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Christmas Recipes Quick and Easy

Updated on November 1, 2014

Christmas Recipes Quick and Easy

During the holidays, everyone is looking for quick and easy recipes to serve to guests or to take to parties and get-togethers. Most workplaces have several times during the holidays when everyone brings in their favorite appetizer recipes to share with others. What will you bring? Here are a few choices, including my all-time favorite, most-requested recipe, Spinach Dip.

Spinach Dip Recipe

My most-requested recipe


Frozen Spinach: 1 bag

Sour cream: One cup (8 ounces)

Mayonnaise: One cup

Lipton Vegetable Soup Mix: 1 envelope

Salt, pepper, and onion powder


1. Microwave the frozen spinach for around 3 minutes or until no frozen lumps remain.

2. Squeeze excess water from the spinach. Notice I did not say, "Drain," but "Squeeze."

3. In a separate container, mix mayonnaise, sour cream, and soup mix.

4. Add spinach to this mixture.

5. Season to taste.

6. CHILL before serving. It is not good if you do not chill it well.

Christmas Recipes - Cookbooks you might like

Still need some inspiration? Why not order a cookbook of holiday recipes to enjoy each year.

Barbie Crafts' Christmas Collection

The Christmas Collection from Barbie Crafts
The Christmas Collection from Barbie Crafts

A smorgasboard of Christmas recipes, Christmas poems, Christmas craft ideas, Christmas gift ideas, Christmas stories, and Christmas cheer!


Glazed Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Recipe From Muffin Mix

This is a wonderful dessert recipe. This glazed lemon poppy seed cake recipe requires few ingredients. It is so easy because it uses two packages of inexpensive muffin mix. Even if you are not a baker, you can do this.

Do you remember in the 1990's when lemon poppy seed cake was so popular that they were selling gift boxes of it in department stores in the mall? They would meet you as you got off the elevator and give you a small sample, and it tasted so moist and tart. This cake is reminiscent of those department store cakes, but even better because of the sweet and sour glaze.


Martha White Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Mix: two packages

1 cup milk

1/4 cup reconstituted lemon juice

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar


1. Mix the muffin mixes according to package directions.

2. Pour into a greased pan, and bake according to package directions. The time may be a little different than package directions, since they are not being baked as muffins.

3. When the cake comes out, poke holes across the entire surface of the cake.

4. In a microwaveable bowl, mix powdered sugar and lemon juice with a whisk.

5. Microwave in 30 second increments, repeating 3 times.

6. Pour the glaze over the cake and allow to soak in.

7. After the cake cools, cover and refrigerate. It needs cool for several hours or overnight before being being served.

Some quick and easy Christmas Recipes

You will love the quick and easy recipes found here.

A great Christmas Recipe: Southern Jello Salad Recipe

From Everyone's Grandmother

This recipe is very common in the South; they don't let you be a grandmother if you don't know how to make it. It is funny that many of the simple comfort foods that we all love, especially during the holidays, are not in our cooking repertoire. We can saute, grill, stir-fry, and such, but we are clueless about how to prepare the dishes that we grew up enjoying. Here is a recipe for a basic jello salad recipe that will take you to grandmother's house again!


Lime or orange JELLO: 3 ounce package

Boiling water: 1 cup

Pineapple liquid and water to make one cup

Crushed pineapple, drained: 8-ounce can

Cottage Cheese: 16 ounce container

Grapes, seedless, halved: one cup

Lemon juice: 1 Tablespoon, if desired


1. Dissolve gelatin in boiling water.

2. Add the pineapple/water liquid.

3. Chill until it thickens, but is not totally set.

4. Stir in remaining ingredients.

5. Pour into an 8-inch square pan.

6. Chill overnight or until set.

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