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Totally Tasty Walnut and Cauliflower Pita Treat

Updated on November 15, 2014
cauliflower and walnut pitta sandwich
cauliflower and walnut pitta sandwich

Like many people, I'm really trying to cut down on snacking between meals. It's not easy, so that means finding tasty, nutritious and filling meals to reduce the urge to snack. This delicious walnut and cauliflower pita (or pitta) sandwich certainly fits that brief.

You can choose a vegetarian or vegan option. In the photo, you can see the vegetarian version of my pita sandwich, which includes cheese spread to bind the ingredients. For vegans, you can substitute mashed avocado instead of cheese - equally yummy! I serve with a little green salad, and sometimes with a few fresh tomato slices for vitamins and color.

The cauliflower and walnut spread is also healthy, with walnuts being a great source of essential minerals. One ounce of walnuts will give you 11% of the average daily magnesium requirements, and 10% of the vitamin B6 requirements, as well as calcium and iron. Three ounces of cauliflower will give you almost 70% of the average daily value required for vitamin C. Most of the calories in this sandwich come from the walnuts and the pita bread, so be aware that if you increase the ratio of walnuts to cauliflower in the spread, you will also increase the calories. As it stands, the total calorie count for this recipe is less than 400, and it keeps me feeling comfortably full for hours.

5 stars from 1 rating of Walnut and Cauliflower Pita


  • 3 oz cauliflower
  • 1 oz walnuts
  • 1 cheese triangle
  • 1 pita bread
  • rocket and watercress


  1. Steam or microwave the cauliflower florets
  2. Chop the walnuts
  3. Blend together with a small amount of soft cheese cheese or mashed avocado
  4. Chop the rocket and watercress leaves, and fold into the cauliflower and walnut mix
  5. Spread thickly inside a pita pocket, and finish with slices of pickles
Pita the Great
Pita the Great

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I hope you enjoy this delicious pita sandwich. What is your favourite sandwich filling?

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    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 3 years ago

      It's really very tasty Susan. Give it a try! :)

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      This sounds really good. I'm not a big sandwich eater, but I'm more likely to eat one made with pita bread or another specialty bread. I like this combination.

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 4 years ago from Colorado

      I'm going to love this. Would never have thought of this combination on my own. Since I like all of the individual ingredients, I know I will find this to be a tasty pita. Thanks!

    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 4 years ago

      @Heidi Vincent: Combining the walnuts and veggies gives a good nutrient balance to the sandwich.

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 4 years ago from GRENADA

      Any cheese filling always suits me fine. Nice healthy recipe, savateuse. I like the nut and veggie combination.

    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 4 years ago

      @smine27: I hope you enjoy it!

    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 4 years ago

      @Brite-Ideas: yes, it is both!

    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Healthy and delicious is good in my book.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      sounds healthy and delicious!

    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 4 years ago

      @Merrci: It's surprisingly filling and nutritious too !

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 4 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      Looks delicious, and I just bought a cauliflower. Dinner tonight perhaps!