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Simple is Delicious: The Best Chocolate Candy Ever

Updated on September 19, 2012
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I love chocolate, but I also love freshness and cheapness. So what is the most delicious solution? Melting chocolate chips and making your own chocolate candy. Making this chocolate is quick and simple, and the clean up is most tasty!

Chocolate Candies

chocolate candy fresh from the mold
chocolate candy fresh from the mold

Ingredients and Supplies

  • 1 bag of favorite brand of chocolate chips, I love Hershey’s Milk Chocolate for taste and meltability.
  • 3 or more candy molds, depends on size of mold
  • Microwave
  • Microwavable bowl
  • Spoon
  • Plastic baggies
  • Paper towels

Chocolates Ready to Melt

chocolate chips and microwavable bowl
chocolate chips and microwavable bowl

Melted Chocolate

perfectly melted chocolate
perfectly melted chocolate

Chocolate in Molds Ready to Refrigerate

chocolate ready to refrigerate
chocolate ready to refrigerate

Chocolates Ready to Remove

completed chocolates ready to remove
completed chocolates ready to remove
  1. Pour chocolate chips into microwavable bowl. Place bowl in microwave and set time. The time to melt depends on your microwave, but you will want to use small increments. Mine is 1000 watts, and I start with one minute.
  2. Check consistency of chocolate mixture by stirring. You want a creamy texture and no lumps. After you stir, replace in microwave. If you started with a minute, melt for 30 seconds this time.
  3. Check chocolate consistency by stirring well. If this is not melting well, you can try it for 30 seconds more, but you have to be careful. If you overnuke, the consistency will continue to get worse. In this case, you can still use the mixture, but it will be harder to spoon into molds. As an alternative, you can pour it into a pan and cut like brownies or fudge after refrigeration.
  4. Start spooning chocolate mixture into the cavities of the mold. Fill to the top of each cavity in the tray. You want to pour quickly before the mixture hardens too much, but even so, this rarely takes more than a couple minutes per tray. Once a tray is full, pick it up and lightly drop it on the tabletop. This will help smooth out the chocolate in each cavity on the tray, and it will also show you areas where you can add more chocolate to top off the cavity.
  5. Refrigerate. As you fill each mold, place the mold in the refrigerator. The chocolates will have to stay in the refrigerator for about an hour.
  6. Clean up the bowl by placing copious amounts of remaining chocolate in your mouth. Arguably, this is the funnest part.
  7. Remove chocolates from molds. Place the chocolate mold upside down on top of a paper towel, start pressing on the chocolates, and then bag the chocolates up. (If they do not come out, replace in the refrigerator for another 15 minutes or so.) Be quick with the chocolate removal, for the chocolates do melt easily when first made.
  8. Taste test your success. Try to stop with with just one, but it will be hard. For when they are just made, they almost melt in your fingers. They taste their best at this stage--finger-licking good!
  9. Replace baggy of tempting chocolate delights inside your refrigerator. This is key, for if you do not, they will start to taste like the chocolate you pick up at the store. The fresh taste of these chocolates comes from using chocolate chips and keeping well refrigerated. Even with refrigeration, the chocolates do start to lose their rich, dark color and fresh taste at the end of two or so weeks. Yet even then they taste great.
  10. Wonder where all those chocolates went so fast. Then make more!

Final Notes

You may have to experiment with chocolate chip brands. Some melt better than others, and older chocolate chips do not melt as well. You will also find that plastic candy molds are easily broken. You can still use broken trays, but just avoid the cavities that are fractured. Eventually, you will need to replace the trays. Be careful with clean up of the trays, though. They cannot go in the dishwasher, for they warp.


Once you start making these chocolates, you will not want to stop. And plain chocolate bars will not compare to the creamy, rich glide of first-day chocolates on your tongue. And best yet, these make great holiday treats for you or for a party. I like to make chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day and Santa Clauses for Christmas. It all depends on what molds you buy.

So there you have it. Simple delish! Bon appetit, or rather bon chocolatit!


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