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Chocolate Covered Fruit

Updated on March 29, 2015
Sylvestermouse profile image

I love cooking & creating my own fun food masterpieces. I also enjoy sharing my own recipes including my decorative cake & cupcake tutorials


Fruit Trays are Fabulous

Fruit trays have been gracing event tables for many years. Whenever friends or family are planning a wedding shower, baby shower, tea, reception or party, I always volunteer to bring the fruit tray.

For decades, I have prepared Chocolate Covered Strawberries for my family. Purchasing chocolate covered strawberries from a candy store, can be very expensive. Making my own, is inexpensive and easy.

One day I was preparing a fruit tray for a gathering and I decided to take a side dish of chocolate covered strawberries as a special treat. I looked at the prepared fruit tray sitting next to the chocolate covered strawberries and I thought, "why not dip all of the fruit in chocolate?" That is how my chocolate covered fruit tray began. Over the next few days, I tested different fruits dipped in chocolate and allowed my family to be the judges. We have found that there are a lot of fruits that we love dipped or covered in chocolate.

This will probably be the first time you have seen some of these fruits covered or dipped in chocolate. After all, the day I prepared them, it was the first time I had seen most of them :)

Fruit Tray of Chocolate Covered and Dipped Fruits

Great for Any Party or Gathering
Great for Any Party or Gathering | Source

Chocolate Dipped or Chocolate Covered Fruit Recipes

Preparation to cover any fruit in chocolate begins basically the same way.

  1. Wash and dry the fruit.
  2. Peel, if necessary.
  3. Melt the Chocolate

Some of these fruits have special instructions.

You may wish to visit the individual article for each one. Some articles have examples of large chunks fully covered in chocolate, as well as slices with dipped tips.

Virtually any fruit can be dipped or covered in chocolate. Let me know if you find one I haven't made or featured. I would love to try it!

A Chocolate Covered Fruit tray makes a lovely presentation for showers, teas, receptions or parties!

Beautiful Serving Trays for Your Fruit

Simply Click on the Photo to Purchase the Featured Item

Beautiful 3 Tier Serving Tray
Beautiful 3 Tier Serving Tray | Source

Make a Special Treat

Chocolate covered fruits are wonderful treats anytime.

Either one makes a great afternoon snack, a simple dessert or even a special treat for the lunch box.

Just select your favorite fruit, melt your chocolate and start dipping!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a delicacy and are often very expensive if purchased from a candy store.

Chocolate Dipped Pears

Pears have great health benefits and are a delicious source of Vitamin C. Personally, I think pears are a pretty fruit and I simply could not resist dipping them is chocolate.

Kiwi Chocolate Covered Kiwi

Have you ever eaten Kiwi? Have you ever tried Chocolate Dipped Kiwi?

Chocolate Covered Grapes

Preparing Chocolate Covered Grapes is fast and easy. Chocolate Dipped Grapes make a delicious appetizer, dessert or snack.

Chocolate Covered Bananas

Let me show you how to prepare Chocolate Covered Bananas frozen on a stick, or Chocolate Covered Bananas in bite-size pieces.

Chocolate Covered Apples

Chocolate Covered Apples are more aptly described as Chocolate Dipped Apples since the entire apple slice is not covered with chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Blackberries

Blackberries are one of my husband's favorite fruits. Recently, I was covering or dipping fruit in chocolate and he suggested we make Chocolate Covered Blackberries.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chocolate Covered Cherries are one of my favorite treats. They are also one of my fathers' favorite treats.

Chocolate Covered Oranges

Oranges are a tasty, juicy fruit packed with Vitamin C and I love chocolate dipped oranges or chocolate covered oranges. The combination of citrus and chocolate is shockingly wonderful!

Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Pineapple is one of those fruits that is delicious in anything, with anything or just by itself.

Thank you for stopping by!

Do Come Back and See Me Again!

~ Sylvestermouse ~

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    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

      Wishing you a wonderful New Year's eve and all manner of wonderful blessings in the new year.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      My wife loves chocolate, I think I'm going to surprise her with one of these!

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 4 years ago from Canada

      Your chocolate covered fruit looks delicious. I know a lady who makes a fruit platter and drizzles it with fruit.

