collectible here!

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