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A carrot juicer is a perfect "micro step" towards the better health that you crave

Updated on June 16, 2010

Carrot juice preparations - making the switch from fruit juice to vegetable juice doesn't have to be hard - in fact, it's delicious!

Carrot juicer with ingredients ready to go
Carrot juicer with ingredients ready to go

It's possible to increase your health and vitality by adjusting a few things that you already do.

Are you a person who wishes to increase your health? Who wants to feel alive and fresh, bright-eyed and energetic day after day? Let me guess... you said yes to all of those things... it's pretty desirable to all of us to be the best that we can be in terms of health and energy. Ask anyone and I think they will tell you that they'd be happy to be healthier... but when you ask them how they may not have clear ideas in mind. And that's understandable. What we all need is ways to change our health for the better in baby steps, in micro steps, in easy to manage steps that allow us to gently ease ourselves out of our old self and into the new without perceptible efforts of "willpower". Everyone who has every tried a diet or planned an exercise routine knows that it is more than just willpower that will get you there. Willpower is something which, although necessary as an underlying goal, is not always an easy thing to conjure up at just the right moment. It is far simpler to use your best willpower to plan out micro steps in your better moment,s and reserve the carrying out of these micro steps when you are not feeling so motivated - and let's face it, we all have those moments!

One of the ways that you can change your health for the better in micro steps is looking at things you already do and adjusting them a little. I'm sure you've all heard of the idea that taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a good thing for your health, so definitely follow through with that one as often as you can. That's several steps though, he he he! Another thing which I'm going to suggest here is that you adjust your eating by not adding, and not taking away, but by substituting better ingredients and alternatives for the things you woud have eaten or drunk anyway. Again, it's not about willpower in the end, because the person who goes on a strict diet and feels hungry all the time will not likely stick it out for long, and even if they do lose some weight, chances are their body will hold onto it again as soon as they do "slip" and eat a piece of chocolate cake or a cup of fries. No, better not to be walking on eggshells so to speak; to be healthier, it won't work to simply "diet". (I know that health and thinness are often equated to be the same thing, but they are most emphatically not... you can be not-thin and be very healthy, and you can be thin as anything and not have vitality and health.)

Today I'm going to talk about one micro step that a lot of you, I am sure, would be able to take. It's not a big one, but it's a start - a first step, so to speak, for your journey of a thousand miles (maybe literally, maybe not!)... so, here it is.

Do you ever juice a few oranges to make yourself a glass of orange juice? (Or in the case of people who eat out often, do you order a glass of juiced orange?) Because, if you do, you're onto a good thing - fresh juice is ever so healthy. Buuuuut. Remember how much sugar is in one orange. Sugar causes your blood sugar to spike and is not something that our bodies are evolutionarily adapted for. Far more natural for us to consuming vegetables. So I'll come right out and say it; in the long term, making the switch from fruit juices to vegetable juices will do you no end of good. In fact, being a daily juicer of vegetables will revolutionise your life - I guarantee it, as do many others - just look at Jack LaLanne the iron man - he's ancient as anything and he's stronger - and cheerier - than most people in their 20's!

But now I have almost lost you, because you are imagining the taste of vegetable juice and screwing up your nose. "Ew," you are thinking - "broccoli juice, bell pepper juice - it just ain't the same with my bacon and eggs for breakfast - no no, I don't think I'll listen to this anymore"! But wait - don't go! Baby steps, remember? Micro steps, easy steps. No willpower required. Slip into your new healthy body - don't kick and scream and fight your way in. All I'm suggesting is that you make the switch from orange juice to carrot juice. That's all - be a carrot juicer instead of an orange juicer. Wow, that's hard, isn't it! I'm not even saying "never drink orange juice again" - I'm just saying, start choosing carrot juice over orange juice, and one day your body will say to you, "hey, this is not too bad!" and one day not long after that it will say, "hmm, orange juice sure tastes sweeter than I remembered", and one day not long after that you will start to wonder what other vegetables could taste like in a juice. And then you'll be off - no struggles or "will" required. (You can also "wean" yourself even more gently off fruit juices by gradually juicing more vegetables in your mix than you do fruits. This is good if you are really shy of the taste of vegetable juices.) You only need to make the micro steps that will allow your body to speak gently to your brain and translate gently into actions that will benefit you. The upside of changing your health in this way is that it will train you to listen to your body over time. Instead of fixating on an external goal and then straining to reach it, failing each time, you will now be reaching upwards from the inside, because you will be allowing your body to tell you what it wants and needs.

Am I going too far with the thing with the carrot juice? No. It's worked for me and it's worked for many others - I chose carrots because they are a naturally sweet vegetable, but they are different enough from oranges and other fruits that it will gradually and effortlessly sensitise your tastebuds to the delightful and refreshing taste of juiced vegetables. Of course you can pick another vegetable if you wish, but carrots are a surefire hit even with children. Try it anyway, before putting the whole thing on the backburner because of indecision.

Now I'm not claiming that using a carrot juicer is the only way to better health, because there are one million and one ways to better health, and we all know it deep down. But for those who are bamboozled or befuddled or overwhelmed by the advice out there, this is one starting point that I know works. Swtich gradually from fruit juice to vegetable juice. Trust me, but more to the point, try it and then trust your body. It will tell you what it needs if you listen in. Best of wishes with your way to better health with the help of a juicer!

A classy glass of carrot juice!

With a home juicer machine, you can make fresh carrot juice whenever you want.
With a home juicer machine, you can make fresh carrot juice whenever you want.


Thanks to Casey Serin and SolYoung for the images.


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    • cheaptoys profile image

      cheaptoys 7 years ago

      always take your fruits and veggies to make sure that you have a healthy body!

    • mkngcm profile image

      mkngcm 7 years ago

      I never seem to eat enough fruit or vegetables even though I know I should - but my wife has been creating fruit mixes with a juicer and it seems to me drinking them is so much easier and tastier too.

    • belizerealestate profile image

      belizerealestate 7 years ago

      I really like the idea of microsteps to health. Tiny steps that may become a habit one day. And carrot juice is pretty tasty too!