    • Margaret Schindel profile image

      Margaret Schindel 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      I absolutely ADORE chocolate covered fruit (especially if the chocolate is dark chocolate)! You've suggested some fruits I never would have thought of dipping into chocolate, such as kiwi and blackberries. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • JeffGilbert profile image

      JeffGilbert 4 years ago

      Yes, I've noticed at parties that chocolate covered fruits are becoming more and more popular. Thanks for showing how to do this. :)

    • profile image

      ChroniclesofaWa 5 years ago

      Wow! Can I have some of these? :)

    • earaja profile image

      earaja 5 years ago

      carvings are kicking in

    • Monica Ranstrom profile image

      Monica Ranstrom 5 years ago

      Yum, love kiwi and chocolate! Nicely done.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Looks delicious.

    • mrsclaus411 profile image

      mrsclaus411 5 years ago

      I love fruits dipped and covered in chocolate.

    • designworld lm profile image

      designworld lm 5 years ago

      Now, you have made me hungry! I love fresh fruit, but dipped in chocolate is all the better.

    • kristalulabelle profile image

      Kristen 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      I'll have to try your favorite chocolate shell product out! I've always shied away from chocolate covered fruit because I thought it would be too hard...but you have rejuvinated my interest! Great lens!

    • knit1tat2 profile image

      knit1tat2 5 years ago

      all sounds wonderful, would love to go to one of your parties! But alas, here I am, and dreaming away!

    • teristazko profile image

      teristazko 5 years ago

      Wow, fruit has never looked so yummy! Great job!

    • profile image

      7thStone 5 years ago

      You have some great fruit ideas here, but you're missing one of my favorites ... dried apricots! I've been in love with them ever since I was a kid and my Mom took me to Oliver's Chocolate Shop in Batavia, NY and the lady at the counter gave me one to try ... mmmmm.

    • DelightfulDanie profile image

      DelightfulDanie 5 years ago

      Yummm....... Sounds delightful.

    • Steve Dizmon profile image

      Steve Dizmon 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Chocolate covered frozen bananas are particularly good. Enjoyed the lens.

    • MindPowerProofs1 profile image

      MindPowerProofs1 5 years ago

      Your lens is delicious. I love chocolate and cannot stand without it more than 6 hours. I cannot make these trays, I will eat all of them and the trays will be empty.

    • cao2fine profile image

      cao2fine 5 years ago

      I've used the microwave chocolate for dipping, but didn't realize it comes in white chocolate! Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      miaponzo 5 years ago

      Love your trays... love your fruit! Love EVERYTHING!!!! :) Blessed!

    • profile image

      miaponzo 5 years ago

      Love your trays... love your fruit! Love EVERYTHING!!!! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      You had me at chocolate covered. What a wonderful lens filled with fruity and chocolate goodness that just looks delightful. Do you need my address to send me one of these lovely chocolate cover fruit gifts too? lol

    • Holley Web profile image

      Holley Web 6 years ago

      You know I love chocolate. I can't wait to try those white chocolate covered blackberries!

    • Lou165 profile image

      Lou165 6 years ago from Australia

      I am sitting here salivating at the thought of all of that chocolate covered fruit - delicious!

    • profile image

      GiftsBonanza 6 years ago

      Yum, yum, yum! Two main food groups as well - fruit and chocolate!

    • MoiraCrochetsPl profile image

      MoiraCrochetsPl 6 years ago

      So yum yum yummmmmm.... i love chocolate and fruits... ^^,

    • profile image

      happynutritionist 6 years ago

      So very pretty..and fun to cover them in a fondue as well, though in the hot weather, having them chilled is even better! Just had some yummy cold chocolate covered strawberries at a "girls night out" a few weeks back:-)

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 6 years ago

      I think my faves would have to be the blackberries covered in white chocolate...mmm! Cherries with the stems on are yummy that way too ;)

    • jmsp206 profile image

      Julia M S Pearce 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Oh yes and it was lovely too.What beautiful treats when people visit.Lovely layout!

    • blessedmomto7 profile image

      blessedmomto7 6 years ago

      Yumm. Looks great.

    • MamaKris profile image

      Kristin 6 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      I love the pictures on your lens. They look so yummy...they're making me hungry. =)

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

      @lemonsqueezy lm: Oh my, yes! They are surprisingly delicious! I honestly did not expect them to be as good as they are. I doubt I will ever eat another kiwi without the chocolate. LOL

    • lemonsqueezy lm profile image

      lemonsqueezy lm 6 years ago

      I wondered about the kiwi. It really is delicious??? I must try this.

      Oh... and any lens titled, "chocolate covered fruit" is a must-read for me.

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 6 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      OMG, I am now hungry for chocolate covered fruit. Yummy lens.

    • puzzlerpaige profile image

      puzzlerpaige 6 years ago

      These look amazing. I'd love to have a plateful (or is it plate full) in front of me right now. Yummy!