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Chicken Ala King Recipe - How to make Chicken Ala King

Updated on October 10, 2011
preparation is key in chicken al a king
preparation is key in chicken al a king

Many people are scared to attempt to make Chicken Ala King because they think that it is a complicated dish to make. In actual fact it is extremely easy and has very few ingredients.

It may seem like there a lot of processes to follow to arrive at the Chicken Ala King, but you will see that it is simple if you realise that you just have to cook a few ingredients first.

The complicated part is the cooking. The easy part is putting it together. You would not think so if you did not see for your self.

The easiest way to make a chicken ala king is to use the leftovers form a whole chicken. You will notice that chicken generally has a strand type of texture which makes it easy to sperate into the strands for cooking.

Take a piece of chicken and seperate the strands with your nail or a fork. These strands of chicken are what you will use in your dish.

If you have no chicken leftovers, it will take about 20 minutes to cook a few chicken breasts. This is fine also.

Chicken ala king is good for you too

Preparation time

 If using leftover chicken, then you only need a few minutes to prepare. If you need to cook some chicken, it will take about 5 minutes longer to preapre the chicken breasts.

Cooking time and servings

The chicken ala king dish will only take about 15 to 20 minutes to make. If you need to cook the chicken stil, add an extra 15 minutes.

This chicken ala king will be enough to serve 4 -6 servings. For more persons just add extra ingredients.

Chicken A La King with pasta
Chicken A La King with pasta

Chicken ala king ingredients

These are the best combinations to use

  • half a large green pepper
  • 200 gram punnet of mushrooms
  • an instant mushroom sauce or a white sauce base if you know to make it from flour, butter and milk
  • 200 ml or a pint of Milk
  • about 400 to 500 grams of chicken pieces (boneless)
  • 500 grams of rice

How to make the Chicken ala King

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees or use the grill function depending on how you like your chicken cooked.

Place your rice in a pot with boiling water and a teaspoon of salt and cook according to the instructions on the packaging.

Place your boneless chicken in the oven on 180 degrees or grill. You will need to cook chicken for about 7 minutes per side to ensure they are cooked all the way through. Once cooked remove and allow to cool for a few minutes to be able to tear into strands easier.

Heat a knob of butter or some olive oil (about 50 ml is fine) in a frying pan on medium heat(about 4) is fine.

You will need to chop the green pepper into peices about half the size of a thumb nail for the best taste. Place all the green pepper pieces into the frying pan and fry for a few minutes. Just ensure not to burn them.

You will now need to chop the mushrooms into slices or cut into quarters and add them to the frying mix.

Now add some italian spices, about a quarter of a teaspoon will be enough add season as you see fit.

Now add your milk to the mushroom suace and make according to the instructions on the packaging, be sure to rather use milk wherever you see water mention, but in the same quantities.

Take the chicken pieces and cut with the grain of the chicken so that you end up with strands of chicken that are only the thickness of spaghetti. It may seem tedious, but htis is what will differentiate a nice chicken ala king from a great chicken ala king.

Once you are happy that the sauce is starting to cook and will be ready in a few minutes, turn in the chicken pieces that you have chopped into small strands and allow the chicken to become part of the sauce.

Now palce some rice on a plate and pour some spoonfuls of the chicken ala king onto the rice.

This is the best way to serve chicken ala king. Some people prefer to serve with peas and mashed potatoes, which is also great. I just believe that the flavour is created by the small amounts of green pepper infused with the italian spices to find that perfect flavor.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.


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    • melodyandes profile image


      7 years ago

      Very yummy article.

    • cashmere profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Sounds easy enough...will try it out later this week.


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