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Catch a Fish Then Cook It-Cooking Recipes

Updated on September 10, 2016
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Cynthia Haltom, Ph.D. is an accomplished educator and author of over 100 books. Many of her books are about cooking.

Great Lakes Fishing

The Place to Catch a Fish and use Your Cooking Recipes

Catch a Fish and Cook It! Have you ever caught a fish and eaten it fresh? Well that's what we do! Each summer we travel from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi to Northern Ontario, Canada. There we enjoy fishing, good eating and fun for the entire summer. My husband's grandparents settled the area in the 1930's and built a summer camp, a lodge and several small cabins. The camp has gone through a number of modern changes, electricity and plumbing and heat are some of the basics. Over the years the property and food choices have been passed down to the next generations.

It is now our generations turn to care take the camp. Since it's original beginning the camp has been subdivided among family members and friends. We spend our time fishing, swimming and relaxing with cool drinks. Each evening bring the opportunity to eat and prepare the catch of the day. Some one always has a campfire going in the evening, the guitars come out and the singing and laughing begin. It feels good being a part of this family everyone enjoys being in this place we call camp.

Catch of the Day

What Kind of Fish?

A day of fishing is usually started by deciding what kind of fish we should catch. There are a number of great choices Steel Head, Northern Pike, Freshwater Perch, Walleye are just a few to choose from. Over the years we have fished from canoes, small fishing boat and now comfortable boast to stretch out and relax.

Here's my husband Bob holding up the catch of the day! He is an avid fisherman and he and his cousin take the boat our everyday to do some fishing. Sometime I go along for moral support and fish along with the boys. When I do catch a large fish they made me reel it in myself and bring it into the boat. The fish we catch are very heavy and I sometime wonder why I decided to go with them when the fish battles me for a long period of time. I've only lost one good fish and a lot of time it take me a few days to recover from the fight.

I know this sound horrible to those of you who fish regularly, but I would rather not have to do the fighting with those big fish. I like catching lake perch they are easier to reel in, but you have to catch a mess of them to make a meal.

What a Whopper! Hurry up my arms are getting tired.

What a Whopper!  Hurry up my arms are getting tired.
What a Whopper! Hurry up my arms are getting tired.

Dinner Time

Time for the Cookout!

Being at camp is a family experience. Each generation learns the routine and how to do the things that have brought joy to the family for over 70 years. Everyone learns how to fish, fillet and cook the catch. The recipe is simple we use seasoned flour or boxed fish fry mixes like Drakes or Zataraines, just dip and fry until golden brown. Every fish fry is a family and friend affair, we share everything. I someone cooks the others prepare potatoes, salads, homemade tartar sauce and tasty side dishes.

Here you can see that we cook outside if the weather permits since it saves a lot of time with clean-up. Two frying pans, one electric the other on a hot plate burner and an old cast iron skillet.

Great Lake Salmon

Great Fishing Boats and Tackel

Everyone knows that a great boat is one of the most essential pieces of fishing equipment. Deck it out with all the latest fish finders, and depth finders. A great tackle box is the best way to protect you investment. A place for everything, lures, hooks, tools, stinger don't leave the dock without one!

Don't forget to bring your fishing license. Carry it in a waterproof container inside your tackle box.

Great Northern Pike

Homemade Tartar Sauce



1 cup mayonnaise

3 dill pickles chopped into small pieces

1 small onion diced

1-2 tsp. dill weed

Put all ingredients into a small bowl mix until blended. Cover let set in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Hint: the longer it is refrigerated the better it tastes.

Another photo of a small Northern Pike

13 pounds of FUN!

13 pounds of FUN!
13 pounds of FUN!

Cooking Outside - Master Cook and Assistant

Canadian Walleye

Cooking with an Assistant

Here are our cooks, the master and his assistant cook in training. Electric frying pans are great for frying fish especially an old on like this. Using it outside is a brilliant idea, that prevents the fishy smell permeating the cabin, needless to say the clean-up of the kitchen with grease splattered everywhere. The other pan is an old cask iron skillet on a single burner hot plate. It is the perfect way to do camp cooking for a large group. The fish is left to cook until golden brown, since it is fresh it cooks quickly.

The assistant cook used a zipper bag filled with fish fry. By dipping the fish in milk than into the dry fish fry mix, it easily coats it for immediate cooking. After frying the fish is place on a heavy ironstone platter that has been covered in paper towel to absorb excess grease. Paper towel is layer over the top of the cooked fished and is ready for the next ones to be placed on top. We use an additional platter to cover the cooked fish to keep the heat while the others are cooked.

When the fish is served the platters are turned upside down so that the first cooked is the first eaten. Although it may have been on the platter for a while it is still hot and tasty.

OK Anytime Now!

OK Anytime Now!
OK Anytime Now!

When was the last time you went fishing?

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    • Dusty2 LM profile image

      Dusty2 LM 4 years ago

      Really nice lens with some good looking catches of the day. When I saw the picture of your husband, Bob, holding up the stringer of fish I could have worn it was Bill Dance. The only thing missing was the Tennessee ball cap he always wears on TV. The Big whopper you are holding up looks good also. Experiencing a little pain hauling in a big whopper like that is half the fun of fishing. It looks to be a good 25 - 30 lbs! Appreciate you sharing this lens. Thank You for stopping by my Chocolate Ice Cream with Tofu Recipe lens and giving it a "thumbs up". I really appreciate it. I bet the chocolate tofu ice cream afterwards would go good with a mess of fish too. Bon Appetit!

    • Countryluthier profile image

      E L Seaton 4 years ago from Virginia

      Since the children were young and... we caught that ugly dog fish thing. It has been a spell! Nicely done. Bob, what no catfish??

    • junkcat profile image

      junkcat 4 years ago

      The last time I went fishing was last summer up at the cottage. Hope to go again this summer.

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 4 years ago from Alabama USA

      I have not went fishing in a while.