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Chestnuts Recipes

Updated on November 16, 2014

Best fall earthy food: chestnuts

I love chestnuts and every year I can't wait for the fall to be able to cook delicious dishes with them. When I lived in Italy I used to go chestnut picking in the woods which was great cause I would get the main ingredient for my recipes completely free. Where I live now we don't have any unfortunately so I have to buy them from the store.

They can be enjoyed simply roasted (preferably on a BBQ) and used in both savory or sweet recipes. Here's a selection of my favorite recipes. Hope you enjoy it!


Great Savory recipes

Chestnut and chickpea soup

This is one of my favorite recipes for the fall. It is not a smooth soup as the chickpeas are left whole and the chestnuts are quartered but still chunky. I've known people to add minestrone pasta to it.


Jar of cooked chickpeas (about 250 g)

250 g chestnuts

2 garlic cloves

handful of fresh parsley

olive oil

1 tin of tomatoes

1 vegetable stock cube

pinch of black pepper

pinch of chilli

1 liter of water

fresh rosemary

Roast the chestnuts, peel and chop into quarters.

Chop garlic and parsley. Fry quickly with the olive oil, add the tomatoes, rosemary, chestnuts and chickpeas. Cook for 5 minutes then add the water, stock cube, pepper and chilli. Cook for about 30 minutes and serve!

Chestnut risotto

Another recipe to warm you up during the fall


500 g risotto rice

400 g of chestnuts boiled with rosemary for about 5 hours

olive oil

1 tablespoon of butter

1 onion finely chopped


250 ml cream

vegetable stock

grated parmesan

Peeled the boiled chestnuts and mash

Fry the onion in oil and butter

Add the rosemary, mash chestnuts, cream, salt and pepper

After 5 minutes add the rice and some stock. You will need to replenish the stock until the rice is fully cooked. Serve with freshly grated parmesan on top.

Mushrooms and chestnut pasta


350 g pasta (tagliatelle is best)

200 g chestnuts

40 g dry porcini mushrooms

200 ml cream

olive oil


pinch of salt and pepper

Roast the chestnuts, peel and chop finely

Fry the chopped onion in the oil, add the chopped mushrooms, cook for 3 minutes. Add the chestnuts, cream and salt and pepper.

Cook for about 5 minutes and add to your cooked pasta!

Sweet Recipes


This is probably my favorite chestnut recipe. Very simple to make, it's a lovely sweet better enjoyed warm.


300 g of chestnut flour

450 ml water

10 tbsp olive oil

100 g of raisin

60 g pine nuts

pinch of salt

Mix the flour, 1 tablespoon of oil, raisin, nuts and salt. Pour in an oven dish spray with the rest of the oil and cook at 200C for about 30 minutes.

Chestnut and chocolate cake


300 g chestnut flour

300 ml milk

30 g butter

30 g flour

100 g dark chocolate

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

pinch of salt

Melt the chocolate and butter

Mix the two flours, bicarbonate and salt

Add the milk and then add the melted chocolate with butter

Pout the mixture in a ovenproof dish and cook at 170 degrees C for 20-25 minutes.

Chestnut fritters

Chestnut flour


(oil to fry)

Mix the flour and water to obtain a semi-liquid consistency similar to pancakes.

One spoon at the time fry the mixture. Enjoy on its own or with syrup.

Marron glace

Very sweet glazed chestnuts

Do you like chestnuts?

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    • LynetteBell profile image

      LynetteBell 4 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      I remember having roast chestnuts in newspaper somewhere in Europe when I was a young girl.

    • Yamin Joe profile image

      Yamin Joe 4 years ago

      I like eating chestnuts roasted in oven or on a BBQ,but I never used them in preparing any dish,now with your recipes I will use some of your's in the nearest chestnuts season.

    • mel-kav profile image

      mel-kav 4 years ago

      I've had chestnuts a few times - but they were just plain roasted. I didn't realize there were so many ways to use chestnuts in food. Thanks for the ideas.